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  1. Language Arts

    Who is right???
  2. Language Arts

    you suck the girl who knows nothing
  3. Language Arts, can anyone check?

    thanx peps
  4. Language Arts, can anyone check?

    "ADIDAS" Is correct. 4/4
  5. geometry

    An A-frame house is 40 feet high and 30 feet wide. Find the angle that the roof makes with the floor. Round the angle nearest degree.
  6. Math

    what was the answer?
  7. lang art

    all are wrong.
  8. math

    donna is right
  9. Science (please check Ms. Sue)

    Skyla is right!
  10. History

    What could i say to someone to convince them to enlist in war? An example i thought of was saying how the patriotic fund will take care of ur family while ur at way, but i need moreee examples please help

  12. American history

    Use the quotation and your knowledge of social studies to answer the following question. “[We] hereof do . . . enact, constitute, and frame, such just and equal Laws, Ordinances, Acts, Constitutions and Offices, from time to time, as shall be thought most meet and ...
  13. american history

    Which of the following describes the ideas of W.E.B. Du Bois on civil rights? A. Equal rights were not a privilege that needed to be earned and society as a whole should carry the burden of achieving equality. B. African Americans should focus their energy on fighting Jim Crow...
  14. Science (energy)

    You know just giving away the answers is cheating right?
  15. Social Studies

    Anonymous you are soooo funny and I would not say cheating
  16. p.e/ drugs

    thank you so much boo!!
  17. ELA

    how are ya?
  18. Science

  19. Math

    the answer is 2,240
  20. Math

    Joely's Tea Shop, a store that specializes in tea blends, has available 45 pounds of A grade tea and 70 pounds of B grade tea. These will be blended into 1 pound packages as follows: A breakfast blend that contains one third of a pound of A grade tea and two thirds of ...
  21. Health

    and also thx lun
  22. Health

    lun is correct for all Connexus students
  23. social studies

    Etruscans and Greeks
  24. Poetry - PLZ CHECK OVER

    I need help
  25. U.S. History

    White women were hired in large numbers but this is not one of the options. Based on the link you gave me it says Mexicans were pulled into the workforce.
  26. U.S. History

    During World War II what group experienced changes most like those experienced by American Women? a.) Native Americans b.) African Americans c.) Japanese Americans d.) Mexican Americans I gravitate towards C but I feel like all of these are slightly suitable options.
  27. Science

    Yes it is D
  28. Physical Education

    I got a 100% on my quiz thank you Kia and Asaiah
  29. Language arts

    1.B 2.D 3.D 4.B 5.B 6.A 7.C 8.D 9.B 10.D 11.A
  30. Art

    thank you the right answers are a,c,b
  31. Social Studies

    sid. v thnks sooo much!!!!! i got 5/5!!!
  32. Social Studies

    It’s B D C B Btw
  33. Science!

    The reason you guys are getting confused is because there are usually 4 questions which we Mark a b c or d. The question number 9 has 5 so cuz I'm cool said d which is correct so since we are used to clicking the bottom for d we get it wrong so make sure to answer d and ...
  34. Art

  35. math plz help !!!

    yes who does
  36. Art

    Thanks @Nashi Dragneel
  37. Physics

  38. Linear Algebra 8; Slope-Intercept Form

    @Damon can u please tell me the answers the quiz is rlly hard for me
  39. Math

    anon was almost correct the correct answers for math 7 b unit 2 is A B C D C
  40. Elements of Poetry

    wait no 2 is B sorry sorry
  41. Elements of Poetry

    wow it is 1.A 2.C 3.C 4.D wow just wow
  42. Elements of Poetry

    Do not listen to reed he or she is a horrible tutor
  43. Math! Pls Help!

    square, circle, and figure it out yourself
  44. Math

    You freaking retards are wrong I got 1/8
  45. history

    My history Textbook did not clarify how the U.S decided to go to war with Britain in 1812. can anyone explain? that would clear up alott for me thx:)
  46. English

    help and check please . If got wrong help please. My answers have * by it Choose the meaning of the bold words in questions 1-6 1. Men hold me/ FORMIDABLE for GUILE in peace and war: / this fame has gone abroad to the sky’s rim. (from the Odyssey, Part I) (1 point) ...
  47. English

