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  1. algebra

    Apply the concepts of linear functions to answer the question. "All Items 10% Off Marked Price" is a sign at a local golf pro shop. Create a function and then use it to determine how much one has to pay for each of the following marked items: a $9.70 hat, a $17 ...
  2. Chemistry

    Consider the galvanic cell constructed from the following metals and their corresponding metal ions: E degrees (V) M^3+^ + 3e^-^ ----> M 0.29 N^2+^ + 2e^-^ ----> N 0.61
  3. Algebra 1

    For the function y=15-6x, suppose the domain is only values of x from 10 to 20. What is the range of the function?
  4. Trig

    Oh you're right! So just to be sure, it would be C right?
  5. Trig

    I dont think its A either since you would subtract 3 and not add 3 so it must be B or D
  6. Trig

    I know its not C since both square roots should be used to solve for the equation.
  7. Trig

    A class is to eliminate t from the parametric equations x = t^2 + 3 and y = 4t. Beth says that she can write t = sqrt (x-3) to eliminate the parameter. Why is this wrong? A) She should have added 3 to x, not subtracted B) She should always solve for t as a function of y C) She...
  8. Trig

    Great Thanks! Would you mind me asking one more question?
  9. Trig

    Would it be t = 2(x-3) since that's one of the main parts used to solve for T?
  10. Trig

    That's what I thought too but my teacher said there wasnt any typos and that the correct answer is one of the choices but I'm not sure which one I should choose
  11. Trig

    Jimmy wants to rewrite the set of parametric equations x = 1/2 T + 3 and y = 2T - 1 in rectangular form by eliminating T. Which of the following equations would help him to eliminate T. A) t = 2(x-3) B) t = 2(x+3) C) t = y-1 / 2 D) t = 2(y+1)
  12. Calculus II

    If {an} (a sequence) is decreasing and an > 0 for all n, then {an} is convergent. True/False?
  13. Math

    4 should be C
  14. science

    A(n) 0.463 kg soccer ball approaches a player horizontally with a speed of 24.4 m/s. The player illegally strikes the ball with her hand and causes it to move in the opposite direction with a speed of 16.2 m/s. What is the magnitude of the impulse delivered to the ball by the ...
  15. Science

    Nc2h2=mc2h2/fwc2h2 =220/26 =8.4615 Nco2 =8.4615x1molco2/1molc2h2 =8.4615molco2 Balance equation: C2h2 + 2o2 ----> co2+ h20
  16. Assistance on whether numbers are correct? Financi

    You would like to have $750,000 when you retire in 25 years. How much should you invest each quarter if you can earn a rate of 4.2% compounded quarterly? future value = (payment)[((1+i)^n-1)/i] 750000 = P[(1.042^(4*25)-1)/0.042] 750000 = P[1433.4] payment = $523.23...
  17. maths

    ABC is an isoscelea triangle with AB =AC and its perimeter is 64cm .the altitude from A to BC is 24cm.find the length of AC and BC?
  18. Chemistry

    How many milliliters of 2.3 M NaOH are needed to neutralize 4.2 mL of a 5.4 M H2SO4 solution?
  19. Calculus

    So -1/2
  20. Calculus

    If f(x)=(x^2+1)^(2-3x), then f'(1) = -3/2ln(2)-1/2 Is this correct?
  21. Calculus

    If f'(x)=-f(x) and f(1)=1, then f(x) = e^1-x Is this correct?
  22. Calculus

    If u,v, and w are nonzero differentiable functions, then the derivative of uv/w is what?
  23. Calculus

    f(x)=6x^3-4x then d/dx(f(lnx)) =??
  24. Calculus

    If the line 3x-4y=0 is tangent in the first quadrant to the curve y=x^3+k, then k is? I got 1/4 is this correct?
  25. Calc

