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Read the first verse again

I think if you turn this part of that sentence into a statement , you will have a good thesis. I would put it after 1900's and leave the next couple of sentence to put into the relevant paragraphs.

4th grade
Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune Y91 is right

We have no way of know to whom you might be comparing Sojourner Truth. What do you think?

Check this site on the Cuban Missile Crisis

MC when was the first time that you realized that you had done something to someone else that was harmful?... one can not "lose one's innocence" until one recognizes ones guilt. Today's young people in many cases are not allowed to recognize their own wrong-...

3rd grade
Sasi, we do not do your homework for you. After you have written the story, please repost and one of the teachers will be happy to make suggestions or corrections.

social studies
Who did the US fight to gain its independence?

What is the question?

English1A-Critical Thinking and Writing
You might make the argument that the change in women's roles is reflected in the difference between earlier Disney movies and the movies being made today. Use examples such as Cinderella and Snow While, etc. and Mulan

social studies
Look at the section on "Long Parliament" and "Civil War".

social studies
Here are a number of sources on her.

Of what? Where?

AP Us History
This site will help with that.

social studies
Here are a wealth of sites that will help you with the history of the Panama Canal.

This site will give you a number of opinions.

4th gr social studies
Here are a number of sites that will help you with that.

Here is a good definition.

What does Lizabeth "feel"...when she sees Miss Lottie's teachers? How does she lose her "innocence"?

What do you think Lizabeth "felt" when she say Lottie's tears? This story is about feeling not thinking.

MC.... the marigolds, to ME, represent joy, nature at its best, hope. They make me smile. Those Lizabeth saw them as the anthesis of her dad's tears. How could there be joy in the world when her dad was crying. Now look at the story from that point of view and see what you...

Grammar and Composition
Say something to the effect my sister can not only raise my eyebrows, goose bumps on the back of my neck, but also my temperature by some of her "interesting" adventures..... that is just a quick idea

Grammar and Composition
I think I would not write this in a "serious" tone. I think you can better make your point using humor. Then you can "poke" your sister by telling the really weird stuff she does. AND it will keep your audiences attention.

Here is a site that will help.

There are no mispelled words in that sentence. However, sentences begin with capitals and end with punctuation.

5th grade
That might be "heat or warmth"

social studies
These sites will help with that question.,_Florida (Broken Link Removed)

Start by writing your ideas on the subject. Just take a piece of paper and write down ideas, incidents, anything that comes to mind on the topic. Then organize what you have written into "linked" ideas. Then write an outline so that you have an organization. THEN you...

Family "is" not "are". Family is singular.

social studies
you are welcome!

social studies For many native populations, the elimination of French power in North America meant the disappearance of a strong ally and counterweight to British expansion, leading to their ultimate dispossession.[26] Although the Spanish ...

There is a lot of repetition in this. Example:You said that du Maurier wrote the story three times. Next...The story is about man's eternal conflict with nature. Writers have been taking on this issue for centuries because man has been trying to resolve that issue.Yes, man...

World History
These two sites will help you with that.

United States government
This site will help you with this.

That would depend on what you do on Saturday.

11th grade
Usually five subjects- some schools will have different schedules and some students will take more or less depending on what they want to do after they graduate. The subjects will include English, Math, Science and Social Science ( History/Government). In addition there will ...

Here are a number of good topics.

What time period are you asking about? Ordinary Americans have differed depending on the era.

challenge reading
Please post the sentences your child has made and we will be happy to make corrections or suggestions.

Your responses did not post.

Good prepositional phrase sites: Here are sites on Predicate Adjectives

That is a good introductory sentence, but not a good thesis statement. The thesis statement should incorporate the specific areas you wish to prove or explore. Check this site. It is as clear as possible on good thesis statement writing.

A suggestion was already made regarding that thesis statement.

Social Studies
I am assuming that you mean pre-Civil War South. NOT at all democratic. Society was based on a definite aristocracy, land owners, tenant farmers and slaves.

This is the best site I know of on AP citing sources style.

english literature
Here are a number of sites that will give you some interesting ideas on that.

english literature
This site will give you information on that.

Here are some excellent sites on that topic.

They are grammatical, and I can't think of an instance when 'yet' is not used with the present participle.

#5 is not at all clear. #6 Upload a publicity site from the Internet with which you can advertise real life in Korea.

More is the better of the two.

12th grade Politics
Here are some sites which may be of help.

