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Business statistics
If the arithmetic mean of two numbers is 15 and their geometric mean is 9 find the two numbers

a stone of mass 0.5kg is drop from a height of 12m. calculate; it's kinetic energy. (g=10m/s2).

The 5th term of an arithmetic progression is 23 and the 12th term is 37.find the third term and common different

Mercy must obtain an average mark of at least 85 to get an A grade in her mathematics examination,out of the four examinations she obtained 80,85 and 82 in the first three. Find the mark she must obtain on the fourth examination of to enable her get an A grade.

A flag pole and a building stand on the same horizontal level from a point P at the bottom of the building the angle of elevation of the top T of the flag pole is 68 degree.From the top Q of the building the angle of elevation of the point T is 28 degree.If the building is 20m...

in a GP, the sum of the 3rd and 4th terms is -4/3 and the sum of the 4th and 5th terms is -4/9. Find the 6th term.

A man is 6times as old as his six years time he will be 42years old is his son now?pls solve

Find the missing dimension. height: 15 ft area: 285 ft

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A compound amongst BcL3,alcl3,fecl3,pcl3 which cannot act as lewis acid

A tennis player makes a return at a speed of 18m/s and at a height of 3m to land in the court at a horizontal distance of 12m from her. What are the possible angles of projection of the wall


A rower whose speed of rowing is u crosses a river of width s to a point exactly opposite. Find the time of the journey if the speed of the stream is V( less than u)

The brain can be studied using: A. electrical, biochemical and magnetic means. B. radio frequencies, computers, and neurotransmission. C. neurotransmitting, electrical, and biochemical means D. biochemical, neurotransmitting, and magnetic means. I think its A, but not so sure ...

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Its because im interested in this subject


write three numbers that are greater than 1,543,000 but less than 1,544,00