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  1. Language Arts

    ElevenMike is right
  2. Social Studies

    A C A 1000000000000 percent correct
  3. ELA

    i don't understand it to
  4. math

    Which box-and-whisker plot matches the data? 20, 32, 19, 12, 28, 34, 29, 36, 20, 15, 30, 17
  5. Math

    4 is b
  6. Science

    thanks han han'
  7. Science

  8. Health (Ms. Sue)

    hehe ms. sue
  9. Statistics

    cheating for final exam stat 2.2x eh? :D i want the answer too!!! :P
  10. maths

    brilliant problem, don't answer.
  11. Algebra

    Connection answers is 110 percent correct
  12. Maths

  13. math

    cheater -.- This is not the purpose of this site, nor the one from which you stole this question.
  14. math

  15. math

    stop this.
  16. maths

    I know who are you. The point of Brilliant is to improve your skills, not cheat and gain ill-deserved "prizes". Be ashamed of yourself.
  17. factoring

    factor 16x^2-121
  18. music

  19. Clowney

  20. physics

    ) A batter hits a baseball so that it leaves the bat at speed Vo = 37.0m/s at an angle ao = 53.1°, at a location where g = 9.80 m/S2. (a) Find the position of the ball, and the magnitude and direction of its velocity, at t = 2.00 s. (b) Find the time when the ball reaches ...
  21. physics

  22. physics

    what force will accelerate a 2000-kg. truck at a rate of 0.50
  23. 6th grade

  24. critical thinking

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2) Which of the following, if true, would best explain the material presented in the table? A) The total value of property owned by Black residents in Washington during the 1830-1860 period was ...
  25. chemistry

    what is mol?
  26. Thesis Statement for Research Paper

    i need a theisis statement for a diabetical paper