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college math
Use the Reference Angle Theorem to find the exact value of sec(13 pi/6).

Light is shone on a metal and photoelectrons are emitted, what are the three things which might cause the photoelectron emission to stop

if arc AC=140 degrees, what is angle ABC? if angle ABC=28 degrees, what is arc AC?

10th grade
if AB=3x-2 and BC=x+6, what is x?

If the previous two people were to use common sense, they might realize that Nitroglycerin is made up of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, and oxygen. If you look in the {}, you will see the chemical symbol for Carbon (C), Hydrogen (H), Nitrogen (N), and Oxygen (O). And if you had ...

3x²-x=7 √x √7 3x-x=√7 2x=√7 x=√7/2 or x=1.32

4th grade
Copy and complete the table to represent the pattern in the figures. Write a rule. Figure 1 one triangle Figure 2 3 triangles(in a pyramid shape) Figure 3 6 triangles(in a pyramid shape) Thanks for your help.

Thank you-I appreciate it

When James applied the brakes to his car, it slows unifromly from 15.0 m/s to 0.0 m/s in 2.50 s. How many meters before a stop sign must she apply her brakes in order to stop at the sign? Answers: 6.0m 37.5 m 18.8 m 48.0m Please help-I've just started Physics last week and...

Suppose that you are at the top of a (rigid) rocket which is half a light year tall. If the rocket is accelerating such that your proper acceleration is 1g, What is the proper acceleration at the bottom of the rocket? B = F c2 c2 􀀀  F : This is one of the...

I am having problems with polynomial functions. f(x)= (x-3)(x+2)(x+4)

Two cyclists leave towns 240km apart at the same time and travel toward each other. One cyclist travels 10km/h slower than the other. If they meet in 5 hours, what is the rate of each cyclisst?

I am trying to find an example of a paraphrase in Romeo and Juliet. I know that it is a restatement by another character but can not find where this occurs. Would someone please help me? Thank YOu.

Thank you-that's it-i really appreciate it

I have a diagram that I have to identify for homework. The structure shows an "R" connected with single bond to carbon(in the middle)-which in turn is connected to OH with single bond.-The carbon in the middle has a double bond with Oxygen on the top. The possible ...

ΔG=2880 kJ

why is it possible to draw a circle which passes through all vertices of a rectangle

lol. In web assagain, if you type ::corrrect, it shows you the answer.

In a hydraulic lift, if the radius of the smaller piston is 2 cm and the radius of the larger piston is 20 cm, what weight can the larger piston support when a force of 250 N is applied to the smaller piston? d = diameter of smaller piston D = diameter of larger piston I just ...

What reference source I use for nearest music store

where there's smoke, there's

Jesus, you guys are bad. 210 - 30 (consultation fee) = 180 180 / $45 (hourly rate) = 4, 4 = number of hours worked.

earth science
Without them both the earth’s mantle and the earth’s plates would stop moving resulting in no volcanic activity causing the earth’s crust to heat up and since the surface of the earth was no longer rotating the electromagnetic field that protects us from heat ...

Math 156
x1 + x2 = 77 x2 - x1 = 27 x2 = 27 + x1 x1 + (27 + x1) = 77 2 x1 = 50 x1 = 25 x2 = 52

Calculus: limits
Factor (25-t) into (5-sqrt(t)) and (5+sqrt(t)) Cancel top and bottom (5-sqrt(t) and left with lim t->25 of (5+sqrt(t)) which is 10.

As you can see this is not factorable in your head or obvious so we have to use the Quadratic Formula: for Ax^2 + Bx + C = 0 x = ( -B / 2 A ) + or - ( sqrt (B ^ 2 - 4 x A x C) ) / 2 A So A = 1, B = 8, C = -2 -8/ 2 + or - sqrt( 64- (4 x 1 x -2)) / 2 -4 + or - Sqrt( 72 ) / 2 -4...

