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You have heard the expression - "the horns of a delimma"? This is a dramatic instance of that problem. No matter which way Odysseus jumped he was going to have a BIG problem. Read this site:


#1 is fine #3 Venus is a proper noun However, "they" is a pronoun. So, what would the common noun be?

In #2 the common noun is day.... tomorrow tells when and is an adverb.

Composition-7th Grade
Y...what do you get excited about when you hear it on the news, or read about it in the paper? What riles you? What do you think is really important to change, fix? What sets your teeth on edge to the point where you want to "give someone a piece of your mind"? This ...

Suggestion: The Green Team is like angels, dancing through the clear blue sky. Miracles are Marina, Stacey,Dearbhail,Amber and Sophie ,one and all. In Catherine we're a team, no unhappiness or fights. And green's my favorite color cause Catherine's my delight.

Is this your poem? I was delighted when I found out I was in Catherine Because Green was my favourite colour To answer your question, I need to know if you are writing "free verse". Does your poem need to have a specific meter? Does it need to rhyme?

"whoever is next" is a noun clause. "will wait on" is the verb... will wait on, think " will help"

3rd Grade
The planet Jupiter orbits the sun once each 4,332.7 days. A Jovian day is about 10 of our hours.

1 and 2 are fine. You can use "departure" in place of "parting" if you wish. 3. Put a semi-colon after "character" instead of a comma. These are two complete sentences. Period after "assume". The first sentence is better than the second...

Your introductory paragraph needs to contain more than two sentences. Check this site and if you still need help, please repost.

(Broken Link Removed) Examples of figurative language

world history

Here are good examples of figurative language. (Broken Link Removed)

'My cousin Susan and her boyfriend have not until eight because she has to work. " It should be "su novio" You need to change "tienen hasta" ... this does not say what you want to say.

Project on Marian Anderson
This looks to me like you have done good research and excellent reasoning. I can remember how angry I was when a influential women's organization refused to let her sing. She was a fabulous artist. I hope you have had the opportunity to listen to some of her recordings.

I had lunch at my parent's house is more conversational. It is just one holiday. This one would be better. I spent the rest of my holiday doing my homowork I used all my pocket money on Christmas presents #4. both are fine. We went for a walk in the most famous streets of ...

high school

First, YOU need to decide what YOUR opinion is on this topic. Then, write down why you have that opinion. Then repost and let us know what side of the question you are supporting, and we will be able to find you some material that will help you.

Thesis statement
First, your thesis statement is NOT the first thing you write. Check this site:

english language
Here are some sites with information on her. Since she is a writer, you might make a large illustrated poster of one of her poems. You might talk about why that poem is ...

'I' is always used in the subject or predicate nominative position. I like ice cream. Jim and I like ice cream. 'Me' is always used in the object position, direct object, indirect object, object of a preposition. Mom called me. Mom called Jim and me. direct ...

llevar is a normal ar ending verb. Remember uds. is plural. Check this site:,articleId-23921.html

Look in Use "positive/negative argument, bilingual education" as the search topic.

Here are a number of good sites on writing comparison essays.

Writing Sentences and paragraphs
I agree totally with Writeacher. This seems to me to be the major idea of your paragraph. "allow me to assist others in understanding the complex field of medicine. " Your support is focused on that primarily. Perhaps you could restructure your first sentence in this...

Here are a number of sites that will be helpful.

Yes, the grammar is fine.

social studies
You can find the answer to that at these sites:

Franco... use this site for synomyms! Put in your favorites... it is invaluable!

"tends to harm its victims and originates for a pact with the devil." Leave out everything from Prospero to "is used". The source of Prospero's magic is found in his books, the robe he wears when working, and his wands, the instruments of his power. Be ...

European History
Here are a number of excellent sources:

Check this site for help with those:

7:30....use a colon. For clarity, a.m. or p.m. 4 , 7 are fine. The house isn't having the party. She is driving me to a party at a friend's house. practice golf is fine.

