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Social Studies
ms sue we both know that u dont know the answer lol

Social Studies
thats interest jacob told me he had no gf bc were friends on bbtw guys this is a good site to get answer for cca ;) follow me @dylan_chris_bailey , for

Brandon can make 5 loaves of bread with 6 cups of flour . how many loaves of bread can you make with 24 cups of flour?

how to delete ur account
oh ok

how to delete ur account
no just delete a account

how to delete ur account
is it possible to delete ur account if so how?

(52!)/(5!47!) or 52C5 = 2,598,960 different ways a 5-card hand can be dealt from a deck of 52 cards. (4C1)x(48C4) = the amount containing at most one ace. (5C4)x(47C1) = amount containing cards of all four suits. (not very sure of this answer)

Algebra Question~!
i really don't know

ohw... sorry for that... for clarification, it's: {(c-1)x^2+2cx+c+4<or=0 { cx^2 + 2(c+1)x+(c+1)>or=0

Consider the following system of inequalities: {(c-1)x^2+2cx+c+4<0 { cx^2 + 2(c+1)x+(c+1)>0 The sum of all real values of c, such that the system has a unique solution, can be written as ab, where a and b are coprime positive integers. What is the value of a+b? Details ...

Math!!! can't solve this...
If the expression (x^2+2x−1)^8 is completely expanded, what is the sum of the coefficients of the terms with even powers of x?

Two equally matched teams are playing a game of volleyball. Each team has a 1/2 chance of winning each point. The game ends once one of the teams gets to a score of 21. If the score is currently 18-16 for team A, the probability that team A will win the game can be expressed ...

brilliant says its wrong... 14 is wrong... it meant 2x^2−2xy+y^2=225

so what's the answer? give me the solution..

Have you got the answer?? I'm so confused.. I don't know how to solve

You basically aren't going to meet your budget dude...

Methods of measuring the rate of change? 1. - change in pH? can you explain me plz :)

Organic Chemistry Lab
I'm pretty sure pigments travel further when they are less polar. Since acetone is more polar then the rf values would be less.


Or would it be: 3 for the first number (either a 3,4 or 5) 10 for the second number (a 0 to 9) 10 for the third number (a 0 to 9) 10 for the fourth number (a 0 to 9) take off numbers that end in 000 so 3000, 4000, 5000 (so take off 3) = 3 x 10 x 10 x 10 -3 3000-3 = 2997

Why was Romeo selfish when he was exiled? Be sure you clearly define "selfish" and then decide, based on his motives and actions. =)