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The radius of a circular field is 31.5 meters.what is its circumference ?

What is civilisation What is civilisation .

when one gram of water solidifies to ice 333.33 j of heat is evolved. calculate enthalpy of fusion of ice?

What absorbs more heat, aluminum foil or black paper?

How many moles of water are contained in 160ml of water at 4'c?


social studies
Because i

I have written a persuasive paragraph on the topic of "Knowledge is Power" Please correct the paragraph. "Knowledge is Power" is an idealistic statement and there are three points to prove this. Firstly, when you have knowledge, you can get excellent ...

Please help me in writing a persuasive essay on the following topc 'It takes discipline to win'

what is controversy of PLuto's status as a planet Here are a couple: It has a much more eccentric and tilted orbit than any of the other planets. Its orbit is tilted at an angle to the plane of the orbits of the other planets. It’s smaller than some of the planetary ...

what is search for extrasolar planets? Looking for planets around stars other than our own sun.

business law
A partnership is created:a a)If the managing partner files appopriate papers with the secretary of state. b)If two or more persons or entities engage in an ongoing business activity for profit. c)Upon the issuance of stock to the partners. d)Once there is a valid partnership ...

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