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  1. ELA

    B OR C
  2. social studies

    OMG!!!! Thank you! your an amazing person
  3. social studies

  4. social studies

    How were the Aborigine people affected when their children were forced to live with British families or in institutions? can someone help me with this question I have tried and went thru the study guide, talked to my teacher, and I just need a little boost please help
  5. Language Arts

    Anonymous is wrong
  6. Social

    b d a d 8th grade awnsers
  7. Social Studies help

  8. Algebra

    What is the expression x^-4×x^5 O think it is x^9 because the reciporical of x^-4 is x^4 and adding the exponents is x^9
  9. English

    A C A B B
  10. Chemistry

    so the n value would be 6 moles of e-. the F is the constant. E* calculated was 1.41 V. But i am really unsure if im correct or not.
  11. Chemistry

    For the galvanic cell that uses the reaction 2 Al(s) + 3 Ni2+(aq) ? 2 Al3+(aq) + 3 Ni(s) the value of n in the relationship ?G° = -nFE° is ________.
  12. bio

    Does anyone know a good website that covers aspects of human genetics? If so can i have the link and a summary of the site's content. thank you
  13. History

    Why are many regions of the united states economically interdependent jiskha
  14. Algebra

    Power gain (G) is just [Power Out] / [Power In] In your case, that is G = 50 watts / 5 watts = 10 To express that in decibels: Gain in dB = 10 * log(G) = 10 * log(10) = 10 * 1 = 10 dB
  15. math Lsson:11 unit 3

    if you go to connections girl is so right cause I just toke it and Nicholas is a lier
  16. Math

  17. LA PLEASE HELP!!!!!!

    Connetions Helper is 100 percent right, just took the quiz! 8/8.
  18. Math help! Check my answers ASAP!

    How are ya?
  19. math

  20. math

    Last night, Greg was reading a book. At first, he was sitting next to the lamp, which was very bright. Greg could see all of the words in the book very well. Then, he moved to a chair that was farther away from the lamp. It was less bright in the spot where Greg moved. He had ...
  21. alerbra hellllllllllllllppppppppppp

    use the graph below to answer the question 1. what are the coordinates of point f 1 point & how do you post a pichure?
  22. alerbra hellllllllllllllppppppppppp

    yay i got it
  23. alerbra hellllllllllllllppppppppppp

    please tell me the answer!
  24. alerbra hellllllllllllllppppppppppp

    so the answer is 2,240?
  25. alerbra hellllllllllllllppppppppppp

    what is p ?
  26. alerbra hellllllllllllllppppppppppp

    u borrow 2000 for a period of 4 years you are charged simple interest at aa rate of 3% how much will you repay at the end of 4 years?
  27. Math

  28. Science 6

    naya is right with the first four but i dont know why there is five lol
  29. Language Arts

    I wanted everyone to know that I finished 13/16 which is more than enough for me. Thanks for everything guys I would not have survived without you all. Thank you for the answers for when I was in trouble. Now I am officially done with connections academy and ready to enjoy my ...
  30. Social Studies

    the answers for connexus is d c b b a I got a 100%
  31. ELA

    Jazmin is correct!! Thanks gurllll
  32. Math

    Shut up @john you are you rude!
  33. Math

    thanks 7/7 6 is D and john doe that wad really rude
  34. Social Studies

    me is right 3 is d
  35. Math :(:( Totally stressing ouuut ned help now.

    A B C C B C
  36. Math

    mnm hkb
  37. SS

    Between 1750 BC -AD 200
  38. SS

    Ancient between 1750 BC–AD 200.
  39. SS

    what impact did paper have on china? I am doing this for a paper, so can you leave some ideas?
  40. msth

    the two figures below are congruent. Find the measure of the angle that isn't labeled on either figure?
  41. MAth

    I am struggle on this to
  42. Science

    You go are life savers! Tysm!!!! :)))))
  43. SS

    Answer is right thanks so much
  44. physics

    Blood flows through a major artery at 1.3 m/sfor 0.40 s, then at 0.70 m/sfor another 0.40 s through a smaller artery. Part A Is the average speed of the blood 1.0 m/s, greater than 1.0 m/s , or less than 1.0 m/s? Verify your answer to Part A by calculating the average speed.2sf
  45. english

    thankyou !
  46. english

    i'm struggling on idea's for " A short story about a main character who undergoes a change or learns something" I would like to know if you can give me any examples of short stories and i will come up with something similar, just examples please
  47. science

  48. physical science

  49. physical science

    no that's a link you copy the link- go to new page and paste it and it will show you the graph unless you alrdy did it then thnx atleast
  50. physical science

    Look at the graph below measuring the speed of a truck and answer the following 2 questions: a) If the graph represents speed, what is measured on the x and y axes? You need to specifically identify which axis is which. b) Based on what the y axis measures, explain the motion ...
  51. physical science

