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Upon a flat only 10 m high (Is that possible?) there are two guns A and B attached together making a vertical angle of 60 degrees when A is flat on roof. They fire at the same time and has the same reloading time. Both guns are capable of giving an initial velocity of 5√...

1) It's correct. 2) ??? 3) No both cars get the same force. 4) wrong again. It's equal to the impulse of one car at twice the speed had collided head-on with a concrete wall. 5) ???

A) With F=ma you get m=F/a. If F is a constant then; when mass increases the acceleration decreases and vice-versa (it's reversely proportional). So the Mini Cooper with lower mass has a greater acceleration. B) With the above conclusion it is sensible that the Hummer ...

First we have to understand that physical quantities have no effect to their perpendicular directions. As North and West are also perpendicular just by dividing the resulting momentum in to North and West directions you get the momentum s of the cars traveling North and West ...

We can talk about this projection as two simultaneous and perpendicular motion. Assuming that the height of the student can be omitted, the gravity is a constant with a value of 10m/s, no friction or disturbance in air and the Earth is an inertial frame: The time of flight can...

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