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  1. Math

    thank you for ur help
  2. Math

    9.6+w-2.5=-8 Find w.
  3. Science(Help NOW, Pls)

    when rock layers are pulled from opposite directions, one block tilts up, while the other block does what? answer pls, need help.
  4. English

    thank you to you all. :)
  5. English

    thank you to you both. :)
  6. English

    another word for the word derived. pls help. thank you. :)
  7. Science(Help NOW, Pls)

    wat elements make up water? pls help! i will be very happy if you do! :S
  8. Science(Help NOW, Pls)

    how is solar energy used in space and for what purpose?
  9. Science(Help NOW, Pls)

    ok thank you. :)
  10. Science(Help NOW, Pls)

    ok thank you, you helped a lot. :)
  11. Science(Help NOW, Pls)

    organisms in which domain live in every environment? pls help, im stuck on this one. :S
  12. English

    its because it looks strange on a man and not strange on a women.
  13. Spelling

    ok thanks.
  14. Spelling

    wats another word for happiness.
  15. Social Studies

    ok thanks.
  16. Social Studies

    were is madagscar located.
  17. Gym

    they each grab the ends and pull until it flips over and they fall on top of each other.
  18. Science

    what does biotic and abiotic mean.