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Derp, you are correct

You are given that 2 2 2 2 ac c  bc  with c ≠ 0. Show that 4b = 4c − a by filling in the blanks. a. 2 2 2 2 ac c  bc  a. Given b. 4c2 = 4bc + ac b. __________________ and __________________ c. 4c = 4b + a c. __________________ and ...

What are the components of a good definition? Can all definitions be rewritten as biconditionals?

A can of soup is in the shape of a cylinder with the radius of 3.2 cm and a height of 10.2 cm the label covers the entire lateral surface of the camp what is the approximate area of the label 32.64 cm 64.34 cm 205.08 cm 269.42cm And ice cream scooper has a diameter of 2 1/2 ...

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Anonymous is right

c a d a d c b c c d d a d a c a a c a d b a

science help plzzz
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social studies

how did u get -2(1)(2)? did u just plug the PI/4 into the formula?

All right, sorta hard to explain but I will try my best. I am suppose to find the equation for the that lines that are tangent to the curve y=cot^2(x) at the point (pie/4, 1)....(the x is not to the power of 2, a variable right next to the cot^2) I am not sure how to do this ...

These are incorrect, the second one is logos third is ethos.

What is the origin?