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language mechanics
"This homemade ice cream tastes great!" she exclaimed. You got it right, but one could not tell because you didn't do what Writeacher suggested.

This site will help you with rhetorical devices. After you have done the writing, please repost and we will be happy to make corrections or suggestions if needed. We do not do your work for you.

9th grade, math.
Please use the subject, then the right teacher will be able to help you.

Here are a number of sites discussion that topic.

9th grade, biology
Please use the 'subject' so that the correct teacher will be able to help you.

world history
here are a number of sites on that topic.

3) Who was Vietnam a colony of? Or Which country was ..? Vietnam was a French colony. Of what country was Vietnam a colony? 5. When did the Vietnamese War end?


english: poem
What in nature makes you say "WOW"!!! What goes through your mind when you see/hear/smell/ feel that WOW. Can you apply that to this poem?

social study

I will be very interest to see what YOUR opinion is on this question. They have asked YOU....

Run-on sentence..... He found many things, including biscuits and rum, which he wanted to take ashore and he began searching for a boat in order to transport them to shore. 8. He was very hungry, ????? 9. yardarms

3. within a quarter mile of the ship. He also realized that had they all stayed on board, they would have all been safe. The rest of it sounds good.

English Research Project Information - Sadako
Check these sources for books and articles:

Social Studies
Read this article:

Social Studies
We will be happy to make suggestions after you have done some reading and writing. We do not do your homework for you.

us history
What is this question in reference to? Please ask a specific question. We do not do your homework for you and have no way of helping you with questions with no reference point.

Communication Language Studies
Many children grow up in bi lingual homes... their parents speak to them in and they pick them up like they do everything else.... often using them interchangeably. My grandson will be tri-lingual and seems to respond appropriately to whomever is speaking.

Crt 205
When you have answered these questions or have a particular question you don't understand, please repost. We do not do your work for you. But we will be more than happy to help you.

You can find that by looking versitile up in the dictionary. Latin versatilis turning easily, from versare to turn, frequentative of vertere

That sentence is an instruction, not a thesis statement. This site will give you excellent instruction on writing thesis statements.

US History
Check these sites:

Here are a number of sites that will help you with these questions.

1,2. Good 1. Shouldn't and the rest is good. 2-4 good 5. yes, you can use both. 6 - 7. good 8. who made all the decisions.... 9. good

Is this the book you are referring to? This one is not a script.

Look at the character description section and the quotes section at this site.

See your question above. Look in the character description section and the quotes section.

e head, n could be the body t would make a tail - s legs and c antenna

american history
These sites will help you with that question.

Mr Utterson heard Hyde's steps approaching the end of the street. WHO are all these "hes"????? Hyde inhaled quickly and immediately backed away; recovering, he asked Utterson how he knew his name. Frowning, Hyde hesitated but then turned defiantly.

Look at all the "he"s in sentences 1. and 2. To whom does each one refer? Remember, I suggested keep it simple and to the point. Example. As Mr Hyde opened the door of his home, Utterson touched him on the shoulder and said, "Mr. Hyde."

social studies
There are a number of sites here that will be helpful.,+major+themes+shifts+in+american+history+from+the+development+of+sectionalism+in+the+...

If you haven't read Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty, read them. Then after you have seen the movie Princess Bride, write a list of characteristics of the the main characters. Then you will be able to make valid comparisons.

425 SOC
A child learns from every experience. And more important, unfortunate experiences help a child learn to deal positively with negative experiences as he/she grows.

research paper
This site will give you the patterns for citing.

social studies
Here are a number of sites that will help you with that.

This site will explain "parody". You will need to have seen the movie Princess Bride to be able to answer that question.

The Allies won. Here are some sites that will help.

social studies
There are several sites here that will give you the answer.

social studies

1.wide sweeping ones , narrow rickety ones, some that led somewhere different on a Friday The colon and semi-colon are fine, but you needed to insert commas in the correct places. 2. Place a colon after broken instead of the period. Then you are going to have to put semi-...

3rd grade
Please make your question clearer. Are you doing the experiment? What experiment is it?

Please clarify your question. We are not sure what you are asking. Are you asking the purpose of communication between students and teachers?

History of Religion
This site has a early history of the Catholic Church. Briefly, no, bishops did not always live within a diocese. Remember the Bible was not an official part of the religion for many years. Many religions still do not ...

Here are several very informative sites on that history:

6th grade
"just" tells when - was made. Was made is the verb, so just is an adverb. Adverbs tell when, where, why and how the verb behaves.

I agree with you totally.

The simple predicate ( verb) is were abused. The complete predicate is - were physically abused in horrible ways The complete subject is "the naval aviators"; the simple subject is "aviators".

