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plz help my problem is in the chart idk what the answers are plz help

Foxy is my favorite

divide 240g in the ratio 5:3:4

A circular wire coil consists of 100 turns and is wound tightly around a very long iron cylinder with a radius of 2.5 cm and a relative permeability of 2200. The loop has a current of 7.5A in it. Determine the magnetic field strength produced by the coil (a) at the center of ...

would saying the patients condition has improved with new medication be an examploe of de-identified information?

An electron in a computer monitor enters midway between two parallel oppositely charged plates. The initial speed of the electron is 6.15 x 10^7 m/s and its vertical deflection is 4.70 mm. (a) What is the magnitude of the electric field between the plates? (b) Determine the ...

A cup of coffee (with lid) is enclosed in an insulated cup 0.5 cm thick in the shape of a cube 9.7 cm on a side. The thermal conductivity of the cup is 0.0002 cal/s x cm x C. The temperature of the coffee is 71 degrees Celsius and the temperature of the surroundings is 25 ...

Three vectors, A, B, C have the following x and y components: Ax = 6.7, Ay= -2.3; Bx = -5.5, By = 4.5; Cx = 3.2, Cy = 7.2. What is the magnitude of A + B + C ?

4th grade
Count the grid squares. using the lower right corner, it is 3 X 7 squares wide = 21

I need help writting a thesis for my NHD project... this years theme is individual in history: action and legacy. i chose gamal nasser, the second presisdent of egypt. my action was his rally of the free officers to overthrow the government with the 1952 revolution and my ...