6th grade language arts
This site will give you some ideas"

Yes, well done.

The verbs "can", and "should" do not have quite the same meaning. "Can" means that the house is liveable. "Should" means that you are obligated to live there. 1 and 3 have pretty much the same meaning. # 8 does not have the same meaning ...

MC what words paint a vivid picture in your mind when you read them. Look at these two sentences. Fall leaves are bright. The leaves of fall are imitating the sun.

MC... I am sure that you can find some really nifty modifiers and similes and metaphor is that story.

I think it is D too

The first one think "theme", title... it is called "The Necklace" <G>

MC I disagree with both of those.,articleId-8034.html

6th grade
auditory patterns and tactual patterns

Take your main subject and divide it into the main points you want to make. Then take each of those main points and think of three ideas you want to use to support that point. .....THEN write your "topic" sentence for that main point to set up those support ideas. ...

Grammar and Composition
Open your telephone book and close your eyes and pick a name. Then quickly write down every word that leaps into your mind associated with that name. Then organize according to your criteria. Let your imagination RUN!!! I could give you a name but then that would be fun for you.

Social Studies
Here are a numher of good sites on transnational reproduction. Look up the definition of production in a good dictionary...then you will be able to think of good examples.

7th Grade LA
The site MsSue gave you is excellent. It gives the forms for both old and modern Haiku. It also tells you how to write it and what kinds of themes are generally used.

See the information below

Here are some good sites on ideas about how to write a poem. (look at the ...

on #3. We more often say..." Here is some cold strawberry juice." Juice is considered plural....unless you use the term " a glass of juice".

Please put the subject (science) you need help with in the subject area.

Literature for Jim
literature - Jim, Monday, November 2, 2009 at 8:46am I need a start for a paper on how does literature reflect life and communities First.... Jim, always start your own post when you have a question. If you post under someone else's name, then it may not get answered. Now...

Natural science
Here are a number of interesting sites:

Here are lists of Eastern and Western philosophers. Your assignment asks that you choose one of each and explain how that person tries to convence others that his/her philosophy is correct. I would choose two that have ideas on the same subject and then you can compare and ...

Living in the city is more expensive generally speaking. One reason is that property taxes are generally higher.

8th grade History/English
Captain Isaiah Sellers is mentioned in that book

social studies
Here is a good defintion

Preschool teacher needs your help... thx soo much
I love your idea of the mural with the kids making things to put on it. Also you might have them make paper airplanes to fly. Fold paper boats and have a race a child's plastic pool, by blowing them across. That way you could talk about the energy sources.

social studies
What specifically are you looking for?

Who is used as a nominative case pronoun ( subjects and predicate nominatives) Whom is used as an objective case pronoun. ( objects, direct and indirect and objects of prepositions)

Nominative case pronouns are used as subjects and predicate nominatives - I, you, he, she, we, they Objective case pronouns are used as direct and indirect objects and objects of prepositions. me, you, him, her, us , them Possessive case pronouns show ownership. his, hers, our...


Yes, by George, I think you've got it. <G>

Literature [Ms.Sue Please Check]
#3. is wrong.

What was she thinking, feeling? You are only saying what you "see". For it to be omniscient, you have to know things that can't be seen.

Definition: A method of storytelling in which the narrator knows the thoughts and feelings of all of the characters in the story, as opposed to third person limited, which adheres closely to one character's perspective.

Here are a number of sites for good story structure.

world history
These sites may be of help:

Here are a number of sites that may be of help.

To Kill a Mockingbird
Look at this site:

human geography
Here are some interesting sites on human geography:

american history
Check this site:

Internal foes are such things as pride, fear, insensitivity, ignorance.....all those things that encourage us to do things which harm outselves and others.

After you have answered these questions, we will be happy to make suggestions for corrections if needed.

The symbolism in this story is to reflect the Cold War with Russia. The story states that there was a "cold east wind" which was exciting the birds.

English Comp
Stress Echo program is correct because it is the name of a specific program. echocardiogram does not need to be capitalized. However, used "an" before it.

Here are two excellent sites on the history of music education: Here are a number of sites on why music education is being cut:

Thesis: I think there’s no better example of this admittedly broad opinion than in the peculiar world of outdoor recreational water sports and the death wish that inspires them.

Question answered below.


Inductive reasoning - think patterns..look at this site: Good examples here: Deductive reasoning - think syllogism

This site will help:

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