There are sites here that will be of help.

The same as human characteristics everywhere else on earth.

I definitely would agree with you.


If you are writing in the present, then all verbs must be in the present; if writing in the past, then all must be in the past. You can not switch back and forth. You are saying, "he makes"- present he had - past. The other sentences are fine.

Sandy, I am sure that you can ask more specific questions, after you have read your text. We do not do your homework for you. If you put European/Japanese relations ( year) into Google, I am sure you would get some information that would be helpful.

1. by marrying - would be better. 3. Darcy ( confesses or declares) his love for Elizabeth. 4. Leave "to her" out 5. "has" not had 6. First sentence is better. 7. Put a comma after declaration... the rest is fine. 8. "In turn" 9. is ok.

This is a good site on active and passive voices. Writing in passive voice is much less effective. For active voice the action needs to move from the subject through the verb to an object. S -> O In a passive voice the action moves from ...

Thinking Critically
How did we become Americans? How did we stay one nation, undivided? Think along those lines when you are reading your text.

Thinking Critically
What holidays are inportant to you? What kinds of food do you like best? What is the relationship between men and women in your family? How are these practices different from those in your friends families? These are just some ideas to explore... when reading your text you ...

The same way you do in English.

us history
Here are a number of interesting sites:

social studies
Everything. Here are some sites that will be of help.

History / English
After you have done your reading and answered these questions, please repost with YOUR answers and we will be happy to make suggestions/corrections if needed.

a restless, sweaty cab horse. The street lights have come on for the evening.

There are several helpful articles here:

#1 We use "rented" not "let". I believe in England they use "let". #2. Both of those are used. #3. "to shore" would be better. #4. We use "windshield"... windscreen is British. #5. "from which" #6. is fine. #7. I ...

social studies
Here are several very good sites on that question.

This site will help you with that.

#5....form is a verb not a preposition. seven is an adjective not a preposition. #4 is correct #2 the soprano is NOT one of my favorite songs. The prep. ph. is correct, but what is it talkiing about?

Here are a number of sites that will give you information on that topic. However notice the YOU in that question. They want you to answer from your experience. Please repost with your answer and we will be happy to make further suggestions/corrections if needed. http://www....

Lanuguage Arts
Suppose you are curious, spontaneous, athletic, impetuous, tall and quick. Your basketball coach might say to you. "Dispite your being athletic, tall and quick, I would rather that you think before you behave in a spontaneous, impetuous manner,just because you curious ...

Lanuguage Arts
See the example above.

I would say C.

Both 1 and 2 are the same and correct. Put the modifiers of fought right after the verb. I fought badly - would mean that you were not a good fighter. Did you mean that you had a bad ( terrible) fight? Then you need to say I had a terrible fight with Don. Heavily would not be ...

Both.... I know men and women with that name, and spelled a number of different ways.

English 3
To what book are you referring ?

Social Civics
From your reading, what do You think the answer is? After you have answered this question, please repost and we will be happy to make further suggestions or corrections if needed.

#2...They were able #5...."hen house" not pen house #6. you don't need "out" at the end of the sentence. No, "refund him" is not specific enough. #7. We suddenly heard. Suddenly modifies the verb and needs to be near it for clarity. #8. No, ...

I am sure that you will be able to find some ideas at these sites:

Social Studies
We will be happy to make suggestions after you have done some reading and writing. Here are some sites which may be of help.

college english
Do not use a question mark after "first". Other than that, I find no other errors.

Think of a word that can be used two or more ways..... for instance, "dove". Then suppose that someone stole it, but everyone is mistaken as to motive, possibility, because they are thinking about the wrong "dove". This could provide all sorts of ...

Yes, both one and two are the same. Yes, you can used reduced as the opposite of rose.

#2 is awkward.... Other than that, you may use all the other sentences. On 5 "as" is preferable to "so". No, you do not need "of all" on 7.


