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2 nd grade math
I have 1hundreds 14 tens and 8 ones Is my number 248?

The experiment Water solubility, used three compounds Ethanol, Hexanol and Cyclohexene. Hexanol was unsoluble in water. suggest a solvent would dissolve this compound in water?

Reaction with Felings solution,if adding 2-butanol to potassium dichromate, in this experiment what spiecfic organic product would be form and structure.

What does the pH value for the tartaric acid solution suggest happens on dossolving a solid like cyclohexene? This must have something to do with an experiment you conducted or that you are geting ready to conduct. But you haven't told us enough to know what is going on.

Water solubility chemistry
What solvent that would dissolve Ethanol in water? You mean selectively dissolve the ethanol out of the water? Ethanol is soluble in water, at least last night when I had wine, it was dissolved. I don't know of anything that selectively absorbes ethanol when dissolved in ...