Question: Two masses 2.2 Kg and 3.2 Kg connected by a rope over a massless and frictionless pulley hang at 1.8 m above the ground on either side of the pulley. The pulley is 4.8 m above the ground. What is the maximum height that the 2.2 Kg weight will rise to after the system...

jill is 6x, Amy is 1x 7x = $84 x= 12, Jill $72, Amy $12. ------------------ x = amount in Dues 14 x + 370 - 600 = -10 14 x = 220 x = $15.71 It doesn't work out exact due to rounding of the penny. The club would have overdrawn by 10.06 in the account.

Monomers form to combine polymers, in this case a nucleic acid. The monomer of a nucleic acid consists of a nitrogenous base, a phosphate group, and a sugar. The monomers are bound together by phosphodiester bonds. With that information, you should be able to find the answer.

What spectra are you referring to? Mass spectroscopy, NMR, and IR are all referred to as spectra. In addition, you could be talking about fluorescence spectroscopy. How they do it varies, but they are mostly used for identification.

Chemistry II
Ok, given the volume and density, you can determine the grams of each compound present. That leaves you with needing to find the moles of acetone in the solution of 85mL, or 0.085L. Now, what quantity can you calculate that would relate grams and moles? Think periodic table. ...

I believe I answered this elsewhere are well, but... Weight and mass are two different things. Mass is a measure of the amount of matter contained in something, weight is a measure of force (F-ma). Doubling the gravity would certainly affect the weight, but do you think it ...

Mass and weight are two different things. It is true that the object would weigh twice as much, but the mass would remain the same, as it is independent of gravity. Think of mass as a measure of the amount of matter in an object. Weight is a measure of force (F=ma). I agree on...

Say you have two gallons of water in one bucket and one gallon in another. They would weigh different, the volume is different (1 gallon vs 2), and the mass would differ. However, they are the same substance. However, if you boiled the water in these buckets, they would both ...

This question is testing your knowledge of the order of life: Atom Molecule Organelle Cell Tissue Organ Organ System Organism This order starts small and simple and grows to larger and more complex systems. With this in mind, which do you think a plant is?

A trick to solving this type of problem is to reduce all of the ratios to either their simplest form or a percentage. Ex. 3C/6H => 2C/4H => 1C/2H = 50% C 1/2 is the simplest form, and the molecule is 50% Carbon. With this in mind, you should look over your options once ...

Think of the organisms that use diffusion for gas exchange. Most of them have a very high surface area to mass ratio. I'll give you a big hint, there's a relationship between speed of diffusion and the distance over which something is being diffused.

College Physics
A car starts from rest on a curve with a radius of 140 and accelerates at 1.20 . How many revolutions will the car have gone through when the magnitude of its total acceleration is 3.50 ? If someone could just get me started. Im new to this stuff. I don't understand how if...

i am doing a SSAT/ISEE Prep... not a dignostc but just a prep. I need help desperately. Please help me within the next few minutes, somebody!

I think that will be just simple. Here is the reconstructed sentence: Devon had an eerie dream about grammar rules last nighPr

I am writing out ionic compounds. The compound given is Fe(subscript)2O(subscript)3. I noticed on the periodic table iron had a charge of 3+/2+. Which should I then write down in the cation column of my ionic compound chart? Thank you.

Please help! algebra 2

Please help! algebra 2
i think my main problem is that i don't understand the question but my friend tried explaining it and i didn't really get it ( i think its 2) What is the absolute value of the product of the solutions of the equation below? (x+2)^2=16

algebra 2

algebra 2
Hey could you help me with this: What is the absolute value of the product of the solutions of the equation below? (x+2)^2=16

algebra 1 page 167 did you hear about...
Need help, did yoj hear about.... Cat one

Writing/ Research
In Katz ( Katz vs Olmstead), why did Douglas write a concurring opinion? what is the basis of his opinion? Do you agree or disagree with the opinion and why?

Uncertain is to unsure AS shy is to _____? Please help me... I am up late and need to finish my homework... Thank you!!!!!

Senseless is to silly AS sensible is to _____?

