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  1. science

    Can you give your answer and elaborate, please? This is a rather confusing question.
  2. Middle Chinese

    100% correct Ms. Sue!!! Thank you so much! You are appreciated!
  3. Middle Chinese

    Middle Chinese I Unit 3: My Food Lesson 2: Good Morning! 8th grade Connexus.
  4. Middle Chinese

    Which has become an art form in the Mandarin speaking world? A.Drinking tea B.Making congee C.Making sticky rice in a bamboo or reed leaf. I think it is drinking tea. I can't find it in my lesson, I searched this site, I even goggled it, nothing.
  5. English 12

    Transitive verbs are verbs that have subjects or objects that receive the action. They are either active voice or passive voice. Transitive active verbs are the verbs in sentences with a direct object. Example: The boy kicked the ball. The subject is the doer and the direct ...
  6. English 12

    What do you think now?
  7. English 12

    The verb in the transitive passive voice always has is, am, are, was, were, be, being, or been as an auxiliary or helping verb. Intransitive verbs have no receiver of the action. They are classified as intransitive complete or intransitive linking.
  8. chemiestry

    I mean doesn't your lesson explain pH of KC6H7O2 at 373 molar concentration?
  9. chemiestry

    Google it, because it gives you several Pdfs. These are very useful most of the time, o I trust them. Doesn't your lesson explain this?
  10. Fashion design

    I also agree because you need to understand a targeted group of customers to create the right brand identity.
  11. Pre-Algebra

    Last two are wrong, I submitted and got 60%...What math did I do wrong?
  12. Pre-Algebra

    I would like to have my multiple choice answers checked. 3w-10w A.13w B.-7w*** C.-7w D.7w y=1.2y=1.2z A.2.4yz B.1.3y+1.2z C.1.2y^2+1.2z D.2.2y+1.2z*** 6r+r-5r A.2r*** B.1r+r C.0r D.7r-5r 5x+2(x+6) A.7x+6*** B.7x^2+12 C.7x+12 D.7x(x+6) -3m+3m(m+6) A.6*** B.-6m+6 C.6m+18 D.18
  13. HVAC

    What does this have to do with the subject?!?!?
  14. character education

    I think he did that to pretend he had all of this public support, so that his book could get a favorable publication. What do you think?
  15. Posting Help

    Thank you so very much!!!! Reed, if you see posts by Ms. Sue, Teacher, Teacher 2 , ect. there will be chats where students are threatend by their teachers that they are breaing the honor code by using this site. One result of breaking the honor code is getting kicked out.
  16. Posting Help

    Hey, I'm wondering how I should help other people on this site without getting banished, expeled, or otherwise in any kind of trouble. I really want to help, and get help, but I see so many people get banned and kicked out of their schools!
  17. Social Studies

    But I thought slave codes were made to restrict the already limeted rights of enslaved African Americans! Please explain.
  18. US History

    Yes, I believe that is correct.
  19. 5 - Portfolio Item: Cool Crafts Portfolio

    I've done it before, there are instructions, and there is material on the message boards, and there are teachers who will help.
  20. ELA

    Maybe it means the position you take during the action, or during an argument. What school is this for? Unless it is Connexus, I am afraid I cannot be of any more help.
  21. Pre-algebra

    It's C, yse a calculator if you want to check the math.
  22. Pre-Algebra

    Find the regular price. Round the nearest cent. Sale Price:$56.78 Percent Discount: 40% $141.95 $96.78. $79.49 $94.63
  23. English Help Re-wording

    I agree with Reed, why do you need to reword? If you copied, use the info as a source, and maybe just use it for information.
  24. @ The answers - Banned!

    Besides, how do you ban someone?
  25. @ The answers - Banned!

    Why would someone post just the answers? I find that a little baffling.
  26. LA Disscusion

    Connections Academy has lessons and you can go through previos lessons for information, but the do give you a online textbook, usually Pearson, so that you arn't completely clueless. Please stop telling others that CA doesn't provide anything. And, there are links on ...
  27. language arts

    For connexus, there is a sheet in the Johnny Tremain portion which tells you about the reading roles. @ 100% , there is no Rapid Reader role.
  28. Science

    Um, this clashes with my answers from the links and reading. I am on Lesson 4: Electric Circuits Connections Education Gifted and Talented Science 8 B Unit 9: Interaction of Forces Part 1. And, on my quiz, there are 10 questions, not 7.
  29. dont cheat

    Wow, this is really encouraging, however, many kids don't look at this post. Great idea though! :)
  30. Science

    For me, this link doesn't go anywhere. Any tips?
  31. English

    These are for a discussion for Language Arts. They probably would like some ideas. In connexus, we have discussions where we answer prompts like these, and respond to other students posts.
  32. Social Studies

    What is this? I want the answer for the original question because I am stuck, and I trust this site.
  33. Social Studies

    Who is this @Hi? P.S. this is not me, they might be impersonating me, if they are, they forgot the !!!.
  34. To Connections - banned!