    Choose the meaning of the bold words in questions 1-6 1. Men hold me/ FORMIDABLE for GUILE in peace and war: / this fame has gone abroad to the sky’s rim. (from the Odyssey, Part I) (1 point)ancient; agility intricate; courage awesome; cunning incredible; knowledge 2. All...
  48. history U.S

    I can't find the answer to this plz help how did adams' supporters characterize jefferson during the election og 1800?
  49. Art

    @imnotlyingbcimnotaloser i love your name because its true seriously
  50. language arts

    Metaphor, Drops floated on the pool LIKE pearls, Repetition just like what Reed said.I just took this test these are right.
  51. LA

  52. LA

    Here is a simple summery for this problem: The story begins in Boston in 1773. Johnny Tremain is a fourteen-year-old silversmith’s apprentice. He works for Mr. Lapham, an aging silversmith, and lives in his house with Mrs. Lapham, the silversmith’s daughter-in-law, ...
  53. Science

    The bottom question you asked is A
  54. Language

    it is c d a
  55. Medical

  56. Math

    @Ryan No one cares
  57. Algebra 1

    is anonymous right
  58. Art

    Everyone here is right thank you for the answers :)
  59. math help please

    i need the answers im from connexus
  60. Health 7th

    Darrel is right!!! thanks a bunch!!!
  61. Geometry

    wha boyyyyyyy
  62. Career

    Anonymous is correct. 100%
  63. Science

    At first, I was going to cheat but then I was reading the other comments and then I said to my self that's cheating and it's not good to cheat because then after you submit your test you are going to feel weird that you cheated SO STOP CHEATING and do it your self.
  64. Science

    might as well get good grades now because it will affect us in the future bithes
  65. Science

    # 10 was The organism is a prokaryote
  66. math plz help!!!!!!!

    the answer is B D A i JUST TOOK TO TEST TRUST ME
  67. Algebra

    for unit7 lesson 6 Anons answers are currently 100% correct

  69. writing

  70. Language Arts HELP NEED !!!!!!!

    Whats 3
  71. Comm Tech

    I need help wih this question too.
  72. Art

    Your right i got 100%
  73. Art

    Hi i got em all right are you sure.
  74. SS-Please Help!!!

    how is it cheating whenever this was posted over 2 years ago.
  75. Comm Tech

    No its a
  76. Comm Tech

    So would it be c?
  77. Science

  78. Science

    My name is Ariel too lol
  79. Science

    Julio is right!!!!
  80. Physics

    Not sure of B, but I can tell you A. T = mg / (cos theta) T = (204*9.81) / cos (theta) The angle should have been given to you.
  81. Science

    Which is it lol two people say c and two say d!
  82. Check my answers L.A

    So is it A?
  83. help please english

    Who’s correct? I need one that reads at the top Lesson 19: Different Perspectives Unit Test Language Arts 7 A Unit 2: Different perspectives
  84. help please english

    the real ansers are are a b b b a d essay b a d a a c good luck.
  85. Language

    I double checked all of the answer I said, I can promise you I'm 100% correct
  86. Language

    I took the test, if you are taking the test I said then, yes I am correct
  87. Language

    Btw, The answers I just said they are for Lesson 19: Unit Test Language Arts 8 A Unit 2: Turning Points
  88. Language

    To everyone above who said answer just to say answers, please don't do that, ppl come here to learn answers that they don't know, so if you just put answers that are wrong and someone listens, it affects their grade and their knowledge.
  89. Language

    If you are looking for the answer for the connections academy test and the first question starts with a passage then here are the answers, Hope this helps o-o 1: a 2: c 3: d 4: a 5: c 6: b 7: b 8: a 9: a 10: c 11: umm if you guys need help with this one too just ask 12: b 13: ...
  90. Ed Tech. HELP PLZ ASAP

    4. C
  91. Ed Tech. PLZ HELP ASAP

    1.c 2.a 3.b 4.d 5.d
  92. social studies

    it is a guys so simple
  93. Physics

    Actually, it is the distance from the start to finish. Doesn't matter how the runner got there. Not enough info to answer this.
  94. Physics

    Assuming constant direction, 1 km
  95. Social Studies

    Thanks I got a 100
  96. Social Studies

    i like cheese
  97. Math PLZZ

    d d a b
  98. science

    Ano did you get it right
  99. science

    Fuk all y'all n!ggas
  100. Algebra 1

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