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I would call #6 & #10 cognitive.

That is excellent!

SAT Essay
After you have written the essay, we will be happy to make an evaluation and suggestions.

Ignore fancy sentences! Write what you feel when you read the poems. Did you smile? sigh? frown? What experiences do they make you relive/remember? What questions flashed through your mind? After you have done some writing, please repost and we will be happy to make comments ...

What is your question?

What differences can you find in the lives of the white vs hispanic students in his classes?

2nd grade
Because the horizon is always the farthest we can see. When we get to where we could see before, then we can see farther. Look up the word "horizon" in your dictionary.

Yes, that is an excellent example.

There is another possibility here. What if the child had not been asked to go down into the chimney?

That sounds good. Be sure to underline the title of the play.

Literature--for the Jiskha volunteers
MC, I hope you had the best Thanksgiving ever.

What kind of person would write this way? How old might this person be? Who might be watching this program? What kind of program is it?

That merely means that there was more than one point they wanted to make. Sometimes one 'life lesson" is strongly related to others.

I have always heard that what you don't know about history your are doomed to repeat. Therefore, writing about history in any form provides a 'learning' platform for the ages that come after. Think of what we have learned of Englad from Dickens, what we have ...

I would change #6 to read - I went to Mt. Seorak to pick up garbage such as plastic bags, plastic bottle, cans, old tires, paper cups and paper. Or, you can put a colon after "garbage" and leave out "such as".

english II

Literacy development
The key word in that question is YOU> After you have done some reading and writing, please repost and we will be happy to make further suggestions or corrections if needed.

english II

english II
Nope... look at one of your previous sentences that I made a suggestion for correction.

English II
Look at each of the sentences and decide if the subject is singular or plural... then go back and check each one to see if the verb is singular or plural... You will need to read the entire sentence to make these decisions. For instance asparagus is a singular noun.

English II
Look at this one again.


Exactly right! An adverb modifies an adjective..... real is an adjective, so you would need really certain.

Yes, the problem is ....the subject is plural.... rod and scepter. The verb is singular ...... signifies You need to make the verb plural also.

English II
GOOD!!! That is great!

English II
You are absolutely correct.

You are entirely welcome!

Yes, A has a common error. Instead of the comma a semi-colon is needed to connect two complete sentences.

What what kind of sound does the wind make. What kind of sound does the cat make when eating... Think in terms of words that sound like sounds: example-if you are eating peanut brittle... there is a crack and a crunch....When you say those words, they sound like the sound of ...

I would agree with you.

This site should clarify what a strawman fallacy is.

cultural diversity
Check some of the sites here:

PSY220 - Positive Psychologist
We are not associated with any college or on line program of any sort.

First, that is not a sentence... it a bunch of strung together clauses and phrases. I am assuming that you want to become a pharmacist. Second, you believe that to do that you need to 1) achieve academic superiority, 2) learn through community service and 3) gain work ...

Com 220
I would cut the words to.... Illegal drugs have the capability of leading one to prison, to a life without purpose and to an early death.

After you have written what you think would be appropriate, please repost and a teacher will be happy to make suggestion or corrections if needed.

This site will help with that.

Also, put a comma after Katie. No apostrophe in itswhen it is a possessive pronoun. Would begin the sentence with the clause, When it's happy, our cat, Katie, drags its food out of the dish.

This is about as simple an explanation as there is. If you want further information let me know.

Neither # 1 nor 2 are complete sentences. However, the subject is "group"... this is singular so the verb would singular also. In #3, the first one would be correct.

Neither would be correct. You would probably say, "Once or twice."

The quotation marks are used to point up the words that you want your audience to consider. Otherwise, they would confuse the sentence. You may also say, "what occurs to you?" "What do you think of?"

Yes, correct. That is a neat poem.

This site may give you the information you need.

Here are two good sites on each of those. (Broken Link Removed)

7th grade Tx.History
Because of the extremely divergent geographical areas, Texas has a widely divergent potential for all types of economical development. Look at this site for the wide variety of occupations,crops and resources.

MC.... read the poems out loud... you will be able very quickly to determine if they have rhyme or beat(meter). By patting your hand while you read, you can determine what the meter is. I am including a site on meter and an site on metaphors....I believe we talked about those ...

Creative Writing
Why do YOU think both methods might be effective?

Creative Writing
Planning a garden would be an excellent topic to use both of those types of analysis on.... also planning a party, organizing a community help program.

Creative Writing
Are they in print? Are they on Television?

Creative Writing
Y91, for pete's sake, It says "have had a great effect on YOU" " How they influenced YOU".... "caught YOUR attention"..... That is something we have no way of knowing. When YOU have written, repost and we will be happy to comment.