    Find the derivative. f(x)= ?x^2-4,-2arcsec(x/2)
  26. calc

    The velocity function, in feet per second, is given for a particle moving along a straight line. v(t) = t3 ? 10t2 + 27t ? 18, 1 ? t ? 7 Find the displacement Find the total distance that the particle travels over the given interval.
  27. Calc

    Water flows from a storage tank at a rate of 500 ? 3t liters per minute. Find the amount of water that flows out of the tank during the first 13 minutes.
  28. Calculus

    Integral f (x) * g (x) doesn't equal Integral f (x)dx * integral g (x)dx Why?
  29. Calculus

    I'm supposed to sketch a graph of two functions that have the same derivative of a graph. The graph having a horizontal line on (0,4)
  30. Calculus

    Is 27/4 right?
  31. Calculus

    Find the values of c guaranteed by the mean value theorem for integrals. f(x)= x^3 [0,3]
  32. Calc

    Why is it false that F'(x) = G'(x) on the interval [a,b], then F(b) -f(a) = G(b)- G(a)?
  33. math

    a semi circle of diameter 6cm is cut from a rectangle with sides 6cm and 8cm.calculate the perimeter of the shaded shape correct to 1 decimal place
  34. 21st

    Dire ak maaram napakiana ngane di pota
  35. Chemistry

    @DrBob222 what do you mean by ppt?
  36. Chemistry

    I was sick all week and i just got this worksheet today
  37. Chemistry

  38. Chemistry

    The solubility product constant of Calcium hydroxide is 6.5 * 10^-6 . If 0.10 mo of sodium hydroxide is added to 1 L of 0.0001 M Ca(OH)2, what is the final concentration of the calcium ion? Show your work.
  39. college chemistry

    If the temperature of argon gas is 400 K and the average velocity of argon is twice that of radon what is the temperature of radon gas?
  40. algebra 1

    In a basketball game you score 2 points for a field goal and 1 point for a free throw. Suppose that you have scored at least 5 points a game and have a season high of 12 points a game. How many field goals and free throws could you have made in one game?
  41. chemistry

    They both have very similar hydrogen bonding, considering that each only has 1 Oxygen. As far as intermolecular forces go, Ethanol has stronger IMF's due to being a larger molecule with more electrons, which makes it more polarizable. (Greater London Dispersion Forces)
  42. science

    Mg(s) + 2HNO3(aq) ---> Mg(NO3)2(aq) + H2(g)
  43. chemistry

    Add a solution of sodium chloride to the lead nitrate to precipitate Pb(NO3)2, while the sodium nitrate remains aqueous
  44. Algebra

  45. Chemistry

    Polarity? Electronegativity?
  46. Chemistry

    You're going to have to do better than that.. lol
  47. Chemistry

    I was able to find the answer - disregard this question
  48. Chemistry

    2- Gases A2 and B2 react according to the equation: A2 + B2 → AxBy . If equimolar ( not necessarily stoichiometrically equivalent) quantities are placed in a reaction vessel with a massless, frictionless piston and allowed to react to completion. The density of the gas ...
  49. Math

    1 oz each
  50. chemistry

    O is always a -2 oxidation state, unless it is in a peroxide, so -2*4*3 is -24, Al is +3 because an ion's oxidation state is its charge, which leaves the overall charge right now at -21, so to make the overall charge 0, 3 times the Oxidation state of Cl must equal positive...
  51. algebra

    Yes, C is correct
  52. Spanish

    aquella hints at the word "that" yet I too am conflicted between b and c. I also suggest C though.
  53. Biology

    How do mutations that alter the nucleotide sequence of a promoter influence the original function of that promoter and thus the entire cell? (Try to name all the biological consequences of possible mutations in the promoter.)
  54. Chemistry

    I NEED HELP ASAP Here's the problem I'm struggling with: When 1.00 mole of ethlyene (C2H4) is burned at constant pressure, 1410 kJ of energy is released as heat. Calculate delta H for a process in which 10.0 g of ethlyene is burned at constant pressure. Please show me ...
  55. salag national high school

