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I had this question in a test and now im preparing for my exam. I didn't know what to write. Can you help me on this. To what extent do elite groups dominate government decision making in democratic societies? Thank u.

I have to write essays on these topics: 1. What are the qualities of a good Prime Minister. 2. What are the qualities of a good businessman. Can you give me some ideas please. Thanks A good prime minister should listen to his/her constituents, lead the party, and be diplomatic...

I have learnt that when we push an object on a horizontal plane with a certain angle, we are increasing its normal reaction and therefore friction increases. Whereas if we pull it, friction decreases. Is that true? Yes, there is more friction if you push down, at an angle, ...

I am having some difficulties to identify compounds using their HNMR spectra. Can someone help me please. Thank you. This is tricky if you would like us to refer to spectra as this is a text only site. If you want help interpreting a particular spectrum you will need to ...

Do you have a site where I can have notes on Nuclear Magnetic Resonance(NMR) Spectroscopy. Thank you What do you want to know?

Project work
Hi, I have a project work on:" Investigating the importance of dating among adolescents." Can u plz help me out. Thx :-) These sites should get you started on your project. (Broken Link Removed)

Physics Again!!
Am sending the same question coz i can't find the first one on the message boards. So plz help me. 1. 'velocity is a vector quantity, and the kinetic energy of a body is equal to half its mass times the square of its velocity, so kinetic energy must also be a vector.&#...

the dimensions of torque are the same as those of energy. Why it would nevertheless be inappropriate to measure torque in joules. Energy is force x distance, where distance is the distance in the direction of force. Torque is force x distance perpenduclar to force. Joules is a...

The emf induced across the wing-tips of a flying aircraft is of the order of several millivolts. Can this value be obtained using a sensitive millivoltmeter connected across the wing-tips? Explain your answer. Not if connections are actually made to the wing tips. The wires to...

A coil is wrapped around the full length of a tube through which a soft iron rod is inserted. An aluminium ring is placed over the upper end of the rod. The time for the ring to fall is noted. When an alternating current is passed through the coil the time of fall is seemed to...

Explain what happens to the charge carriers in a semiconductor light dependant resistor when it is illuminated. Suggest why shining light onto an LED might be expected to generate a small voltage between its terminals. Thx A semiconducting light-dependent resistor excites more...

How the force on a current-carrying conductor can be used to measure the flux density of a magnetic field using a current balance? If the wire is attached to pivot point, the force creates a torque moving the wire. An indicator can be attached to the wire, and its motion a ...

Essay writing
Can u help me plz, i have to write an essay on "What is the place of animals in the lofe of Man?" Thank u :-) ... in the life of man -- ?? Here are a few websites that are excellent about leading you through the writing process in order to end up with a good essay: ...

Newton showed that the motion of comets is controlled by gravitational attraction of gravity. Many comets move in elliptical orbit but if they are moving very fast they will perform a hyperbolic orbit. A student attempts to model the hyperbolic trajectory of a fast moving ...

Organic Chemistry
Hi, can you please help me with these questions. Methane and chlorine react when irradiated with UV light. Explain why the reaction requires only a little flash of UV light rather than prolonged radiation. Explain each of these observations as fully as you can. 1.

Using the first law of thermodynamics explain why the specific latent heat of vaporisation of water is greater than the specific latent heat of fusion of ice. The first law of thermodynamics (conservation of energy) has nothing to do with why vaporization requires more energy ...

Write an algorithm to delete the fifth record in a master file of 50 records stored on magnetic tape.

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