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If im trying to separate alcohol from water by distillation, is it possible if I heat the mixture to 100degreeC so water reaches its boiling point? I mean, is this method only workable if I distill the alcohol which has a lower boiling point first? What happens to alcohol ...

Biology please help anybody!
there's this a level question in a ten-year series book in 2008, the question asks what is the sequence in which it occurs: 1. polyadenylation 2. removal of introns 3. splicing exons 4. capping And the options given are: a) 1,3,2,4 b) 2,4,1,3 c) 3,1,4,2 d) 4,2,3,1 I've...

Please help, anyone! There's 3 types of gene mutation: substitution, deletion, and insertion, right? So what are '2 kinds of gene mutation that causes the protein to be not formed'?? I mean, gene mutations may cause non functional proteins, but that's not the ...

Solubility of gases
Can somebody tell me a list of (common) gases that are soluble, moderately soluble, and insoluble in water? I would like to know which gases can be collected using the downward displacement of water method. CO2 O2 SO2 H2 CO Noble gases F2 Thank you!

math- quick help!
uh... 7...

yup. For a piece of metal to rust fast, you need oxygen, water, and salt. Rusting occurs much more rapidly in moist conditions as compared to a dry environment such as a desert. Other factors like salt, O2 concentration also affect the rate of corrosion. The presence of salt ...

The information is not enough to solve the question. how can you have 3 unknowns, 2 equations, and solve all 3 unknowns.

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