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I would suggest that you take two sheets of paper; write the literary elements on each. Then go through those pieces of literature and note the parts that relate to those elements. Then you will have a basis for your paper.

To GuruBlue
You did not mention what started the Reign. Who were the primary victims of that period, the use of the guillotine . How many were killed. What were the primary differences between the Jacobins and the Girondins. What about Marat? How did this change French History?

7th grade language arts
Here are a couple of sites that may be of help.

math/not art
Although a piano requires considerable art to play it well; its weight is really not 'artistic'.

Here are a number of sites on "human experience".

southwest college
There is no question here. We are not associated with any college or university; we are for the most part retired teachers who are here to help students find the resources to do their work or to put them on the right path to find the answers.

Question... a State Supreme Court or the Federal Supreme Court?

Socials=Ms. Sue
To make it clear what your 3 points are, make separate paragraphs to develop each point.

ap world history
You will be able to find information in these sites:

SAT essay
This is well organized and well supported. Your conclusion could be a little stronger and make a specific discovery. I would definitely give you a 5 on this. I am sure that you will be able to think of points to support a thesis. I have never seen a SAT essay question that was...

Read this article. It will give you an idea of the antipathy on both sides prior to the Civil War.

6th Grade
This site will give you some differing opinions.

Here are a number of sites that will help you with that.

Essay for College Appl
Even small differences are sometimes important. A small difference is not insignificant.

social studies
Elle, Here is your answer. The material from which these missions was made was not something that would last like the missions in the Southwest. "The mission buildings of la Florida were built with posts set into ...

social studies
Ellie, when you tell us what years you are talking about, we will be able to help you.

animal research
All kinds of information here:

This site has a good explanation:

Social Studies "the Second Triumvirate was officially formed, comprised of Antony, Octavian, and Caesar's loyal cavalry commander Lepidus.[109] It formally deified Caesar as Divus Iulius in 42 BC, and Caesar Octavian henceforth became Divi ...

social studies
"THIS" does not tell me what years you are talking about.

social studies
What period? Stacy, please don't use your name on the internet.

Check this site:

Here is an idea. Most people will never have the opportunity to climb to the top of Mt.Everest, swim in the Red Sea, dance the samba in Rio....but we can go there in books. We can share these experiences and even more important we can see how others have responded in ...

These sites may be of help.

Grammar and Composition
Near the end of the day, right before heading home, we take a stop at our favorite ice-cream parlor. It is the only one that has hand made ice-cream. When entering you are struck by the sweetness of the different ice-creams in the air. Strawberry cheese-cake is one of my all ...

The only compound word in that is "green plants".

English II
Here are a couple of really good sites on writing analogies.

That is a descriptive paragraph of a certain aspect of a character. This could either be a "cat" or a "girl" with catlike qualities.

These sites may be of some help.

Here are some sites that will be helpful.

English (8th Grade)
A quick suggestion about prepositions. I used to tell my student, "Any word that shows the relationship between a rabbit and a hill." Examples: the rabbit "on" the hill, "by" the hill, "near" the hill, "below" the hill, "...

SAT essay
Look at the grammatical mistakes in this paragraph. For example, the media always puts much emphasis on the personal life of Paris Hilton. People are overwhelmed by the news headlines on her every day. But does it mean that her information is of significant to the society or ...

Here are a number of sites with an analysis of that movie.

What do you think these two books have in common?

malleus, incus, and stapes.

Looks right!

Grammar and Composition
Asheville, North Carolina - topic for thesis statement Asheville is a fun and relaxing place to visit - Main Idwa about This Topic -river, -picnic spots, -ice-cream parlor - Three-Step Format for Thesis Statement 5. Asheville, North Carolina is a fun and relaxing place to ...

Grammar and Composition
Nope....The thesis statement that MsSue suggested would be a good one. Or, choose three things that you particularly enjoy doing there. You might begin your essay by saying " Winter always brings memories of my favorite summer vacation area." Then go from there.

Grammar and Composition
I agree totally with MsSue. Asheville is the broad topic. Then choose 3 things about the place that make it a super vacation spot. They would be your support.

Grammar and Composition
I think writing about Asheville would be fantastic... It is an interesting, beautiful place with lots of possibilities of things to describe.

essay writing
Weak content....look at the choices again.

Essay Writing
He should write the first draft when he has plenty of time to let it sit one day. Then he will be able to see what he has written more objectively. Then he will be better able to look not only at grammatical errors but also organization.

american lit
Look at this site for the explanation of that.

Here are some excellent sites on sentence subjects and how to find them.

