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  1. Managerial Economics

    SQ sells ties and currently has sales of 1,200 units a month, producing a revenue of £36,000. It competes with TR, who is now considering a price cut of 25%. The PED for SQ is –1.5 and the CED between the two products is 0.8. a) Calculate the effect of TR’s ...
  2. commercial law

    1. Res perit domino means the owner bears the risk of loss. In a contract of sale, the vendor binds himself to deliver a thing sold to the vendee for a price or consideration in money or its equivalent. In a contract of sale, ownership over the thing sold is transferred by ...
  3. Physics

    A block slides down a frictionless 3m long inclined plane making 10 degrees with the horizontal. The block starts from rest. Find acceleration of the block and its speed at the bottom.
  4. Physics

    A dart is loaded into a spring-loaded toy dart gun by pushing the spring in by a ?distance d. For the next loading?the spring is compressed a distance d/3. How much ?work is required to load the second dart compared to that required to load the first? A)nine times as much B)...
  5. statistics

    An unfair coin has a probability of coming up heads of 0.55 the coin is tossed 4 times. What is the probability that it lands heads at least once?
  6. Math Pre-Cal (Exponential Functions)

    A house was valued at $110,000 in the year 1985. The value appreciated to $145,000 by the year 2005. -What was the annual growth rate between 1985 and 2005? Assume that the house value continues to grow by the same percentage. -What did the value equal in the year 2010?
  7. Pre-Cal (Math)

    An instructor has determined that students' grads on the final exam depend on the amount of time, t, they spend studying for it and can be modeled by the formula g(t)=(21t+10)/(20t+45). Note that the function's output is a fraction or decimal which should then be ...
  8. Question

    Perhaps unintelligent? Are you trying to write an essay?
  9. Help please? Math 141 (Pre-Cal)

    The number of Sasquatch living t years after 2016 is given by the formula s(t)=(51t+84)/(3t+28). -What value does the Sasquatch population approach in the long run? When will the population (rounded to the nearest Sasquatch) reach this value? (This vale would never be an ...
  10. Help please? Math 141 (Pre-Cal) (Shapes)

    Thanks for the help, I just started this math course and I'm pretty sure I don't know much derivative calculus yet!
  11. Help please? Math 141 (Pre-Cal) (Shapes)

    Hi everyone I am lost on how to do this math problem: A. You have 180 feet of fencing with which to construct a rectangular pen. What is the maximum area you can enclose? B. Going back to part A, you decide to build your rectangular pen next to a large barn. (Assume the barn ...
  12. Math

  13. math

    the sum of a number and 19 is at least 8.2.
  14. Math

    Solve h/-5=34
  15. math

    Simplify 8x-4(5x-3)
  16. Math help

    Simplify the expression 6-a+4-12a-11 11a+1
  17. Math check

    42ft 1in
  18. Math check

    Add and simplify 9 ft 6in 8ft 8in 8ft 5in 7ft 11in 6ft 7 in _______ 38ft 37in
  19. Math

    It's 25 then I thought negative plus positive = subtraction but take the sign of the larger absolute value
  20. Math

    Is this correct -18+43= 75
  21. Math help

    Oh yeah -6, 0, 6.2, 7, 14
  22. Math help

    -44, -12, -8 1/2, -6.4, -6, 0, 14
  23. Math help

    Order the number from least to greatest -44, -8 1/2, 0, 6.2, -12, -6.4, 14, 7, -6
  24. Math

    Sophia owes her brother $25. she gives her brother $18 she earned dog sitting. Write an addition expression to describe the situation
  25. Math

    Write and integer for each situation: Is this right A) A profit of $15 $15 B) A withdrawal of $9 -$9
  26. Math

    What is twice the sum of 124 and 96? Is this right 124+96=220 220+220=440 answer is 440
  27. math

    Can you help me solve Write in to other ways decimal and percent 4/250
  28. math

    Write 14,060,000,000,000 in scientific notation
  29. math help

    Simplify the ratio 18 to 0.6 Is this right 18 ×10 0.6×10 180/6 6/6 30:1
  30. math check

    Round 210,290,290,290.21029 to the nearest ten million 210,300,000,000
  31. math

    7/8 p = 14 how to do problem
  32. math

    W÷5/6=11/12 how to do the problem
  33. math

    W÷5/6=11/12 how to do the problem
  34. math

    Find the GCF and LCM of 18 and 42
  35. math

    Round 209,999.598 to the nearest hundredths
  36. math

    Louis has 7 1/2ft of red ribbon. How many red bows can he make using 3/4ft pieces of ribbon for each bow?
  37. science

    What type of star is the Sun?
  38. Math

    A spinner is divided into 12 equal segment that are numbered 1 through 12. what is the probability that the spinner will not land on 4 or 5? Reduce if necessary
  39. math mixed number

    I'm stuck I don't know
  40. math mixed number

    One inch equals 2.45 cm. Express the number of centimeters in an inch as a mixed number 2.54/1×100/100 2 54/100
  41. math decimal

    write each fraction or mixed number as a decimal - 56/60 = .93 90/200 = 0.45
  42. Math check

    write the decimal as a fraction or a mixed number in simplest form 5.705 5.705/1× 1000/1000 5 705/1000
  43. Math check

    write the decimal as a fraction or a mixed number in simplest form 2.67 2.67/1× 100/100 = 267/100 267/100 = 2 67/100?
  44. math check

