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solve for the vertex f(X) = (2x-2)squared -3xsquared +6 plss.. solve this for me deadline tomorrow in the afternoon.. need your help ma'am/sir.. thank you. :D

Physics:upward acc of earth
If the Earth's gravitational force causes a falling 93 kg student to accelerate downward at 9.8 m/s2, determine the upward acceleration of the Earth during the student's fall. Take the mass of the Earth to be Mearth = 5.98 x 1024 kg. Answer in units of m/s2.

Physics: Astronauts and space
When out in space in International Space Station (ISS), Astronauts experience weightlessness. The ISS’s orbit is 354 km (that is 3.54 x 105 m) above the surface of the earth.The distance separating the center of the earth from the center of the ISS is then approximately ...

Physics: How much do you way on another planet
thank you bob, you have been very helpful! :)

Physics: How much do you way on another planet
A person weighs 900 N on Earth. What would he weigh on another planet, where the free-fall acceleration is 26.4 m/s2? Answer in units of N.

Physics Inertia : Merry-go-round
Thank you, but what equation do you use? I cant seem to get the correct answer.What happens to the rev/min? Is it: inertia+child mass*radius^2

Physics Inertia : Merry-go-round
A playground merry-go-round of radius 1.96 m has a moment of inertia 335 kg m2 and is rotating at 12.3 rev/min. A child with mass 43.1 kg jumps on the edge of the merry-go-round. What is the new moment of inertia of the merry-go-round and child, together? Answer in units of kg...

world history
what are some aspects of the lutheran tradition?

Find the radius of a right cone with the slant height 21m and the surface area 168pi m^2