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Business Law
On June 1, Jason Thomas placed an announcement in The Local Journal offering a reward of $100 to anyone who found and returned his missing wallet. When his wallet had not been returned by June 15, Jason purchased another wallet. Jason then took steps to obtain duplicates of ...

Business Law
Peter, a farmer, leaves 3 bushels of tomatoes with Keagan, the owner of a grocery store. Peter says “Look these over. If you want them, they’re $3.00 a bushel.” Keagan never gets back with Peter. Keagan runs out of his own tomatoes and begins selling Peter’...

6x-7y=21 Two Answers- x=?, y=? Solve the Equation first for x: x=(7(y+3))/6 plug this back into the equation for xand now because it's one variable (y) you can solve for by itself. Once you have y you can just plug it in to solve for x.