    Thankyou so much dude!
  52. physical science

    If you push a 900N refrigerator with the same force as you lift a 40N dumbbell, the dumbbell will move faster. which of Newton’s laws is this an example of? Explain how you know please. i know it's not the 3rd law.
  53. English

    anger i think though i'm not a teacher.
  54. Math

    1. B 2. C 3. C 4. C 5. B 6. A 7. A 8. C 9. D 10. C 11. D 12. C 13. C 14. C 15. C 16. B 17. A 18. A 19. A
  55. 8th grade math

    ACDC get it lol the last D had to mess it up smh
  56. Social Studies PLZ hurry

    why lie about answers is correct! thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  57. history

    thanks i used what you gave and i used the second website.
  58. history

    if you are talking about the answer i might to put the *** to b or is that wrong to
  59. history

    The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation? was established to regulate the stock market. insured bank deposits up to $2,500. ensured that Social Security payments would be made on time.***
  60. history

    ok thanks so much.
  61. history

    Just making sure I got it right too
  62. history

    r u sure
  63. history

    What was the most significant difference between Hoover and FDR with regards to tackling the Great Depression? * A- Hoover was willing to support direct relief and other forms of federal welfare; FDR was not B- FDR was willing to use deficit spending to stimulate the economy...
  64. Social Studies

    Crybaby he is right
  65. social studies

  66. Math parallel lines and angles

    1.A 2.B 3.A 4.D 100 percent correct
  67. history

    Which of the following is a major example of Abraham Lincoln's policy of leniency toward the defeated South? A. Pres Lincoln's willingness to have federal government assume responsibility of the Confederate government's war debts. B. Pres Lincoln's choice to ...
  68. history

    A my answer
  69. history

    . How did the Republican Congress feel about Andrew Johnson’s political decisions in the wake of President Lincoln’s assassination? (1 point) Johnson was too lenient on the Confederate leaders. Johnson’s political decisions were too quick after Lincoln’s ...
  70. history

    is my answer
  71. history

    2. How did the Supreme Court decision in Dred Scott v. Sandford increase sectionalism? (1 point) It defined the rights of slave and free states. It expanded the geographical size of the nation. It kept the number of slave and free states even. It would promote popular ...
  72. Social Studies

    I need to know them
  73. Science. Answer Check

    thinks I gotchu fan you are the best
  74. Math

    Explain how you could write 35% as the sum of two benchmark percents or as a mutiple of a percent
  75. Social Studies

    Do not not copy write in your own words I got a D from copying this Sucks
  76. Science

    You need to know this for the same reason i am here... xD
  77. Algegra

    Yeah, same here
  78. math

  79. PreAp Math

    200×.90=180 180×18=3,240
  80. Algebra

    are u right
  81. Language Arts

    Which verb mood is used in the following sentence from the selection? This movie was advertised as "full of adventure." (1 point) indicative (my answer) subjunctive conditional imperative
  82. Art

    Lun is right. then again, when is lun not right?
  83. SS Check Answers

    1965 that's why she put it there.
  84. Social Studies

    It’s D support of economic stability C Spain was busy fighting rebels in Latin America D it gave the federal government power to regulate the economy
  85. Algebra 1

  86. Physics

    Hi again just solved it! once you fix your kinetic energy initial equation, it is a relative velocity problem. It should come out to be 5. |v1- -v2| v2 is in the negative direction since the mother is traveling towards the child.
  87. Physics

    first off your initial Kinetic energy will be wrong because its 0.5(m1v1^2 + m2v2^2) also your relative velocity seems iffy to me you wrote (v1+v2)^2 Having trouble with the same problem
  88. math plz help

    Sorry Anonymous u are wrong The answer is 2/3 19/24 2/3 u have to reduce 19/24 to 2/3

    The answers are 1. A 2. C 3. C 4. A 5. C 6. A 7. B 8. A 9. A 10. A 11. --Written-- 12. C 13. A 14. B 15. C 16. A 17. D 18. --Written-- These are the correct answers because most of them got them wrong, i only missed 3 multiple choice questions...

    Lol how is number 2 b when SOIL IS NOT A PROPER NOUN
  91. Spanish

    They are lying...and 3 is not right
  92. Physics

    A car passes the starting line traveling 20.5 mph. It accelerates constantly at 7.96 mi/hr-s. After 7.67 seconds, how far has the car travelled? Be sure to give your answer in miles with the correct number of significant digits. The answer should be in the scientific notation ...
  93. math

    Write a two-column proof Given: 7y =8x =14; y=6 Prove: x=7
  94. Geometry

    @bobpursley can you help me plz I really need help with this question!
  95. Geometry

    angle m3 = 37. Find angle m1
  96. Math

  97. Social Studies (Check Answers)

    The guy is right but it's hard to not look at all of this because social studies is hard for me and in order to rodeo I need to have good grades and I try in social studies but again it's really hard. So people can use this to check awnsers and figure out why they got ...
  98. social studies (check my answers )

    It's AAC! (I've been bamboozled)
  99. Physics

    the diameter of the moon is 3.48x10^3 km. what is its surface area in m2?
  100. math

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