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Evaluate the following expressions: a. 11^0 b. 11^2 / 11^2 c. are the answers to parts a and b the same? Explain why or why not? Can i get a answer please im stuck

speed of the car is 47.52 km/hr. a lorry wheel is rotating at 400 RPM. what is the radius (in cm) of a lorry wheel if the lorry has a same speed with the car?

what do you need to know to solve this? you have kite ABCD. angle B is at the top of the kite and measures 80 degrees. angles A and C are on the sides and angle D is at the bottom of the kite. what is the largest siza that angle A or C could be?

idk... go look it up for me too whilr your at it... lol:)

How much faster does sound travel through water than air in one second?

the big idea of energy
Hi i have no idea what t do i have to use the big idea of energy to explain how energy flows through the food chains in the rock pool HELP ME"!!!!! P.S THIS HAS TO BE IN BY TUESDAY THE 18th SO HELP FAST!!!!!!!!