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  1. opinions pleasee

    I believe that the choice to have a child or not is in the hands of the parent/parents. Years ago before abortion became legal, one of my 8th grade students was raped by her next door neighbor and was pregnant. She could not get an abortion, so she commited suicide. Another of...
  2. College Speech

    Here are a number of very helpful sites. Look particularly at the outline one. Writing a good outline is invaluable. The most important part of the introductory speech is the beginning. You need to say something that will make the audience want to listen. Humor is always gets ...
  3. English

    You need to do some thinking on paper first... debate is much like writing a persuasive essay. Jot down the most important reasons you support the idea. Arrange them in order of importance. Then do your research and find others who agree, find statistics that support. Then ...
  4. physics

    I will be happy to critique your thinking.
  5. physics

    Then you need a tutor. Math is the language of Physics. It will do you no good to copy our thinking.
  6. physics

    PE=1/2 k x^2 x= sqrt (2*43/2E4) meters
  7. English

    This is an excellent site for information on the Victorian era

    Caput is the Latin for head
  9. english

    An oral presentation has the same format as a written essay. First you want an attention getting introduction. Second, you want to organize the important aspects of the store. Start from most outstanding. Give a brief description of each. Last you want to sell the store!~ Why ...
  10. social studies

    Here are some interesting articles:,or.&fp=d3539bde5dec0acd
  11. English Intolerance task: This one looks like the better of those I read. Good similes and metaphors and of course, rhyme.
  12. Amer Lit

    Throughout the book, these three characters are seen being torn apart, whether through love or greed, by wanting to fulfill their American dream Through out the book, these three characters are destroyed by their desire to fulfil their American dream, the ultimate in love and...
  13. english

    This resource is excellent.
  14. English

    The use of "twinkled" is a metaphor, comparing the girl to a star.
  15. English

    We do not do your homework for you. Check this site and then write what you see, feel, touch when you see a bunny. Repost and we will be happy to make suggestions.
  16. english

    There are no clauses in those two sentences.
  17. english

    Check these two sites. I think they will be most helpful.
  18. b
  19. Vocabulary- check my answer

    Yes that is correct.
  20. Math

    Please put the class you have a question about

    There are two really good answers for this, what do you think they might be? Post your ideas and we will be happy to give you further suggestions.
  22. analogies

  23. socisl studies

    Causes: REsults
  24. Composition

    You have a clear topic sentence in each paragraph. There are 3 examples of support for that topic sentence and a good concluding sentence. You have done exactly what you wanted to do.
  25. us history

    Which to you think is the answer.... we will be glad to help you further if you are wrong.
  26. psychology

    Check these sites for help with that question
  27. Social Studies

    It would depend upon what you are making the model out of. But if you go to a model making store, you can find tiny hinges that might work. You might also talk to them about possible materials. I have also found that the sticky ends of bandaids works.
  28. British Literature

    What book are you referring to?
  29. com

    "can be improved" is the verb That would be the future continuous.
  30. writing

    We do not do your work for you. Write the assignment, marking the parts of speech required. Repost and we will be happy to make corrections or suggestions as needed.
  31. reading

    Here are a number of biographies on Clark where you can get information for your report.
  32. English

    1. planned is better 2.The travelers come for similar social classes because nobles would have better modes of transportation and peasants would not take such a trip. 3. Tales is capitalized; comma is not needed. 4. Should is not appropriate there. 5. Began is correct. 6. The ...
  33. language arts Synonyms - immune irresponsible privileged unaffected protected resistant favored exempt
  34. English-help needed

    The shoe manufacturer and clothes manufacturer are correct usage.
  35. english

    Summary - Analysis- synthesis- evaluation- (Broken Link Removed)
  36. English

    He/she not it. 2. film, either offered or gave. either actted or appeared 3. use of 4.& 5. what you have is fine. 6. were is correct 7. either 8. spelling errors 9. yes, either are correct 10.correct.
  37. english
  38. english

    This site is a really good synomym finder. Put the word in the space and click on synonyms
  39. english

    This site is a really good synomym finder. Put the word in the space and click on synonyms.
  40. history

    If you are talking about the Hockey League, then this site is excellent.
  41. English 1

    Who is used as a subject. Whom is used as an object. Check the noun that these words refer to, in order to decide which to use.
  42. English 1

    2.Teslea invented alternating current; he also contributed to the fields of robotics, computer science, wireless technology,nuclear physics, ballistics, and electromagnetism. 3.The Italian inventor Guglielmo Marconi and Tesla both claimed to have invented the radio; however in...
  43. English
  44. English

    Check this site:
  45. English 1

    1. look at the last "their" 3. Look at the last answer again. 4,5,6,7,8,9,10. check again Read the sentences carefully to see what the pronoun actually refers to.
  46. English 1

    Who is used as a subject. Whom is used as an object. Check the noun that who/whom refers to.
  47. US History

    This site and the links attached will give you some ideas on this topic.
  48. To all teachers

    Thank you for remembering us at this special time of love. May you be blessed by the New Year.
  49. English

    Use sensory descriptions... What can the character hear, smell,etc. that would make him/her feel more tense?
  50. history

    Here are a number of interesting sites on Grant.,26428,27556,27585&sugexp=ldymls&xhr=t&q=grant+ulysses&cp=9&pf=p&sclient=psy&aq=0&aqi=&aql=&oq=Grant,+Ul&gs_rfai=&pbx=1&fp=c341562a61b59af3
  51. Creative Writing