#3 leave out "long ago". "in his youth " is sufficient. #5. The first sentence is fine. #6. Put "emerges wrathfully from the earth and attacks Beowulf a second time." "a second time" and "again" are redundant. The rest of it is...

introduction to literature
Your question has been referred to the site "boss"... to see if this can be arranged.

1. Bit of an argument here. The mirror reflects actuality; however what is seen is in the "eye of the beholder". 2 though 4.. need many fewer word and much more clarity. #5. The electorate usually "bribe" the already "corrupt" politicians. 6. ...

American History
That was where most of the girls who worked in the mills lived. However, this was not the norm. See this site. (Broken Link Removed)

#1 horrified by is correct, and your gerund is fine. #3. established themselves or settled - do not use themselves after settled. Good iron workers is correct. 4. uses is better 6. which - not in which or where 7. do not develop - (all of those can be used) - the story 8. Any ...

Because a narrator is NOT an "it" You may say - The story may also be told by a voice outside,,,,,, 2. Yes. 3. 47 AD during the rule of.. 5. by force would be correct. 6. to face up to - is awkward.

Here is a good site for explaining those conjunctions and how to punctuate.

1) Catherine is not going to forsake Heathcliff (can you say to separate from Heathcliff). If she did, she believes she would be meet the fate of Milo. Your original phrasing is better. 2) When considering her love for Edgar, she says that Edgar should first shake off his ...

Human attributes.

language arts
Probably because they are facing opposite directions.

Your question has already been answered.

Thesis statement
Here are a number of very good sites on writing a thesis statement.

She is used as a subject. Her is used as an object.

5th grade
89 + X =?

Jiskha doesn't have music to download.... If you need music, go to google. You can download from there.

Here are a number of articles. Be sure to take note of the authors so that you understand the validity of what they say.

We are not associated with any school. So we have no idea what you need help with. If you have a specific question , please specifically ask. However , we do not do your homework for you.

You are entirely welcome <G> Glad you day was fun.

Sara in the Stars Dream Day "Not in my imagination" ( this is a line from a song) (Broken Link Removed)

Franco, someone checked your last questions.

Here are a number of sites that will help you with this question.

Check this site for help with that: Look particularly at the character analyses.

What do YOU think that means? After you have done some thinking and writing, please repost and we will be happy to give you further suggestions.

ap us history
Here are a number of sites that will be of help.

Please see above post.

WW2 is pretty major!

Did you read the book? If so did you find examples of her doing what she said she would? Or, did you find examples of her procrastinating, or not telling the truth?

This is an excellent site for help in essay writing. After you have written your essay, please repost and one of the teachers will be happy to make suggestions.


You are absolutely right!

The independent clause is Associated Press reported. All the rest is a dependent noun clause ( direct object)

The quotation marks are not in the right place at the end. There should be an end quote following "in." The subject would be Associated Press. The verb would be reported.

A metaphor is a comparison, not using the word "like". Comparing a square dance to wind swirling autumn leaves is a metaphor. Look at this site:

Yes, it does make sense.... Think of "blood" in terms of heritage.

The allusion, of course, is to Eve in the garden of Eden and the snake. The room the poem refers to is the laundry room... shed skins = cloths. The "snake" of the Bible story has had many suggestions for meaning. I have always thought of it as "self knowledge&...

Use real stuff and people. Move things "next to", have them stand on the left of their desk, on the right of you. <G> Think "real time".

Use examples from the room... There is one map on the wall. There are two pictures. Then have them find things they can use there are and there is... in the room. There is one nose on my face. There are two eyes. When working with that age, stay practical and find some humor...


Check these sites:

It is a couplet. It is also a figure of speech. Check this site:

7th grade
Here is a list and description of the persuasive techniques: (Broken Link Removed) If you have additional questions about these, please repost.

Here are a number of sites which may be helpful.

cultural diversity
Check these sites for previous answers to this question.

Terry hated to lose and needed to be better than other people.

Check this site: (Broken Link Removed)

jus wonderin
By the by... "have seeked" is not a verb. "sought " is the past participle.

Take each sentence by itself. Find the subject (who or what is being talked about); then find the verb. Example: The service and loyalty ( I owe in doing it) pays itself. Subject - service/ loyalty Verb - pays Direct object - itself Adjective clause - I owe in doing it You can...

Here are a number of sites that may be helpful. Look particularly at the first one.

college, science
Please put the specific subject area.

4th grade, Math
Please use the specific subject area.

12th grade, graphing
Please put the specific subject you need help with in your subject area.

us history
Here are a number of sites which will have information.

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