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I differ with MsSue....check this definition of self possession

12th grade,history
Here are a number of very good articles. Be sure to also check the references at the end of the first article.

Language Arts
The whole poem is an extended metaphor. It is a comparison between a tree and poem. Check this site:

Language Arts

POLitical Science
The first three sites here will be able to give you the information you need.

christian religious knowledge or studies
These sites will be able to provide those answers.

british literature
We do not do your homework for you. After you have done the neede reading and writing, please repost and we will be happy to make suggestions/corrections if needed.

1. One afternoon, or yesterday afternoon 2. He knocked the vase onto the laptop; then when jumping back down onto his pillow, he dragged the laptop with him which then hit the basket which overturned spilling everything onto the floor.

Literary Analysis and Composition
In #3 consider the possibility of peaceful days.... by adding "spring" I don't see examples of dialect in your answer for #7 Think about #13 and 16 again....

Literary Analysis and Composition
We do not do your work for you. After you have answered these, please repost and we will make suggestions/corrections.

Growing old is often a frightening experience. One can not "be" who one was before, "do" what one did before. One does however with time, accommodate to the aging process and learn to live gracefully with time. You might say the image in the mirror swiftly ...

Go to this site:

6th grade, math
please use the subject title.

passageways is probably referring to hallways Burnt out would be all gone, nothing left, ended, finished. Smoky would be hazy, still in the process of burning, obscured. Sawdust trampled, worn out from being used. Newspaper from vacant lots, would be old and probably trash.

1. unmisted - unaffected - not confused. Look at the verb entries here: Put the Thesaurus into your favorite places!!! invaluable help. 2. reaches in that context - depths agitation - trembling She has drowned a young girl...means ...

Social Studies
A. Check this site:

Check this site:

First you would need to find out if they are available for use, Then, You would need to properly cite the source of the photos .

These three articles will give you an idea of the purpose of Tess.,jackson

Social Studies
Have you written the rest of the paper yet? The introduction is the next to the last part you write. This is from one of our super teachers: Writeacher, Sunday, January 17, 2010 at 1:57pm DO NOT start any paper's first draft by writing the introduction! How can you ...

At this site, look particularly at the 5 points that are "general principles of a peaceful world". How would these principles achieve this; did they achieve this? Does idealism in political philosophy have a place in today's world? How did these principles affect...

Simple answer... machines can't solve problems.

Yes, I think you have answered well. You might extend your explanation of the importance of the Gods. You might write your conclusion about how these values are the same today.

Definition: List:


From reading the Odyssey, what did you find out about the Trojan War, the Greek society of that time? What was important to Ulysses? How did he feel about his country, his family, his men? I do hope you have read this entire valuable piece of literature.

Cultural Diversity
Here are a number of very interesting articles with varying opinions.

geography Look at the section on economy.

ap us history
Check the first two sites here:

AED 204
We, first, do not do your homework for you. Second, we have no way of knowing what socioeconomic class you are talking about. Read your textbook, and then if you have a specific question, please repost and we will try to help you.

Here are a number of sites:

9th grade health
Check this site:

#1 , 2, 3 are fine. #4. This is not a complete sentence. There are clauses but no main verb. The image of the face which loses its red color and becomes pale when the body is sick #5. A better definition for quietus is anything which ends or settles an argument or dispute. #6 ...

If you are saying "She is my mother.", then it would be "Ella esta' mi mama'"

jishka, Math
please put the subject in the subject line.

eco 205
There are several very good articles at this site:

I don't agree with that. Love is considered a very upper class characteristic, even god like.

Do you have the nurse and Juliet? I wouldn't know what to suggest until you let us know what you have.

A "gallery" often refers to an Art Gallery; it also often refers to the upper deck of a mall full of stores. In his first verse he tells you which of these he is talking about. What is happening in this poem? Why are people doing it? What do YOU think. After you have...

What is your question?

Read the poem out loud. After each section write down in a few words what the section is basically about. Pick out important words. Then write what you think the whole poem is about. How does it apply to you? When you have finished, please repost and we will be happy to make ...

hca 240
What is your question?

What about #2 in connection with the Wall Street Rich and the jobless in today's society.

No question.

What is your question?

Those are the main points.... now, put those into today's world. Say this person is on his way back from the war in the Near East. Who might he meet? What temptations might he run into. What might be happening to his wife in today's ecomomy? What problems might his son...

