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Dick just hired a new employee to work in your bakeshop. In one hour the employee burned 55 chocolate chip cookies. If this represented 15% of the day’s production, how many cookies did you plan on producing that day? I am getting the answer as 36666 cookies

BTW the last one was urgent i need to hand it in tomorrow.

1) In a sale a coat costing £45.90 is reduced by 35%. What is the new cost of the coat? How much was saved in the sale?

two cars start on opposite sides of a circular track. One car has a speed of 0.015 rad/s;the other car has a speed of 0.012 rad/s. If the cars start p radians apart, calculate the time it takes for the fatser car to catch up with the slower car. the answers :1050s (17.5 min) ...

. Explain the biological logic of administering anti-Rh antibodies to Rh- mothers immediately after they give birth to an Rh+ baby?