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waves, adventures, Japan, grottos, jellyfish, sailboats, bad sunburn, little islands,

Anon.... I gave you some ideas on that yesterday. Check your previous post.

How about a "mime", or puppets?

Social Studies
Here is a list of the top 10 trading partners. You can find further information at this site: For maps, go to google search, click maps and then click the ...

Brooke, check the sites I gave you in your previous post. Essay writing - GuruBlue, Thursday, September 24, 2009 at 12:23pm This site gives you the essentials for writing formal essays. It will give you an explanation and example of each part.

Essay writing
This site gives you the essentials for writing formal essays. It will give you an explanation and example of each part.

We have no idea as to what article you are referring. We have no idea what you think about this topic. After you have done some thinking about YOUR opinion and some writing about what YOU think, we will be happy to make further suggestions if needed.

Check these two sites for excellent examples and an explanation of how to write transitional sentences.

on #3 I think A would be the best of those choices. Yes, Berlin is capital of Germany 24 is correct, I think you need to go back and look at your geography book on #6

current affairs
This site will help you with that. (Broken Link Removed)

12th grade,social studies
"What is YOUR point of view?" We have no idea what you think about this topic. After you have done some thinking about YOUR opinion and some writing about what YOU think, we will be happy to make further suggestions if needed.

English - Oedipus Rex
According to everything I have read, one of the primary "philosophical problems" the Greeks were trying to solve was whether man or "god" was responsible for what happened in a person's life. Oedipus is an ideal "argument" in this search. Was ...

Check this site for a great list.

here are some sites that will help you with that.

Both are acceptible and correct.

Did you read what I wrote you before. I think you could draw a "strip" with great great grandfather fish telling son how to walk, talk and finally fish for food... That appeals on both a humorous and historical level.

Here are two excellent sites on essay writing.

Check the character analysis particularly at this site.

Ah ha! There are fish that walked. And it has been supposed that one day one of those 'walked' out on land and became an animal...and eventually "man" You your thesis might be Anything you can do your great-great-great-grandfather learned from his father the...

Maybe empathy is the word you are looking for... or the ability to observe others and understand where they are coming from.

Here are two excellent sites for grammar.

social studies
Here are a number of very good sites on that topic.

Your subject is "peer" editing academic papers modifies peer. Peer is singular so which one would be used with a singular subject.

I think probably A is the best answer.

To quote Writeacher - Please type your subject in the School Subject box. Any other words are likely to delay responses from a teacher who knows that subject well. Please note that we don't do students' homework for them. Be sure to go back into your textbook or use a ...

The very best way to find that out is to read Chapter 5. It isn't very long.

There are a number of them here.,+never+let+me+go+by+kazuo+ishiguro&spell=1

social studies
Here are some sources that will be of help.

social studies
This site will help you with that.

english 102
Since it is your paper, YOU would be the best person to do it. We do not do homeword for people, that would not be honest nor in the best interests of the students. We will be happy to read your paper after you have written it and make suggestions.

american history (colonies)
I think Rhode Island would be a very interesting choice. Many different groups came in there and would have different occupations and needs. It has the potential for a number of different industries.

Ah, therein lies the rub.... it says you have to write your own.... Suggestion. Think of something in nature that is 'real, easy to be around and beautiful' Then write a comparison to a woman. I am thinking a lake....what can you come up with. After you write your ...

world history
These sites will be of help.

Help Please! (URGENT)
I think James might tell Jason that he's busy and walks off. Then Susan might just smile, grab Jason's arm and says something like, I'd love to, then bat her eyelashes at him....

The first three words make me think of various friends. The last word makes me think of religious intolerance, regardless of what religion is using it.

First... here are a number of articles on why healthcare is needed. (Broken Link Removed) THIS is a great site for helping write ...

Have you read that? Read Part 13 on this site:

The ideal freezer temperature is about 0 to 5 degrees (F) and about 38 degrees (F) for the fridge

This is an excellent site for APA format.

social studies
yup!!!!!! Miley, you have to do all your homework. I am sure it is hard, but the more you work on it, the easier it will get. AND.... you may not like social studies, but it will teach you things that you will need to know later. I HATED arithmetic.... and I cried because my ...

This site will give you a good definition.

Look in the dictionary.

What is your question?

social studies
Check this site:

#1 means that if you added the area of both England and Korea together, Australia would be larger.\ #2 and 3 mean that Australia is larger than either one of them.

Here is a pretty good answer:

home economics
proteins, vitamins, minerals, fats, even sugars.

Here is an excellent site that explains that.

social studies
What "ice man"?

Here are some articles which discuss that.

The sentence could be either.

The opposite of "upside down" is "rightside up". 2. "because I bought many ....." is an adverb clause modifying "do tell". Clauses need to be as near the word they are modifying as possible in order to avoid confusion. Since the clause ...

