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9th grade
Nice of you drwls. Are you solving for p? Or are you expanding? Assuming you are expanding the equation: p^3+8p^2-7p-56 Assuming you are solving for p, and the entire equation is equal to zero: p=squareroot(7), p=-8

9th grade English
"Throughout the play, the characters have mentioned fate and fortune numerous times which exhibits their belief that predetermined events play throughout their lives." Flows better as: "Throughout the play, the characters mention fate and fortune numerous times...

Reiny's right.

Jace, seriously, that was horrible man. 5x + 20y = 60 Substract 5x from both sides. 20y = 60 - 5x Divide by 20 to isolate y. y = 3 - 5/20 x Simplify the fraction. y= 3 - 1/4 x Put into standard form. y = - 1/4 x + 3 Remember that y=mx+b, m equals slope, and b equals y-...

Ah I see! Sorry for the blind-sightedness. :P I believe your answer is f(x)=1/4x-5

I'm sure I could solve this if your question made a bit more since. What's with f^-1? That doesn't mean anything. Is it F^2-1? Please clarify and you'll get your answer very fast. :)

Social Studies.\ASAP PLEASE
Industrialization and globalization shaped the move from colonial, country life to modern, urban life. Don't really know about the other two. Consult your textbook, teachers rarely will give you questions without providing the answer somewhere else. So scan it! Also, try ...

That's very frustrating. I think empty set is the right answer. Consult your teacher after turning it in. You'll earn bonus points as well as knowing what to do if the question appears on a test! :p

Confusing question. None of the numbers are the same. I think that means you don't have an intersection. Please provide more information if possible.

Hey Franco! Pretty big question you have here, so here's the answers. If I skip the question, that means the sentence is correct, and the answer is yes to whatever question you asked. 1) all land is not an alternative, it would be "all lands". The question, ...

Fairly simple math. All you have to do is multiply 1.425 times 24.4, which gets you $34.77. Remember, when working with percents, always move the decimal two spaces to the left. For example, one hundred percent would be used as 1.0 Also, use logic when solving the problem. If ...

Reiny's right -.-

treat sine theta as x, and it get's really easy! x^2+2x+1=0 Factor, (x+1)(x+1)=0 now replace sine theta: (sine theta + 1)^2=0 theta=sine^-1(0) theta=0 Cheers, Houdini

In the future, please provide more information, it's nearly imposible to figure out what you're doing. Are you simplifying? It's difficult to tell. You may find it advantageous to know that: Sin^2+cos^2=1 thus 1-cos^2=sin^2 1-sin^2=cos^2 and tan= Sin/cos

You're welcome! Keep those math questions coming, oddly enough, I enjoy answering them. =)

Hi Bee! No more worries :) Domain is simply the possible values of x. Remember you cannot divide by zero, and you cannot get the square root of a negative number. For f(x)=SQRT 2x-1 Domain= x>0 For f(x)=3/x+4 Domain= x cannot equal 4 All you have to do is right an equal-...

Make sure you factor it out properly. x^2-y^2 If you don't know what ^ means, here's what it reads as: x squared minus y squared. Hope this helps!

Well. A die has six sides, right? Each side has a number, which is: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 What the question is asking for is the chance of getting an even number. The even numbers are 2,4,6. So, out of six different possible numbers, three of them are even. That's a 50% chance ...

9th grade acc. algebra
Hopefully you know the slope equation: y=mx+b You know that m=slope, so you can say: y=-3x+b next, substitue k for x, 4 for y. 4=-3k+b b=4+3k Now, you have an equation. y=-3x+3k+4 finally, y-intercept is where x=0. So substitue 0 for x. y=-3(0)+3k+4 y=3k+4 y-intercept is 3k+4

2.911 But I think you can't just use a calculator to solve. Let me show you how to solve without. Remember to line up the decimals! 2.750 .003 .158 Essentially for the decimal spot, you're just adding 750, plus 3, plus 158. You can easily calculate that in your head to...

9th grade
Guru's formalities aside, z+xyz=w factor z. z(1+xy)=w divide by z (1+xy)=w/z subtract 1. xy=(w/z)-1 divide by y x=(w/yz)-(1/y) And that's your answer! :)

I wonder if you're in my math class.... I could be wrong with this... but at least here's a possible answer. (It doesn't make much sense) x^2=500^2+350^2-2x500x350xcos(60 degrees)= 444.4 km As far as the simple, guaranteed right part goes, remember to multiple 1.75...