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jan gas tank is nearly empty at 1/12 full, she does not have enough gas to fill the tank but she has enough gas to reach 2/3 fill how much gas does she need to add to fill the fraction of a tank

The ratio of rabbits to birds at the pet store. Find three equivalent rabbit to bird ratios.

On a campus of 9000 students, a single student returned to campus with a case of measles on Monday January 5th. The infirmary is keeping track of the number of students who have been diagnosed with the disease Day # of students infected 1. 2 2. 5 3. 9 4. 28 5. 64 6. 81 7. 320...

The Gateway Arch in St. Louis, Missouri is not a parabola but a shape known as a catenary. The name is given to the shaoe formed by the Graph of the hyperbolic cosine (cosh). The arch has a height of 625 feet andna span of 600 feet. The hyperbolic cosine is defined as: Cosh x...

A corpse was discovered in a motel room at midnight and uts temperature was 82°F. The temperature dropped to 80.5°F two hours later. Given k is a constant for the object in question, S is the surrounding temperature, t represents the time and theta(of time) is the ...

It's a 2x3 cage making the 6 cages

You have been hired by the Humane Society to construct six animal cages using 1400 feet of chain fence. Express the length and width using function notation. Include a graph with the area function with explanation of significance. Find the dimensions that maximize the total ...

4th grade math
What do you need to do to extend a number pattern

An aluminum can is filled to the brim with a liquid. The can and the liquid are heated so their temperatures change by the same amount. The can’s initial volume at 5 oC is 3.5×10−4​ m3. The coefficient of volume expansion for aluminum is 69&...

physical science
how far was a box moved if 558.6 joules of work was done when a force 126Newtons was exerted to move the box?

physical science
how far was a box moved if 558.6 joules of work was done when a force 126Newtons was exerted to move the box?

if your smoke detector contains 0.10 mg of 241Am how long will it take to decay 1.25times10 to the second power

An airplane has an airspeed of 100km/h north. if there is a 30km/h headwind what is its groundspeed

simplify completely -2 (2x + y) -7x + 2y?

factor the following: 9x²-66x+21

criminal justice
who would be in charge of the merged departments by john t krimmel.

B the signal-detection theory of sound and sleep

Every night in Cordele,Georgia,24 trains crisscross the city's five mile radius.Each train blows its whistle to alert citizens that it is passing through.Because of the residentof Cordele can sleep through all these whistles.

Language Arts

social studdies

How do you do this one? Almir can seal a driveway in 4 hours. Working together, he and Louis can seal it in 2.3 hours. How long would it take Louis to seal it working alone? Thanks in advance. D:3+4D=19 Driveway (D) = Rate * Time let Louis' time alone be t hours so Louis&#...

international business
All you guys do is talk and no help when you get to this site please be specific now I need the help and have no leads.