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Take the dialogue out of the paragraph and indent. Also I would suggest putting a period after Cooper. and a question mark after School. Then continue the description.

ap european history
These sites will help you with that question.

Those look correct to me.

Here are some articles on that topic.

Here is a good definition of a middle class family.

We have no idea what "prologue" you read.


spiral structure: webbed structure:

I would use a back stitch. That will lock the stitch better.

See comment below in response to this question.

After you have done the necessary reading and answer your questions, please repost and a teacher will be happy to give you further suggestions.

After you have answered these questions, we will be happy to make further suggestions. We do not do your homework for you.

After you have answered your questions, please repost and a teacher will be happy to make further suggestions.

This site will give you the information you need on citing.

The answer could be one of two....depending on what your topic is. Either C or D might fit.

It would depend on what is decomposing. See these sites:

Japan is a good answer for that. YES it has 4 main islands.

How many MAIN islands does Indonesia have?

What is YOUR answer for this. We do not do your homework for you.

After you have answered this question, we will be happy to make further suggestions.

See the post regarding this questions above.

Look at the first three articles at this site.

Good thesis statement. Instead of assuming, he should sympathize and try to think about the positives. " I would leave out this statement " You refer to the narrator as "he" "his" This is unclear... I would continue to use "narrator" or...

anatomy and physiology
One of both of the parents have the same gene.

They were protecting the govenment from the type of devisive argument from the Southern secessionists that had been representatives before the War.

Juvenile Justice
Suggestion: Use a WANTED type flier.... You can draw a cartoon of a some young person or animal behind bars. Then you can make a list of what brought them to this perdicament. Maybe at the bottom, ask a question... Do any of these fit YOU?

Look for the short e sound. Very subtle but lots of assonance.

Com 150
This will explain APA style citing: Here are a number of credible sites on your topic:

History of Science
Check these sites:

These sites will give you the answer.

Here are sites that will explain that time: Be sure to check the sites at the end of this article.

AP Government and Politics
Here are a number of sites on arguments against various kinds of taxes

The Office of Indian Affairs was no longer under the Dept. of War. It had previously been moved to the Dept. of Interior.

Robert McClelland was Sect. of the Interior during that period.

SEcretary of the Interior?

cultural diversity
This question asks what you YOU think.

cultural diversity
Look at these two sites (Broken Link Removed)


Anatomy & Physiology

What is your question, please?

New Testament Survey
We do not do your homework for you. I found this site by simply putting basic words from your question in Google.

s.s gr.8
Check this site:

There are a wealth of sites here:

English 11 (No country for Old men Novel Study)
You might get an idea here:

The skin is very much like the cover of a book. Both have nothing to do with what is on the inside.

Literacy development
Anon. after you have done some reading and writing on this topic, please repost and the teachers here will be happy to make comments, suggestions, corrects as needed.

you may find some help at these sites.

MC... she is terrified that her son will lose his "being" ( who he is) as characterized by his background, his religion. Demanding has nothing to do with it. When I saw my son starting to cross the street and I screamed like a banshee, I was not being demanding, I ...

MC What is your mom's tone of voice when she tells you "Don't do that! It is dangerous!" Poetry is personal not intellectual...Feel poetry! What does she feel will happen to her son if he forgets who he is, where he comes from?

social studies
I agree with Writeacher. One of the reasons our government has worked so well, is that there is a carefully crafted system of checks and balances.

Creative Writing
Balderdash! yes, girls have it "better' than they did when I was growing up....and certainly better than they did when my mother was a child.... However, women still do not receive equal pay for equal work. There is still a glass ceiling for advancement. In the home ...

The unscrambler says that there are no words that those letters will make.

Law & Ethics
Use your introductory sentence to state the question. For instance if your question were what is causing climate change, you might begin your answer by saying "Climate change is being caused by a numbers of factors. In addition if these questions have numbers, be sure to ...

Quoting,Summarizing, and Paraphrasing Sources
Here are some good sites on in-text citations and summary writing. http://docs....

gen education
Here is a good site on personality types:

I strongly believe that music teaches children a number of valuable things: discipline for one, appreciation of various forms of art, to listen carefully, to hear nuances, rhythm. This is the reason that from an early age in schools, music and dance are part of the curriculum...

Since there are more than one, you would read it "verses". If there was only one, you would read it "verse".

