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The quantity of unicycles gets changed to 4 on the graph and the total budget and Maurico's budget for unicycles and monkeys is $720.00.

How do I figure out what 6% simple interest annually on $325 for two years?

if ed= x+4, and dm= 3x-8 find ed,dm and eb


the sum of the ages is 48, Bailey's mom is 15 more than twice his age. what is the ages of the two?

Physics - Specific heat
#1.) If 500 grams of a metal requires 70 calories of energy to raise its temperature by 10 Kelvin, what is its specific heat? #2.) How much heat is gained or lost when 200 grams of ice melts?

The Bureau of Indian Affairs is supposed to be in charge of the accounts of landowners. The poverty on most reservations could be avoided if these agencies were actually doing their jobs. It is sad to see people suffer needlessly. The American Indians have land that is being ...

A gas-filled balloon having a volume of 3.50 L at 1.2 atm and 25°C is allowed to rise to the stratosphere (about 30 km above the surface of Earth), where the temperature and pressure are −23°C and 3.00 10−3 atm, respectively. Calculate the final volume of ...

TX History
Please Describe the economic, social, and political changes in Texas during the Great Depression (including new deal measures), WWII, and the early Cold War (including the Red Scare). Include Congressman and Senator LBJ's goals and actions during these decades.

social health

I need some help and I was wondering if you guys could give me some hints and stuff. thanks a lot!! Question 1 A force causes a certain acceleration. What acceleration would half of the original force cause? a. The same amount b. 1/2 times c. 4 times d. 2 times Question 2 How ...

Roll 3 dice. What is the probability of getting a sum of: A) sum of 7: 15/216 B) sum of 8: 21/216 C) sum of 11: 27/216 D) sum of 12: 25/216 Are these correct? How many ways are there to choose 3 numbers ranging from 1 to 6 such that the sum is N? Consider the function: F(X) = ...

Check my answers, thanks! Roll 2 dice. What is the probaility of rolling and getting: A) a sum less than or equal to 6 = 15/36=.42 B) sum of greater than or equal to 10 = 6/36=.60 C) difference of less than or equal to 1 = that can't be possible right? A) You are correct. ...