Grammar and Composition
You can find great ones here:

Grammar and Composition
Think of something (funny, weird, unique) that happened to you. That would be an anecdote.

The first sentence should include the thesis of your paragraph. The three middle sentences should give 3 supporting facts to prove your thesis. The last sentence should be a conclusion showing how these facts support your thesis. The outline should look like this A. Thesis a. ...

The twig becomes a tree as a letter becomes a word.

fuzzy pipe cleaners would be good... or pieces of straw you could braid and tie into letters. Twigs from a tree would make good letters.

Technology is not "anti-art". Then you might take some artists who use technology to create art, or some art that is based on machinery or science. I think that might be interesting.

Also, you put a period after Mr. which is correct. Good work.

gr9 art
What art "school" (style, movement) was Munch associated with? Then the question asks you to describe the characteristics of that school/style of art; then tell during what time period ( years) this style was most predominate. Check these sites:

Do not use a colon in this sentence. Differential diagnoses include Diabetes, adult-onset Cholelithiasis, acute Endocarditis, subacute (what goes here?) Put a comma after postoperative care. Comma after Washington.

Here are a number of sites that will help you with that.

Looks very good to me! However, some teachers will want a comma after "augmentation", but as it is is equally correct.

gurublue bobpursley and writeacher
Daisie, we are always glad to help. Good luck with your studies!

Check this site:

writaecher -RE
You would need to use "anti-feminists" in this phrase. such as feminists

Here are a number of sites with a great deal of information on Munch. I am sure that you can find the answers to your questions in some of these sites.

See post below.

Here are a number of sites. There are some with descriptions that might apply to a modern businessman. He was a man of many talents.

This site will be of help Also there are a number of sites here that may be informative.

social studies
Veneisha, what do YOU think the answer to this is. If there is less business, what is obviously going to be a result?

social studies
These two sites should help you with this.

social studies
Is this a word scramble? Use this site.

Change the "his gun" and "he" to make those words gender neutral. You might just say, "a gun" and either "he/she" or 'the officer"

Remember the island countries.


MC do you have a map of the part of Europe along the Mediterranean? Look at the countries west of Italy. The look on the map for Switzerland and you can see which countries border it.

english1A - still working on my thesis
You need to check the "grammar" in your statement. Yes, I think we are on the same track. Can you now outline support for your thesis? You need to be sure that your thesis and the supporting paragraphs are on the same track.

english1A - still working on my thesis
Individuals not only need to realize the real meaning of success , but also must realize that determination and hard work are essential to make the attainment of the American Dream possible. See how this fits your idea.

english 3
Read the section on Motifs at this site:

english1A- need help with thesis and to proofread
Your thesis statement is too wordy. Are you trying to argue that Americans do not realize that the "American Dream" is the possibility, not the guarantee, to achieve by determination and hard work.

social studies
This site will help you with that.

social studies
This site will help you with that.

There are a number of sites here that will be of help.

world history
Check these sites:

makes sense to me.

cultural diversity
Whose face? Face of what?

health care
No, there is not going to be a "fine" for people if the health care bill is not passed.

6th grade Art
Here are some examples of positions you might draw.

physical geology
Here are a number of sites on plate tectonics and sedimentation:

Here are a number of sites that may be of help.

The sites are giving you those classifications and a couple of other minor classification.

Great site on how sedimentary rock is formed. Here are a couple of sites on characteristics of the types of sedimentary rock: ...

social subjects

social subjects
Anna, did you read the section on Cultural History.

social subjects
Scroll down to the Cultural History section at this site.

Language Arts
There are some sites here that may have the information you need.

APA Citations
Here are two really valuable sites.

Here are a number of good sites on how to write a review. Please repost if you need further help with this.

The secondary support will be specific examples of how the primary support worked. For instance, tell a "story" of when you realized that hard work was important; then continue the story by explaining how this has changed your present way of approaching a problem. ...

us history
You would have to be an expert at reading heiroglyphics... much of what record they left was written on cave walls or on rock surfaces.

world history
Check this site: (Broken Link Removed)

World History
This may give you a more complete answer: (Broken Link Removed)

There are a number of sites here which should give you ideas.

See if this site helps you understand this article. This site gives a short overview

Here is an excellent site with a step by step explanation of how to write a book report for your grade level.

ENGLISH higschool
Does what you learn in high school help you progress in life or keep you from improving? This is a really "wierd" question. Any time you learn and whereever you learn is a step forward. High school is an excellent beginning to the learning process, whether it is ...

art, early life in ocean
Have you ever seen a picture of a coelacanth? Check this site....

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