Chemistry Lab
properties of hydrogen

Chemistry Lab
action with acid

Urea is heated in a test tube. A condensation reaction occurs. Which one? What is the formula for this reaction? Then cupper sulphate and sodium hydroxide is added to the tube. This is compared to a tube in which cupper sulphate, sodium hydroxide and a solution of egg white ...

What is a Three dimensional representation of shape

English / Universal Health care
I'm writing a paper in support of universal health care. So far, I have defining the problem, how the uninsured are treated, an anecdote, profiles of the canadians and british syetms, and how it could save us money. I'm only at a full 3 pages, and I need three more. ...

I need 2 write a paper on the Renaissance but i don't know what to put in my outline. can some1 give me an example,please? thank you.

Beaker, thermometer

there are some websites that include ebooks

what subject is this??? And whats the lesson?

11th grade
False coplaner- is 2 or more points on the same plane collinear- is 2 or more points on the same line To remember look at the word coplaner: it includes the word plane in it. look atbthe word Collinear it includes the word line in it. Hope you understand.


7th grade history
Start by listing what freedom means to you then on a diff. Paper start putting the points you wrote into sentences and you will get a speech. You should get a quote and use it as your opening statement.

5th grade math
n/80=30 first you want the n to be alone right? So you try to move the 80 so here you; n/80 * 80/1= 30* 80/1 remember whatever yoy do to the left you do to the right and whatever you do to the righy you do to the left. n=30*80/1 n=2400

yep :D

Thank you! Now the whole lesson actually makes sense

what is the effect of atomic radius on the chemical reactivity of the halogens? Which is most the most active halogen? Which is the least active?


Thanks! I got all the information I needed.

Thanks! That site was helpful.

I need two articles detailing community service programs in any two public schools. I can find schools that onclude these sorts of programs, but they never give information on what sorts of projects they need to perform, the number of hours, or other details. Can you reccomend...

thank you drwls. that is all the problem provides. is this a bad question?

Karen and Kate lookedata collection of stones. Karen said the ratio 2:3 represented the stones. Kate said the ratio 2:5 represented the stones. They were both right. Explain Why

can anyone help me with this exam 00779000 please i need your help

Thanks, Ms. Sue! I was able to complete my paper. I'm glad I discovered this site.

I need to compare/contrast the Illinois judicial branch to the national judicial branc and give at least three good similarities and three differences.

Algebra 1
The roots of a parabola are found on the y-axis. True or False? Thanks in advance!

Algebra 1
x^2 - 4x + 4 = 0 Find the roots by completing the square I got {2,2}. Is this correct? yes 2 is the solution

Religious Studies
what are the five gifts brought to the monastry by each new buddhist monk?

A three-sided fence is to be built next to a straight section of a river, which forms the fourth side of a rectangular region. The enclosed area is to equal 3200 m2. What is the minimum perimeter that such a fence can have? I developed two equations: 3600=xy & 2x + y = P .... ...

On a map, what do black dots usually represent? they usually represent cities i believe find equivalent fraction 1/2=6/? what is the name given to a body of land with water surrounding it? Thanks!

Is the Arctic Ocean larger than the Indian Ocean? No the Indian icean is larger

What states would you pass through if you wanted to travel by car from Texas to California using the shortest route? Use the link called United States On-Line Interactive Map. There are other maps here that will help you with all ...

Which state would likely have the coldest weather, Montana, Georgia, or Oklahoma? Usually, the areas that are farther north have the coldest temperatures. Please check your map of the U.S. to see which of these three states is the farthest north.

Which continent is smaller in land area, Europe or Australia? australia

Which continent is due south of Italy and Greece? Please check this map. Note that Italy and Greece are in Europe.

Which continent extends farther south, Australia or South America? South america

On a map, what does the symbol of a blue line usually represent? rivers streams small lakes canals or lake borders aka water ways

Which is larger in land area, California or Missouri? i think it is california

What stae is due north of Hawaii? What is it capital? alaska juneau

What natiral feature forms Mississippi's western border? mississippi river mississippi river i think im not positive you might want to check

In what state are you probably located if you can see both the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean? flordia

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