    If a ship has only 5 flags and 2 of them are alike w/ which to send signals,how many different signals can be sent if all flags are used?
  56. calculus

    Position,(distance) is the 2nd antiderivative of acceleration, so first you need to make an equation for acceleration, being 90=30+6t. From there you would have to antiderivate the equation twice, using an intial value for velocity and position to solve for the C's that ...
  57. spanish

    yo gordo is the answer
  58. social studies

    D C A
  59. ap physics

    Mass m1 on the frictionless table of the figure below is connected by a string through a hole in the table to a hanging mass m2. With what speed must m1 rotate in a circle of radius r if m2 is to remain hanging at rest? (Use any variable or symbol stated above along with the ...
  60. Chemistry

    How do you separate a mixture of iron fillings and sulphur powder by use of methylbenzene
  61. science

    The room will remain hot because the aluminum foil will trap the heat trying to get out and will also prevent the entry of cool fresh air
  62. Reading

    i couldn't find anything in the books anything...
  63. Rucker Blvd

    Math: what is the smallest number divisible by 17 and 8
  64. math

    Tamara has 4 times as many pages to read for her book report as maria. Tamara has 20 pages left to read. how many pages does maria have left to read?
  65. english

    why did marilyn lee cross aboard the EDS
  66. problem solving.

    10 yrs ago, Jane was 4 times as old as bianca. Now she is only twice as old as Bianca. Find their present age
  67. algebra

    simplify each expression 44/9x-7/4+12/7x+1 I worked it out and just went to check it thank you
  68. corporate taxation

    zb bhd, carrying on a share brokering business, was incorporated and has its head office in kuala lumpur. its representative residing in korea acted for some malaysian clients in the purchase and sale of shares in korea companies quoted on the stock exchange there. the ...
  69. math

    Find the minimum number of cells connected in two rows in parallel required to pass a current of 6A through an external resistance of 0.70 ohms. Take the emf of each cell as 2.1 volts and internal resistance of each cell as 0.5 ohm.
  70. Chemistry

    To 20 mL of .2 m nitric acid are added successive amounts of a base of unknown concentration. Neutrality is reached after the addition of 40 mL of the base. What was the OH of the original base solution? assume that it was 100% ionized.
  71. math

    Raj builds a side table in the shape of a cube. Each edge of the cube measures 24 inches. Raj wants to cover the top and four sides of the table with ceramic tiles. Each tile has an edge length of 4 inches. How many tiles will he need?
  72. math

    43 circle
  73. Math

    The curves y=sinx and y=cosx intersects twice on the interval (0,2pi). Find the area of the region bounded by the two curves between the points of intersection.
  74. physics

    do VASTS yourself next time!
  75. [Calculus] U-substitution for Integrals

    Nevermind. Found the answer again. Thanks again.
  76. [Calculus] U-substitution for Integrals

    Integral of cos(x)*a^sin(x) + C dx = Integral of cos(x)*sin(x)^a + C dx = Let a be a fixed positive number. I'm clueless is to how to solve for a...
  77. [Calculus] U-substitution for Integrals

    Nevermind, found the answer. It is (1/3)(u^5).
  78. [Calculus] U-substitution for Integrals

    Integrate from 1 to 5 of (3x-5)^5 dx = Integrate from a to b of f(u) du where (I have solved this part) u = 3x-5 du = 3 a = 0 b = 12 The original value of the integral is 165888 via calculator here's my last question, and it has to be in terms of u: f(u) = ? (Again, in ...
  79. AP Chemistry

    #1 is its own completely separate problem if it clears up any confusion. One of my friends says the Ho, being positive is endothermic, and she says it's more theoretically based too, and I don't think it uses any value of the heat formation table at all.
  80. AP Chemistry

