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A 4.2 kg rock is initially at rest at the top of a cliff. Assuming the rock falls into the sea at the foot of the cliff and that its kinetic energy is transferred entirely to the water, how high is the cliff if the temperature of 1.5 kg of water is raised 0.10°C?

A 33.1 g ring that appears to be silver is heated to a temperature of 77°C, and then placed in a calorimeter containing 5.00 10-2 kg of water at 24.0°C. The calorimeter is not perfectly insulated, however, so that 0.14 kJ of energy is transferred by heat to the ...

When a driver brakes an automobile, friction between the brake disks and the brake pads converts part of the car's translational kinetic energy to internal energy. If a 1500 kg automobile traveling at 42 m/s comes to a halt after its brakes are applied, how much can the ...