    Add immediately to the sentence...and "the most basic student supplies". This will give the sentence "mood".
  52. infinitives

    Yes they are infinitives...But they are not adjectives; they are nouns.
  53. English

    What are some of the times when you learn something new that leads to the next discovery?
  54. geography

    Check these possibilities " imbalance of power,poverty...and political corruption
  55. 10th grade

    Check the first two sites here:,27556,27585&sugexp=ldymls&xhr=t&q=effect+of+geography+on+Argentina+and+Chile&cp=42&pf=p&sclient=psy&aq=f&aqi=&aql=&oq=effect+of+geography+on+Argentina+and+Chile&gs_rfai=&pbx=1&fp=c341562a61b59af3
  56. history

    Choose the answer you believe to be correct and we will let you know .
  57. English

    Funny is an adjective modifying something. Fun is a noun.. Sentence #1 is correct.
  58. POETRY, PART 2

    There are a number of "types" of rhyme. These would fit into more than one classification. Check this site:
  59. Bio

    Check this site:
  60. English

    "withdraw from" sound best.
  61. English: Shakespeare-Othello

    Check this site for help with this question.
  62. grammar

    A participle is a verb behaving as an adjective. Look at all the nouns in the paragraph. Then look at their adjectives; which is the only one that has a verb modifying it?
  63. english

    What is your question?
  64. grammar

    Looks good
  65. poetry

    Can you stand to see the truth you have spoken twisted by people who want to use it to hurt others? Can you stand to see the things you have worked for all your life considered of no consequence? Then do you have the strength still to fix all the wrong that has been done?
  66. Literature/short story,2

    Check this site:
  67. sociology

    One first has to define the society which you are analyzing...Every place has has multiple societies with multiple expectations. Then one would have to define the expectations of each of those societies. This question is too esoteric for even a sociologist of some repute to ...
  68. English, 10th grade

    Check this site: Look particularly at the analysis
  69. Fine Art

    17, I would say A 20. I would say D An Etching can be done on almost any medium. Thnks about 22. Look up the definition of aesthetician. Look up literalism and realistic to compare meaning.
  70. English

    Check this site for help with this.
  71. English

    No. Did you mean Francisco thanked the driver for taking him to work.
  72. English

    Both of those are correct.
  73. English

    Which ones do you think best?
  74. English

    1 and 2 are fine. 3 is not correct.
  75. us history

    Check these sites for information on that topic.,27404,27583,27601&sugexp=ldymls&xhr=t&q=Abortion+arguement+effect+on+politics&cp=37&pf=p&sclient=psy&aq=f&aqi=&aql=&oq=Abortion+arguement+effect+on+politics&gs_rfai=&pbx=1&fp=...
  76. English

    The thesis statement is the main idea that you want to prove or support in your paper. Check this site.
  77. english

    Make a sentence with priestess
  78. Language Arts

    Noiseless or inaudible.
  79. English

    !. of irrigation - method ,noun in the lower picture = is shown, verb Check the rest of these and then repost, please.
  80. english

  81. english

    Did you notice the word "you" in that question? After "you" have answered, we would be very interested in reading what you have written and would be happy to make suggestions.
  82. US History

    I do not many senators and congressmen to work in the interests of people other than the businesses that support them. I trust the Supreme Court to keep a balance in the Federal Govt.
  83. teacher aide

    We do not do your homework for you. After you have answered these questions, please repost and we will be happy to make corrections or suggestions as needed.
  84. english You are correct
  85. Social Studies
  86. Social Studies
  87. Social Studies

    Here are a number of sites that will help with this question.,24813,26637,27404&sugexp=ldymls&xhr=t&q=issues+in+brazil+&cp=17&pf=p&sclient=psy&site=&source=hp&aq=f&aqi=&aql=&oq=&gs_rfai=&pbx=1&fp=4b3eeabb4c23868d
  88. Social Studies
  89. English

    The opposite of 1 is 3
  90. English

    Chris is both a girl's and a boy's name. A better way of asking that question would be, "Chris can do the job, can't she?"
  91. English

    When something unfortunate or something that we don't plan for happens... we use that expression. For instance, a wind storm came through and blew a board off the side of my house; then I would likely say, "Well, that is just the price of life." Price is equal to...
  92. English

    The "it" refers to weeding. It is saying that weeding is a part of gardening.
  93. Art/English-citations

    This site will help you.
  94. Social St.

    This site will help you with this question.
  95. english

    Those look great to me!
  96. language arts

    Here are a number of bios.,24813,26637,27404&sugexp=ldymls&xhr=t&q=Gary+Paulsenbio&cp=15&pf=p&sclient=psy&aq=f&aqi=g5&aql=&oq=Gary+Paulsenbio&gs_rfai=&pbx=1&fp=4b3eeabb4c23868d
  97. Grammar and Comp (repost)

    Verona Wildcats also modifies team . "to watch this year" is an adjective infinitive phrase modifying team. Hits is the noun that bone-crushing modifies. "enough" is a predicate adjective. To make anyone cheer is an infinitive phrase used as an adverb to ...
  98. english

    I would suggest that the plot involves the subject of the story.
  99. Social Studies

    Probably the New England colonies had the most "exciting" events.
  100. poetry

    Meter establishes a uniform rhythm in poetry.
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