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  1. Social studies

    In which order (first to last) were the following countries invaded by britan? A:Sudan;South Africa;Tanzania B:South Africa;Sudan;Tanzania C:Tanzia;Sudan;South Africa D:Tanzia;South Africa;Sudan**
  2. Math

    x + 3 = 1 2 5 4 what is x?
  3. Math

    X/2 + 3/5 = 1/4
  4. physic

    Umm lol no
  5. math

    Ryan has an eight-year loan for $6,000. He is being charged an interest rate of 5 percent, compounded annually. Calculate the total amount that he will pay.
  6. physics

    A hot-water heater is operated by solar power. If the solar collector has an area of 5.8 m2 and the power delivered by sunlight is 550 W/m2, how long will it take to increase the temperature of 1.0 m3 of water from 24°C to 59°C?
  7. english (cont.)

    1. if you receive lamentable news, how do you feel? 2. what might cause a person with a normally rosy complexion to suddenly look sallow? 3. if you need film for you camera, where might you try to procure it?
  8. english

    1. would it be difficult to procure in the desert? 2. how might someone react if you prvoke that person? 3. what might be the subject of a profound discussion? 4. if a critic is profuse in her praise of a movie, how well did she like the movie?
  9. college physics

    After falling from rest from a height of 34 m, a 0.47 kg ball rebounds upward, reaching a height of 24 m. If the contact between ball and ground lasted 1.8 ms, what average force was exerted on the ball?
  10. English

  11. English

    Is there a story in America Street, edited by Anne Mazer, similar to The Journey by Duane Big Eagle?
  12. math

    order from least to greatest 1/5 -.4 .44 -41% 404
  13. HS physics

    A 20g rifle bullet traveling 200m/s buries itself in a 3.3kg pendulum hanging on a 3.0m long string, which makes the pendulum swing upward in an arc. Determine the vertical and horizontal components of the pendulum's maximum displacement.
  14. Science

    Where is the "asteroid belt" located? Thank-you for all your help.