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  1. Math

  2. Science HELP PLZZZ

    Thanks Ms. Sue
  3. Science HELP PLZZZ

    What Environmental Pressures Exsists Now That May Be Shaping The Human Species. PLEASE HELP THANK YOUU
  4. English

    what is intermittent
  5. Math

    1. What is 16-5? 2. What is 93.50 divided by 11?
  6. English

    Have you looked up what fanatic means? I have never read The Sniper, so I'm not sure that I'll get it one hundred percent right
  7. Social Studies Grade 8

    I already have the answer for the first one
  8. Social Studies Grade 8

    These are the times that try men's souls was written by____. (1 point) William Howe planned to capture the American capital which was located in ____. (1 point) What was the significance of the American victory at Saratoga? (1 point) Which of the following statements was ...
  9. social studies

    Which country are you referring to? Algeria:In 1954, the National Liberation Front (FLN) launched the Algerian War of Independence which was a guerrilla campaign. By the end of the war, newly elected President Charles de Gaulle, understanding that the age of empire was ending...
  10. algebra

    1/4 - 2/3x = 3/4 - 1/3
  11. HEALTH

    Is there a word bank?
  12. Language Arts 8A

    Wow. Guys. Seriously! Mrs.Sue tries to help you with your homework, but what does she get in return? Bratty little kids who are too ungrateful to take the help. We were always told as kids that we are the future, but I don't want the future to be full of a bunch of bratty ...
  13. english

    make 30 prepotional phrases undrline the prepotion and incircle the object of the prepotional
  14. 7th grade math Ms. Sue please check

    6 is B. If you divide 15 by 100, it's .15 and if you multiply .15 by 58.50, it's 8.775, which is about $9.00
  15. 7th grade Math quick help Ms. Sue

    Good point Mariana. I mean it's bound to happen sometimes. Some people may not go to Connections Academy; whatever that may be. I go to the local middle school and this was my homework over break. :)