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  1. English

    English is the language of opportunity why bother to teach indigenous language
  2. math

    If 3 mangoes cost 40.00,how much would you pay for 1 1/4 dozens?
  3. *repost* - Grade 11 math

    Word problem: Wes saw fireworks at 28 degrees; Abby (who was standing 20 m away from him) saw the same fireworks at a 40 degree angle. Where was Abby standing? (The answer is 61.8m, but I don't know how to figure it out or sketch the triangle).
  4. Gr 10 math - finding vertices

    I know how to do the equation for one line in a shape, but how do I find them for two?
  5. Gr 10 math - finding slopes in shapes

    Thank you, Steve.
  6. Gr 10 math - finding slopes in shapes

    Is the slope 3/4 the same as -3/-4? In other words, do the negatives cancel each other out and become a positive number? Thanks!
  7. Gr 11 - math linear systems

    Word problem: School is raising money for scholarships, with the goal of $16,000. The plan is to sell event tickets for $10, and give each person in attendance a ball cap. The cost of the caps is $2 each. Other expenses add up to $2,000. The organizing committee needs to know ...
  8. Science

    Pretty much nothing. I'm really lost. I don't even know how to use my calculator with that SIN function.
  9. Science

    I'm supposed to fill in a table. The angle of incedence in air is given (starting with zero degrees and then at 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60 degrees. Using the sin function on my calculator, I'm supposed to figure out the angle of refraction in an acrylic block. Can ...
  10. Gr 9 Science - physics (part 2)

    If the current at one corner of the 12V series circuit is 1.0 A, what is the current at corner number three (all three resistors are the same).
  11. Gr 9 Science - physics

    Thanks, that's what I thought. Did you happen to see Part 2 of this question? It is: If the current at one corner of the 12V series circuit is 1.0 A, what is the current at corner number three (all three resistors are the same).
  12. Gr 9 Science - physics

    If all 3 resistors in a series 12V circuit are the same, what will the voltage be across resistor no. 3?
  13. Physics

    A ski slope drops at an angle of 24 degrees with respect to the horizontal and is 500 m long. A 60 kg skier skis down from the top to the bottom of the slope. A.) Determine the change in gravitational potential energy of the skier+earth system. b.) If 20% of the gravitation ...
  14. Gr 9 geography

    Thank you Ms. Sue! I looked everywhere and couldn't find anything like that.
  15. Gr 9 geography

    What is the geologic history of the sub-arctic, like Labrador in Canada?
  16. economics

    a firm with a kinked demand curve experiences an increased fixed cost explain how the firm's price, output and profit change
  17. Geometry

    A pet store has various sizes of guinea pig cages. The diagram of the top of the cage has a width of 4.8cm and length of 6cm. what are the possible dimensions of this cage? A) 28in by 24in B) 28in by 18in C) 30in by 24in or D) 30in by 18in
  18. 7th grade Math

    what is a glider
  19. calculus

    The formula for the area of a trapezoid is 1/2(b_1 + b_2)h where h = delta (x) Therefore, A = 1/2(4+k)2 + 1/2(k+8)2 + 1/2(8+12)2 = 54 Solving that equation yields k = 10.