This is an excellent short book. Read it.

Characteristics of an epic hero Check the Themes section Animal Farm

Wood in a fire might sizzle, hiss, crack, crackle, snap, spit.

I think you have a good understanding of that poem... I agree with you.

What is YOUR answer. We will be happy to make further suggestions.

4th grade
This is a great site for students your age.

This is an excellent site on fallacies

There are several interesting articles here with information.

social studies
This site will help you with that.

spanish ab
That doesn't make much sense. Sort of "what did you throw him"

Social Studies
These sites will give you some information.

There are a number of sites here that will give you information.

4th grade
Absolutely. Atoms and molecules can be seen with special equipment, but not with just an eye.

Debby, we are not associated with any school on-line or otherwise. We don't have any idea what that assignment is. If you have specific questions, please repost. Or, after you have done the reading and writing needed, post what you have written and we will be happy to make...

Rip Van Winkle
I am sure that you will enjoy reading this story. The "Themes" section at this site my give you some ideas.

Thomas Paine

Thomas Paine
I gave you several sites on Paine earlier today.

american literature
Read the top three sites here. You will find the answer to your question.

Here are two excellent articles on Edwards.

American Lit
Here are two excellent articles on Edwards.

Here are a number of relevant articles:

cultural Diversity
Tammi, we do not do your homework for you. We will be happy to read what you have written and make corrections or suggestions. Thanks to Writeacher I'm going to post her "How to search:" It looks as if what you need to do is learn how to conduct thorough and ...

world history
These sites will help you find the answer to this question. Read carefully.

This site will have arguments

Social Studies
These sites will help you with that.

us history
This site will explain that.

I think I would go with C.

I like B or your two choice.


7th grade
Look particularly at the first and third sites here.

Here are a couple of really good sites: I found these by going to Google. There are other sites there.

Boys reaching for the future...arms outstretched for whatever is in store, making up their own "rules" as they grew into what they were to become. When Whitman was writing much of society's rules of behavior was in the hands of the very wealthy or the church and ...

Swinging in that context could mean that she was attacking other people's ideas. To "take a swing" at something is an idiom for attacking something.

There are only seven letters in the world multiply. There are two l's.

Greece would be the best place. It is where western civilization really began.

The rising action is every event between the beginning of the conflict and the climax. Check the Sparknotes site.

AP English
Heat is a good answer there. Also the lone ship... between the house and the adventure of the unknown.

comp 220
Are you talking about the TIME magazine article?

1. "in" not needed. 2. That is an interpretation 3. We don't have time to wait for the smile in her eyes to become a smile on her mouth. When a death occurs, everything associated with that person makes an impact. The author is saying that a death of someone ...

Amanda, Writeacher gave you two sites for review writing... please check those sites. After you have written the review we will be happy to give you suggestions if needed.

Amanda, I gave you several suggestions about writing this. We do not do your homework for you. After you have written we will be happy to make suggestions or corrections if needed.

The Red Badge of Courage
The first thing you need to do is to read the book. As you are reading take notes on how Henry changes. Next, check this site for an analysis of the character of Henry. Then you will have the material you need to do the writing.

There are several very good sites here:

12 grade english
Amanda, we have no idea about what kind of "worlds" you have created to live in. Think of when you were a child. What kind of imaginary places people did you think of, play with. What about now.... what kind of world do you "dream" when you are in a ...

We can not help you with a "cultural" conflict that you and someone else have had... Think of someone of a different culture that you have had a disagreement with over a holiday, a food, a family custom, clothing, anything.

Other than the first sentence which has a confusing reference, the rest of the essay is very good and accurate. For human interest you might add some information about the people who came to see the plays, 'groundlings'.

Check this site and particularly look at the section on character analysis.

The Spanish is not a good sentence. Are you trying to say, "Because it always hurts my head."?

#'s 1 is fine 2 ( can not omit "doing") 3. You can use "were established" or "were found" instead of sprang up if you wish. 4. is good. 5. I think you can say "becomes" or "is" a rebellious child. 6. I would rephrase this ...

spanish 2
Look at the endings.... Is one singular and one plural? Is tenemos singular or plural?

What is your question ? Here are a number of sites that may give you information.

You are working with the Past Perfect verb tense in that sentence. Check the site below. This site will give you a summary of all forms of verb tenses.

What is your question?

Dust Bowl was a cool title for a horrible drought stricken area that covered much of middle America.

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