This site will be of help.

It would depend upon the "action". Heads of state often meet and discuss a course of action. It is called "diplomacy". These meetings do not require congressional approval.

COM 220
These two sites will give you good ideas for how to organize a process for writing your essay.

English Essay
The one criticism I would make is that you need to put paragraphs 3 and 4 together. Otherwise, the reader is misled slightly about how you believe. Other that that, the logic, grammar and structure are very good. Be sure to check your punctuation. You have a few places where ...

social science
Check this site:

I explained what the question was asking. They want to know what he did to keep from calling Parliment into session. Use that site you were given to find the things he did.

Charles 1 didn't want to call the British government into session, because he didn't want to share control. He knew that they would take some of the power of ruling out of his hands.

Preschool teacher needs your help... thx
Bring a puppy to school and have the kids help bathe it. Or bring one of the life-like dolls and have everyone help give it a bath. OR, have a real event, invite parents, get a small plastic swimming pool, have kids wear bathing suits and play having a bath in the pool... (...

Social studies
At this site you will find everything from a Bandicoot to a Numbat.

psychology help please
That is the one I would choose.

psychology help please
I don't agree with you on that.

Research Writing
I think this site will help you.

There are a number of sites here that will be of help.

The Cask of Amontillado is correct.

#'s 1 and 2 are correct usages. One does not "get" a dream, and I have never heard of anyone "dreaming strangely". "dreamt" is generally used an a poetic context. If you can have more than one rice cake, then it is countable. I have seen a ...

Grade 12 English
Let me be "specific" and give you an example. A very important things I learned as a child was honesty . One day on a trip to the store with my grandma, I saw something ( I can't remember exactly what it was) but I decided I had to have it so I took it. When we ...

Grade 12 English
It will not be repetitive if you use specific examples of each of those to prove your points. What you have is repetitive because you said the same thing in each paragraph using different words in each sentence... Be specific.

Grade 12 English
This is very repetitive. You also need specific examples of how the past has taught you valuable lessons which you can apply in the future. An example might be--- Did you say something ugly to your best friend and as a result loose that friendship? What did you learn; how can ...

#1. You can use "scare off", "remove" , "discourage". #2 is correct.

They all are grammatically correct; however, #1 is preferable.

That sentence is correct.

intro to psychology
Sorry, I thought you said C....then I would agree with you. Have to clean my glasses !

intro to psychology
I would agree with you.

intro psychology
What do you think the answer is? After you have come up with your answer we will be happy to comment/make suggestions.

its called a prokaryotic cell Check this site for further information.

Use a semi-colon where you have the comma before "it". Then the comma splice will be corrected.

"I and who" are pronouns... right! "am" is a being verb.... Memorize!!! the forms of the verb "to be" will come in handy. "love" is the object of the preposition "in", so it has to be a ???? "know" is not an adverb. ...

This site will help you with that question.

5th grade
Delaware on Dec. 7, 1787

The story of Gilgamesh (Sumarian in origin) was written about 2000 BC. This site will give you information on "oral tradition"

This site will help you with that.

social studies
These two sites will help you with this.,_Indiana,_Indiana

Lewis, this is an excellent site on focus in theatre. It discusses all four aspects.

short story
Is to have adventures, get smarter, enjoy an afternoon in a chair outside.

Social Studies
West Virginia is totally within the Appalachian Mountain range.

It did not copy/paste. You will need to type it in. We will be happy to make corrections or suggestions.

home economics
Here are some possibilities: (Broken Link Removed)

writing/language arts
The rhythm of the waves is a lullaby to rock me to sleep every night. Think of everyday things that you see, hear, feel, smell. Then what kind of comparison can you make about that sense.

to mrs.sue
If Italy is IN Europe, that it has to be closer to Europe than a country outside of Europe.

Indent about 10 and then cite the quotes at the end. Put the entire 4 speeches into quotation marks...

Put it in quotation marks and put a colon after Walter:, then keep the parentheses. Be sure to cite the quote.

MC... What does the "This" refer to? Put the name of the object there instead of 'this". Instead of "so it could allow" use "to allow". This sentence is really awkward.... There are two touch screen surfaces and a reclining function for ...

There are all kinds of "districts"....I am sure you can find the district you are looking for at this site:

None of the search engines can locate such a site. If you put these here in groups of ten with your identification, we will be glad to correct them.

Please notice the key word is "help". We do not do your homework for you, but we will guide, suggest, hint, correct and encourage.

9th grade
This site provides pictures and an explanation. simple definition "a square root spiral is a spiral formed by many...

#1 and 2 are often used. Another one that is used is "Time to get up and at'em" "It is time to get hot." is also used. #3 do not use "the"

# 1... delighted, I was delighted to receive that gift. I was delighted to meet her. #2 and 3 are both correct. #4 and 5... neither 'in' not 'on' is needed.

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