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  1. Math check my answers please!!!!

    So is my first answers to 2 and three correct or wrong?
  2. Math check my answers please!!!!

    Ok. 1. B 2. B Is this ok?
  3. Math check my answers please!!!!

    Can someone help please? I just want to make sure my answers are right.
  4. Math check my answers please!!!!

    1. Find the volume of a square pyramid with a base length of 9 cm and a height of 4 cm A.324 cm^3 B.108 cm^3 C.36 cm^3 D.152 cm^3** 2. Find the volume of the given cone. It has a radius of 6 in. And a height of 11 in. A. 320 in^3 B.1,224 in^3 C.415 in^3** D.622 in^3 3. Find ...
  5. Social studies

    No. I already found out the first one i just need help on the second one. Please help me out?
  6. Social studies

    Please Ms. Sue someone help me!!
  7. Social studies

    1. Explain the advantages and disadvantages you discovered for interdependence. Include examples from the past and present of interdependence in Central America. 2. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of independence. Include examples from the past and present of ...
  8. Science Help

    Thanks Ms. Sue!
  9. Science Help

    Place the following words into the illustration below gametes, sporophyte, gametophyte, and zygote. Explain how the terms are related. MY ANSWER 1. sporohyte 2. gametes 3. gametophyte 4. zygote I just need to explain my answer but I do not know how to. Please help me!!!

    Basically all you have to do is multiply 2/3 and 2,469 and you'll have your answer.
  11. Health. Check my answers please

    Ok thanks Ms. Sue
  12. Health. Check my answers please

    Ok I changed my answers 1. B 2. C 3. B
  13. Health. Check my answers please

    Can someone please check my answers. 1. Violence resulting in the death of another person is called A. Bullying B. Homicide C. Conflict D. Rape 2. Using the excitement of violence to keep video games users playing their games is an example of which risk factor? A. Poverty B. ...
  14. Math check answers please

    Thanks Ms. Sue for all of the help.
  15. Math check answers please

    Sorry to bug again but can someone check my answers please thank you. 1. Simplify the expression 3w-10w A. 13w B. -7w C. -7 D. 7w 2. Y+2y+3z A. 2y+3z B. 3y+3z C. 2y^2+3z D. 6yz 3. 6r+r-5r A. 2r B. 1r+r C. 0r D. 7r-5r 4. 5x+2(x+6) A. 7x+6 B. 7x^2+12 C. 7x+12 D. 7x (x+6) 5. -3m+...
  16. Math check my answers please

    Ok thank you guys again!
  17. Math check my answers please

    1. x/5=-2 A. -45 B. 35 C. -10 D. 21 2. 13x - 7= 136 A. 11 B. 15 C. 8 D. 9 Solve the following equation 3. 3x - 3=15 A. 4 B. 5 C. 6 D. 7 4. Ernesto loses 14.5 pounds in 7 months. Now he weighs 156.5 pounds. Which equation can be used to find how much he weighed before? A. x+14....
  18. Math check my answer

    Thank you Ms. sue and Damon. Sorry I didn’t respond earlier
  19. Math check my answer

    77 is what percent of 192? A. x/100= 77/192;4.01% B. x/100=77/192; 40.1% C. x/77= 100/192; 77.3% D. x/100= 192/77; 249.4% My answer is B. Please help and check my answer if I am wrong please correct me thank you.
  20. History plz help!!!

    Thanks for the help! (Sorry I didn’t respond earlier)
  21. History plz help!!!

    My answer The success of the United States should be evaluated and measured by series of tests. The tolls and dated it will be needed will be.... help I really don’t know what else to put!!!
  22. History plz help!!!

    How should the success of the United States be evaluated and measured? What tools or data should be used to do this? What are your measurements of natural success in the economy, politics, social services, or the environment? —�—�—�—�—�...
  23. health

    The answers are 1. A, a copying strategy and b, a defense mechanism 2. D, A primary emotion 3. A, love and D, a learned emotion
  24. science(check answers again)

    Yesssss! Thanks for number 3!
  25. Science

    Unknown goddess is 100% correct!!!!
  26. Math for Steve or someone good at math

    Everyone listen to @Gabby she is correct the answers are 1. 10% 2.12% 3. 20% increase 4. 8% 5. 50% Connections Academy students trust me these are the answers!
  27. Math for Steve

    The answers are 1. C, part=n, whole=750, percent=15 2. B, 820= 0.2 x n 3. D, none of these 4. A, 85% 5. B, 60% Your welcome!

    The answers are 1. C (-2,4) and (6,-6) 2. B (0,0),(0,1),(2,0) 3. D 3, enlargement 4. C 2
  29. 7th grade math Ms.Sue please check my answers

    Anonymous was right my answers were 1. 2/3 2. 12:27 3. $1.28/1 gallon 4. 31.27 miles/hour 5. 6.26 gallons/month