Social Studies
2008 - Martti Ahtisaari

Check this site for help with that, particularly the quotes section.

The Republican view of the war has changed from time to time over the past 8 years. Here are a number of sites that will give you an idea.

Creative Writing
Wisdom is not learned in school; wisdom is attained though many years of experience.

Parable revision
What is your question. First, check your use of verbs... you are writing about something that occurred in the past, but you are using present tense verbs.

#1 is correct. I would change #2 to read "this is both a private hospital and residential home for older people" This will clarify your meaning.

This possibly might be ginger.

religious education
Here are some sites with different opinions on that question.

"Topic help organization, does with how ." There is the answer to your question. There is NO recognizable topic because there is no organization. One may use all the words one knows but without understanding what one is writing about, and being able to organize ones ...

I think you are right on. They also give us an opportunity to go places and meet people that we would otherwise not be able to meet.

You can say that North Korea has a bare subsistance economy. Here are some sites you might check

You need more about the economy in North Korea... The rest sounds pretty good. Also... "has been declined" is not good usage.

cultural studies
There are a number of sites here that will be of help.

Check this site:

You are saying that 1) he led in the popular and electoral votes and 2) he had the majority of electoral votes. It doesn't make sense. Are you trying to say that although he led in popular vote, he did not have the majority of electoral votes?

American History
This site give a list of the members of Congress from Tenn. By clicking on their name you can get a biography. For further information, put their name in Google, followed by the ...

Here are a couple of sites that will be of help. The third site is an in depth analysis.

Here are a couple of sites that will be of help. After you have done some writing, please post your essay and a teacher will be happy to give you suggestions or make corrections if needed.

Re: brushing teeth. "paste" would not be a word aliens would know...ooze, glob, squirt.... might work better. Also why would an alien assume that the hole would be a mouth... what would he think the shiny white things were? What about the wiggly thing in the middle. ...

Yup... that works well.

Yes, all of those answers are grammatical.

Fine Arts
Check these sites:

It means depressed or feeling blue. When my dog died, I felt melancholy for several days.

Social Studies
We do not do your homework for you. After you have done the needed reading and have answered these questions, please repost with your answers and we will be happy to make corrections or suggestions.

Only #2 is grammatical. Pieces is plural... "is" is singular. There is a bar of soap by the sink. This is a common usage.

Do you want beans or peas, or potatoes, or rice or none of those for supper?

Check this site:

The Writer by Richard Wilbur fast question
The first three verses are the extended metaphor of the house and ship. The extended metaphor of the starling begins with I remember the starling and ends with "clearing the sill....."

health care and social responsibilities
The first thing you need to do is wrote an outline of the main points you want to make. You probably need to do some brainstorming and note taking in order to do that. Then you will be able to write a thesis statement. This site will give you a good idea of a process. http://...

What about the public rallies now on both sides of the Health bill policy debate. That is definitely freedom of speech.

World Liturature
Check the introduction to the essay at this site.

English Lit
You might look at James Fenimore Cooper.

English Lit
Have you read it? You should be able to descern the Puritan philosophy.

You will find lots of suggestions about how to write introductions here. The MAIN key is to write the intro LAST. Then you will know exactly what you are introducing.

world religions
This site will be very helpful.

english grade 12
The key word in this question is YOU. They ask if you agree with the poet and why do you have that opinion. After you have written what you think, please repost and we will be happy to make any further suggestions needed.

Look at the site I gave you, and read "type of plot".....

This site will give you the theme

Grammar and Composition
Since you are introducing yourself... playlike you have just met you. Welcome the audience. Who is y91? What makes her an anthority on her topic? What is the importance to the audience of the topic she is speaking on? Then turn the stage over to your speaker. Keep it simple.

If your teacher is talking about classical music, then perhaps Enrico Caruso. If he is talking about modern, then probably Elvis Presley.

Geo + eng+ history
Here is a simple site on environments. Did you mean "possessive" pronouns? This site will give you some general information on Aryans. Here is an interesting site on the &...

ap english
You may find some ideas here.

Look at the first two lines... The whole meaning is there. The rest is examples.

Critical Analysis Essay
This site should help you with an analysis of Kane's character.

10th grade algebra
Natalie, It looks to me as if you have no idea what steps you need to use to do these kinds of problems...therefore, I think that you need to ask your teacher for after school help. That way you will learn what you need and feel much better about the process.

What is your question on this?

We do not do your homework for you. However, after you have done the needed research and writing, please repost and a teacher will be happy to make further suggestions.

Two of the worst hurricanes in US history occurred in Galveston TX. You might do a comparison of the effect of those two.

re: haiku, check this site

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