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Sorry Ms.Sue for making it a long discussion but my friend Mona was confused about this case and I wanted to include someone's else opinion :) Thank you very much for your help!

First of all, people's reaction was an obvious sign to prove that it was unethical. “Business activity affects all aspects of people’s lives, so the way business behaves toward stakeholders affects how stakeholders will behave toward businesses.” was said in...

So, can we say that their decision was legal but still unethical?

but Ms.Sue, as we have seen in the news, some said Nokia didn't have any financial problem to move to Romania. OK, I agree that it will increase the profit for shareholders, but there is no balance in this equation. The decision has affected more people than they were ...

I just wanted to ask what does "Network of equals" mean in decision making? Is it the same as decentralization?

part a is wrong