    Is Connections a person, or are you bannning all Connexus students?

    It's in your instructions. Ask your teachers for help if you need it.
  36. social studies

    Back to the subject, Reed is correct, the economy differences are a main driving force.
  37. Science. Answer Check

    They are right. The circuit is closed, therefore the lightbulb is on. Mars naturally has less mass than Earth, so #2 is also correct.
  38. Social Studies

    Guys, use the outside resourses as resources, and please cite in the correct formating. Plagarism is not an option. The teachers have machines that check short answers and other written assignments for copied text. My Social Studies teacher sent me an scalding e-mail because I...
  39. Social Studies

    Ms. Sue is a wonderful tutor who helps us. Please be a tad more grateful.
  40. Math

    There are 5, for grade 8, semester B.
  41. Math

    Totally right, thanks Ms. Sue!!!
  42. @grape fruit 420 & other cheaters

    Swearing does seem to be a problem that needs to be controlled. You do have the right to swear, but it is uncouth.Thank you.
  43. English

    Maybe an angle from the view of people who persecuted or turned in the Jews.
  44. Polynomials

    Killer_ Panda_Girl is right! For connexions academy practice 2018!
  45. READING ASAP ASAP PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Correct. Be careful, and look the definitions up in a dictionary if you have to.
  46. L.A.

    Yes, this is correct for Connexus unit 4, lesson 7, 8th grade, Ms. Fazoli's class.
  47. Language Art

    Yes those are correct for connexus unit 4 lesson 7.
  48. math

    Is this for connexus Pre-Algebra Unit 7 Lesson 1?
  49. Science

    If you want to check your answers, @Morgan is right for Connexus. (P.S, it's in another answer link...)
  50. Science Help Plzz

    @Morgan is right, I checked my answers and I got 100%! Yay! Thanks!
  51. History...Please check my answers.

    What does this have to do with the question?
  52. ninny by anton chekhov

    @yo boi is correct. These are the answers to unit 3 lesson 14.
  53. Language Arts

    AACBD is correct for unit 3 lesson 14 language arts 8b 2018 connexions academy.
  54. L.A

    Hey, why did you post several hundred ys? This is not helpful! Thank you @Horseluver!

    If your test is overdue, they change the answers to monitor who cheats.
  56. Art

    I believe that you are all right! Thank you for checking answers!
  57. Science- 3rd request plzzz

    If you check the similar questions, BDD True is correct. Unless you use James's answers.
  58. Math( PLease help Ms. Sue)

    Thank you @Winter Wonder Land! :)
  59. Language Arts-Poetry

    Thank you, these are the correct answers! 5/5!
  60. Johnny Tremain

    Please, just answer the question. It seems like we have a serious problem with name calling and immaturity.
  61. language arts

    Correct answers for Connexus unit 4 lesson 9 8th grade.
  62. Langue Art

    That is an insulting, uncouth word. Please keep to the subject. The answers are D. Capable of causing unrest A. The port of boston was closed, general gage was put in control, and british soldiers were sent to boston to enforce british law. B, and D. He was not brilliant, but ...
  63. language arts

    4 out of 4!!! Thanks so much!!!
  64. L.Arts

    Guys, there is no cheating, all someone wants is the opinion of the author! What's wrong with that?
  65. Art Help!

    Ttng is wrong, 4. is D for connexus
  66. language Arts

    Perfect future tense?
  67. Language Arts

    I agree. I think it's B.
  68. Language Arts

    Post your lesson, grade, unit, and academy so people are less confused!!!
  69. Language Arts

    Please calm down, and also post what grade and school you are in so we can tell the difference and get the correct answers for the right academy, grade, and so we can have minimum swearing and off-topicness.Win-win for everyone.
  70. Science

    Earth's gravitational field keeps the train and its parts and pieces together and on the ground. The electrical poles in the train and in the guide or tracks, north, and south, move the train, while the magnetic pools hover the train above the guide or tracks.
  71. History

    Why do you think Ms. Sue sucks? She is very helpful, and very rarely wrong!
  72. Check my answers!

    That was an inappropriate comment. Please stick to the subject.
  73. RATIO

    These other posts are confusing me. Can we stay on topic?
  74. Science help.

    This helps, and if you're in connexus, it's actually unit 13 lesson 5 for 8th graders
  75. 7th Grade Math for Steve.. or Ms. Sue

    This is really confusing. Every post is different. I just want to check my answers!!!
  76. Algebra

    The answers are CBCBD for Unit 5, functions Lesson 1 sequences.