Check this site for help. Then, after you have answered this, repost with your answers. We will be happy to give you corrections or further suggestions.

#1... no, gift from is best. Yes, 3 and 6 are correct. 7 and 8, yes, both are correct, and 9 and 10 can both be used.

1,2,3 are all grammatical. 4 & 5 are the same. 7. is not grammatical. Last month, Inho and I had a big ( fight, disagreement, dispute).

English I
I think you developed your thesis very well. You have very good support.

English I
Do these words fit? fantastic imagery and incongruous juxtapositions You might start your paragraph by asking if Plath's description of "daddy" uses those ideas. Does her image seem 'other worldly'? beyond reality? skewed? Why or why not.

Lisa, we are not going to do your homework for you. The assignment says to use pronouns - synonyms - and repetition..... Find nouns that are repeated, think of subsitutes for those that would make the paragraph more coherent. Then repost and we will be happy to make further ...

Put a period at the end of your sentence.

We would be part of the British Empire. So based on what you know of those countries, what do you think the US would be like?

binder, finder, minder, winder.... Those all would rhyme.

1 is good. 2.2) There was a police car waiting for him for a traffic offence. (OR: He was booked for speeding) The police booked him for speeding.... Start with the fact that eggs would never be on the top shelf of a cabinet!!! They are kept in the refrigerator. NOW, Start ...

First, there is no optimistic outlook on incest. It would be better to say that these transformations give the reader the belief that she will have a better future. Donkey Skin is capitalized.. Leave out "of herself" I would say, Donkey Skin goes through many ...

No comma between "hair" and "and" in the first sentence. Semi-colon after 2009 This is a run-on sentence and needs rephrasing. Use "a place for the...." " kids to lose some...." Our children always play together at either of our houses, ...

Yes, that is definitely descriptive.

What do YOU think was his best play? That is a personal preference...

You have a tendency to use too many words. After you have written something, read it outloud. If there is repetition, see if you can find a way to be more to the point. 1) Many years ago, when my uncle was only six years old, while he was playing on the balcony, which was on ...

Here are a number of sites that might give you information for your essay.,+The+Road,+sparknotes&spell=1 We do not do ...

I would agree with you.

critical thinking
Here two good sites on fallacies. We do not do YOUR homework for you. After you have done the work, please repost and we will be happy to make suggestions/corrections if needed.

From what I read, the Jewish community itself is called the sacred potpourri. The reason would be that there is great diversity of peoples in that community.

college-public speaking
Start with an attention getting statement. Something like.... Mr. ......, my debate partner can juggle, whistle Dixie and read the Debate Quarterly all at the same time. Then, concentrate on the accomplishments of his school career and debate career...just hit the high points...

English has become a "universal" language in so far as business and diplomacy is concerned. Many students from all over the world, become involved in businesses that need English to compete in the world market. Because of early history, England colonized more ...

12th grade, history
Here are a number of sites that will give you the information you need.

The top several sites have good ideas about how students can help stop global warming.... After you have done some reading, then you will be able to decide what you specifically want to write about. That will be your thesis statement.

That statement is valid. Look at the use of the word "some".

Communication Studies
What is YOUR answer to this? After you do your reading and writing, please repost and we will be happy to make further suggestions if needed.

English 1
The key to that is "infinite flux". That means always changing. Life never stays the same; so deal realistically with the changes as they come. Some are going to be good, some bad.... don't make a big to-do about either because it is going to change again.

5th grade
This site is a really good explanation of the three branches. Read it carefully.

This poem is not talking about the dreams you have while you sleep. It is talking about the "dreams" you have for your future, what you would like to achieve, where you would like to go, who you would like to become. It is asking when these dreams don't come true...

English I
I think I would rescue the painting. It will last for centuries, an infinite gift and learning for generations. The old lady is finite and although human and may still be able to be a gift, will not last.


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