Rfvv, first, I think you mean "use" instead of 'yese'. Then to answer your question... which on is correct will depend on what you want to say. If you are referring to a day in the distant past, then you may use "in that day". If you are referring ...

english paradise lost
She falls in love with her image in the water.

History 1865 to 1945
Here are two sites that will give you some ideas.

conventional means ordinary,usual .

Social studies
What is YOUR answer to these questions?

Biology(everyone answer i need alot of opinions)
NO. finish the prescription 1) because the Dr. knows how much is required to make sure of a cure 2) because every time you are forced to take an antibiotic you are lessening effectiveness.

Do not identify either yourself nor your school on-line.

englisg IV
Check out this site:

I think he is saying that some beauty is beyond words and that words merely lessen and distract from your understanding and appreciation of that beauty.

summoner's tale
The key to the "humor" is in satire. The Summoners Tale is a reply to the Friar's Tale. Both are corrupt and both are accusing one another of corruption. There is a lot of satire in Chaucer's Tales.

Frustration is a good place to start. I think discouragement... "heavy load" also anger "explode".

MC -- did you look at the particular words I suggested....

You need to think a little deeper. Does Harlem "feel" calm....Look at these words - dry up, fester sore— stink rotten crust sags heavy explode Uncomfortable...yes definitely. Again look at the words perhaps exotic, perhaps inferior, definitely different, a handy...

Literature - PS
MC, Check this site also.... very important.

MC... tone means emotional impact. When you read those what do you "FEEL"? sad, ironic, angry, regret, happy, silly, curious? Here is a site on meter ( rhythm) To find the meter, read the first two lines out loud! Then ...

This site will give you some ideas on the Dickenson poem.

MC.... Think about fog... Have you ever been in a really THICK fog? The poem says that the fog sneaks in on 'little cat feet"....covering everything. Is there anything that 'MAN' can do to control it/ change it? It like a cat does its own thing <G> Look ...

Here are a couple of sites that will help you with this.

Check this site:

You can also reassure them by showing them the difference a college education will make in your future, your potential for employment, your ability to meet challenges. The best way you can reassure them is by making good decisions NOW.... This site has some really good talking...

I love your idea. I think some places you have too many words Look at what I did to this first part Inside a crowded box I lie Hungry for three straight days Irony, the cat kibbles are beyond my paw I'm trapped in a vending machine.

Everything looks correct. However, I would change #2 to say "One day she because ill and stayed in bed."

Patrick Henry was speaking to the Virginia House of Burgesses when he made the Give Me Liberty speech. It would depend on "when" to determine to whome these people were speaking.

That sounds very pleasant and informative as to what needs to be done.

hcr 210
We do not do your homework for you. After you have done the research and the writing, please repost and we will be happy to make suggestions/corrections as needed.

history plz help
There are a number of sites here: AND your same question is answered below. (Broken Link Removed)

com 220
We have no idea what that is? We are not associated with any school. If you have a specific question that you need help with, please repost.

That is what I would say... However, I would also use"who with their bare hands had uncovered history that had not been seen for nearly two thousand years."

I would use - For several years the book was left untouched on my bookshelf.

Socials-Ms. Sue
This is sooo much better. The only thing I would change would be the last sentence. I would say, I think my time is up.

Social Studies, Bill
history - bill, Saturday, November 28, 2009 at 3:10pm i need help with social studys Please post your question and one of the teachers will be happy to help you.

After you have done some math and some reasoning, please repost with your thoughts. We do not do your homework for you. However, after you have written what you think, we will be happy to give you suggestions/corrections and ideas for additions.

Some sites here that may be of help:

Check these sites:

If you have more automobiles, then what automatically has to happen? The market for a while was primarily a national one. When automobiles became inexpensive and readily available, everyone HAD to have one.... therefore, what had to happen? What had people traveled over before?

Time to do some reading!

Critical Thinking
Lack of water sound sensible.

Critical Thinking
Check these sites:

Look at the first paragraph at this site: (Broken Link Removed) The only one that even maybe would fit would be C. Are you sure they said proponents?

That sounds like both fun!!! and effective!!! Trees talking! <G>

Ok.... take the same idea to the park. Parks have trash bins... what is done with them to make them "green"? How might you effect this change?

Use your house? What do you do with your "garbage". Do you recycle paper and glass? Do you use wet waste as a fertilizer? What might you do to change these things. That would be easy to take pictures of.

There are several good sites here:

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