    Thank you for #2! For #1, the same principles would apply right? Here are my reasons for the T/F. 1.) Decreasing the temperature at 500K would be beneficial for the reaction, and therefore would shift the reaction forward which would favor PCl3. Also, the equation is ...
  81. AP Chemistry

    2 Questions (Multi-choice and T/F, though not sure if they're right, and these 2 questions have no correspondence to each other) 1.) a.) Consider the following system at equilibrium where Kc = 1.20E-2 and H° = 87.9 kJ/mol at 500 K. PCl5 (g) <=> PCl3 (g) + Cl2 (g...
  82. AP Chemistry

    Consider the following reaction: 2NOBr(g) 2NO(g) + Br2(g) If 0.332 moles of NOBr, 0.377 moles of NO, and 0.375 moles of Br2 are at equilibrium in a 14.6 L container at 429 K, the value of the equilibrium constant, Kp, is ___. [NOBr] = .332mol/14.6 L = .0227 M [NO] = .377mol/14...
  83. Grade 12 Physics

    A rocket ship is moving away from the earth after having been fired from a launch pad in Florida. At what point above the earth's surface will the force of gravity be reduced to ½ of its original value? ------------------ Prior to this question I was given the ...
  84. P.E

    here, i know these are right 1:d 2:a 3:b 4:d 5:d 6:b 7:a 8:c 9:a 10:d i just did a test with these and i got them right
  85. Calculus I

    Semelparous organisms breed only once during their lifetime. Examples of this type of reproduction strategy can be found with Pacific salmon and bamboo. The per capita rate of increase, r, can be thought of as a measure of reproductive fitness. The greater r, the more ...
  86. Science! Help!!

    Im 14 and also from connections lol and its not C its B
  87. Science

    Whate is a tool used to measure force
  88. Math

    A retail outlet purchased 300 printers at a list price of $100 less 7%, and 6%. The rate of markup on selling price on the printers was 40%. After selling 40% of the shipment, the rest of the printers were marked down to a reduced selling price. When there were only 40 ...
  89. Physics I for College

    thank you
  90. Physics I for College

    a rope that makes an angle of 30 degrees with the horizontal drags a crate along the floor. what must be the tension in the rope if a horizontal force of 40N is needed to drag the crate? please help me. i really didn't understand what my professor told me. he speak so fast...
  91. health

    hat is another name for bipolar disorder?
  92. Biology

    Hydrolysis uses a catabolic reaction. Explain what a catabolic reaction is and how it is useful in creating monomers from polymers.
  93. Reading

    What else can I add? I don't want to add too many "questions"
  94. Reading

    Okay, also for this passage "True, the genocide bloodlettings and other mass slaughters of the half century after Hitler- in Cambodia, in Biafra, in Bosnia, in Rwanda and elsewhere-did not approach the Holocaust in scale" I have down affected me a lot because knowing...
  95. Reading

    How does this passage affect you? “Lief was shown a pocketbook and lamp-shades made from human skin for Ilse Kich, wife of the commandant" So far I have: This left me in shock that someone would have the idea to skin off someone’s skin and make it into a gift ...
  96. Math

  97. physics

    An ocean liner is traveling at 5m/s. A passenger on deck walks towards the rear of the ship at a rate of 4m/s. After walking 30 meters, he turns right and walks at a rate of 4m/s to the rail, which is 12 meters from his turning point. What is his velocity relative to the water...
  98. chemistry

    Table salt, NaCl(s), and sugar, C12H22O11(s), are accidentally mixed. A 5.50-g sample is burned, and 1.70 g of CO2(g) is produced. What was the mass percentage of the table salt in the mixture?
  99. chemistry

    Table salt, NaCl(s), and sugar, C12H22O11(s), are accidentally mixed. A 5.50-g sample is burned, and 1.70 g of CO2(g) is produced. What was the mass percentage of the table salt in the mixture?
  100. chattco

    Dave's age in 4 years is 18. Write an equation that represents Dave's age in 4 years. Use the variable, d, to represent Dave's age
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