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Accounting/math? check my work please
Cullumber Ltd. purchased a delivery truck on January 1, 2018, at a cost of $74,160. The truck is expected to have a residual value of $7,910 at the end of its 4-year useful life. Cullumber has a December 31 year end. Use the diminishing-balance method and assume the ...

You deposit $3000 each year into an account earning 2% interest compounded annually. How much will you have in the account in 35 years?

How many bricks of size 20cm×10cm×5cm are required to Build the wall leaving 10%of the space for the cement work?

He wanted t make another quilt with an area of 42 square feet. What are its possible dimensions if they must be whole numbers? Which length and width make the most sense for a quilt?

the most reasonable would 7 by 6

Give two physical properties of ionic compounds? Thanks.

Ivan rides his motorcycle 4.5 times around a circular track that has a radius of 100 m a)what is the distance traveled and b)what is the displacement?

Speed=30m/s Time=3.0s Distance=y the train is moving at 30m/s the time it takes to complete the y distance is 3s. Now it doesn't matter here what the size of the child is the important thing here is that the train will pass its entire length to pass the child and not just ...

but 2 times the number of boys or girls?

there are twice as many boys in classas there are girls.are there more girls or boys in class? there are 12 boys in class. how many girls are there?

7th Grade
Mostly chemistry and then a little bit of physics where I live. In 6th grade we did learn biology (cells, living organisms, DNA, etc)

Solve: The posistion of a particle moving along a coordinate line is s=sqrt(5+4t), with s in meters and t in seconds. Find the particle's velocity at t=1 sec. A) 2/3 m/sec B) 4/3 m/sec C) -1/3 m/sec D) 1/6 m/sec Thank you!

general science


7, 49, 343, 2401 Write an algebraic expression that will represent the nth term of the sequence.

how many pairs of congruent sides does a rhombus have?

Pharmacy Tech
Rx: Prostaglandin E 10mcg/mL If the stock container of prostaglandin E is 100 mg/mL, how many 9-mL dilutions are required to prepare the ordered concentration?

world history
Wow Jazymne, haha. I just look this up & im like woah same exact question, then isee it says Jazymne. HAHA

do you remember learning how to write? what do you remember?


Penn Foster Writing Assignment Writing Skills
I need help!..Can some. Please helpme,I need to write and essay of about 750-1000 words and am having some problems.anyone??

its like 9/2(x)^1/3

find derivative of (8sqrt(x)+(9/2root3(x)))^2

convert grams of Mg to moles of Mg, then use the molar ratio to determine the moles of Mg and finally convert it into grams of Mg.


whats ur product?

calculus plzz help!!!
Differentiate the following function. ((8x^1/2)+(9/2x^1/3))^2

Differentiate the following function. (7x-5)(3x+9)

You are given the following function. f(x)= (8+x)/(1-8x) (a) Find the derivative of the function using the definition of derivative. (b) Give the domain of the function. c) Give the domain of derivative of function?

The limit represents the derivative of some function f at some number a. Select an appropriate f(t) and a. lim_(t->1)(t^3+t-2)/(t-1) 1f(t) = t^3, a = 1 f(t) = t^3 + t, a = 1 f(t) = t - 2, a = 1 f(t) = t - 2, a = -1 f(t) = t^3 + t, a = -1 f(t) = t^3, a = -1 none of these

the answer is a because fossils are only found in sedimentary rocks. In an ignous or metamorphic rock the fossil cannot be preserved because it would have melted because of the lava.

no, i entered it correctly. the unit is complex numbers and polynomials

factorize z^4 + 2z^3 - 2z^2 + 8 into linear factors

the roots of 2x^2 - 3x = 4 are a and b. find the simplest quadratic equation which has roots 1/a and 1/b

if f(x)= x+2, find the equation of the function F obtained by stretching the function f vertically by a factor of 2 and compressing the function horizontally by a factor of 2, followed by a translation of 1/2 horizontally and -3 vertically. the equation is: -x^2 - 6x - 7 what ...

Math riddle PIZZAZZ Worksheet
What is the answer to did your how about on this math worksheet pg.211?


modern world history
how did the agricultural revolution pave the way for the industrial revolution Think of all the agricultural machines that were invented to aid the growth of agriculture (example: the reaper, the cotton boller) I am sure you can find others. Then as agriculture grew so did the...