  45. math check

    what is half the difference between 187 and 49? 187-49= 138/2 answer is 69?
  46. math check

    a rectangle has an area of 319 square centimeters, and a length of 11 centimeters. what is its width? 319-22 =298 widths
  47. math check

    2k=14.6 K=29.2
  48. Math check

    Round 210, 028, 546, 555 to the nearest million 9,000,000
  49. Math check

    Oh yes your right, 1 more crate for the extra dvds thanks
  50. Math check

    michael has 79 dvds. He can store 15 dvds in a wooden crate. how many crates will he need 79÷15 = 5 but I get a remainder 4. Is it right to say he'll need 5 crates
  51. Math check

    Jack the parrot has learned to say, jack wants a cracker, if he repeats the phrase every 5 minutes for 3 hours and is given a cracker each time he asked for one how many crackers will he eat? 12 crackers ea hour 12 × 3= 36
  52. Math check

    If the radius of a circle is 5 cm what is the area? Formula A=pi r^2 A=3.14×5×5 A=78.50
  53. Math check

    what is the measure of an angle that is supplementary to the following angle. An Acute angle of 57º 57º+90º= Answer 147º
  54. Math

    Pls check - Solve 9^2-7 (16÷2^3) 9^2-7 (16÷8) 81-7 (2) 81-14 67
  55. Math

    Pls check - Solve 9^2-7 (16÷2^3) 9^2-7 (16÷8) 81-7 (2) 81-14 67
  56. Math

    Pls check write this number in standard form Nine hundred two trillion six hundred seven 902,000,000,000,607
  57. Math

  58. Math

    peyton has1218 fancy hat in her closet. if payton gives grace 1/3 of those fancy hats how many fancy hats will grace have?
  59. Math

    Write six hundred billion,two hundred thousand, two in expanded firm using exponents Please check 600, 000, 200, 002 (6×10^11)+(2×10^6)+(2×10^1)
  60. Math

    Its 9
  61. Math

    the number is less than 20 it is an odd 1 digit number, is not the number of sides of a triangle it can be divided by 3
  62. Math

    Thank you!!
  63. Math

    6×(10+6)-6^2 =6×16-6^2 =96-36 =60
  64. Math

    Pls check (3×8+4^2)-9 24+16 40-9 31 6×(10+6)-6^2 6×16 96-6^2 96-36 60
  65. math

    Order of operation (2×3+7^2)-10
  66. Math

    Write each number in expanded form using exponents. Pls check 1, 234 (1*10^3)+(3*10^2)+(2×10^1)+4 210, 290, 450 (2*10^8)+(1*10^7)+(2*10^6)+(9*10^5)+(4*10^4)+5 7,123,456,089 (7*10^9)+(1*10^8)+(2*10^7)+(3*10^6)+(4*10^5)+(5*10^4)+(6*10^3)+(8*10^2)+(9*10^1)
  67. Math

    Tom has a bag filled with 10 green balls, 5 red balls and 5 blue balls, what part on toms bag has green balls
  68. Math

    One side of a square frame measures 12 inches. What is the perimeter of the frame? Is this right 12*4=48 Perimeter =48
  69. Math

    Ok thank you all. I got 138.16 So I round it 138.2
  70. Math

    Not sure, it has a line through the middle of the circle with 44mm
  71. Math

    Find the circumference of the circle. Round to the nearest tenth. The middle of the circle is 44mm
  72. Math

    instruments played in a band include a piano drum guitar and saxophone.dave does not use his mouth to play his instrument. ted and lindas instruments have strings. dave, sue and linda carry their instruments.who plays each instrument?
  73. math

    Not sure but I will use that then
  74. math

    That's what I had and teacher marked it wrong. She said write it in digit # form
  75. math

    Write the value of 8 in digit # form 15.285
  76. Math

    The sum of two numbers is 14. The difference of the numbers is 2. What are the numbers
  77. Math

    The sum of two numbers is 14. The difference of the numbers is 2. What are the numbers
  78. Math

    Write as an improper fraction 2 4/5 Is it 14/5
  79. math

    Write as an improper fraction 2 4/5 is it 14/5
  80. Math

    Bill spends 30 minutes on his homework. Dave spent three times as long as bill and jill spent twice as long as bill & dave together. How many total minutes did they spend on homework? How many hours is that
  81. Math

    Is this correct Find the Range, is it 106 67 23 83 129 23 129-23=106
  82. math

  83. math

    Ok I didn't put the decimal after 87 & I got it wrong (15.58) thanks!
  84. math

    Solve 87-16.45=
  85. Math

    Write in expanded form 24,307,241 Is this correct 20,000,000+4,000,000+300,000+ 7,000+200+40+1
  86. Math

    Rank the following from greatest to least. 297.086, 297.8, 297.062 Is this correct 297.062, 297.086, 297.8
  87. Math

    Predict the number of digits in the quotient for 9,010 divided by 8
  88. Math

    Sorry I meant 129.63
  89. Math

    Solve for v 129.36-v=36.41 is this correct v=93.22
  90. Math

  91. Math

    order the following numbers from least to greatest 3.34; 3.034; 3.403 Is this correct- 3.034; 3.34; 3.403
  92. Science

    A garden contains 20 different species of plants. Five of these plants are ferns. What percent of the garden is made up of ferns?
  93. Math

    Write two word phrases for 6 + v
  94. math

    name the operation needed to solve at the airport 72 people are waiting to board 9 different planes. If an equal number of people board each plain, how many people get on each plane?
  95. Math

    name the property and explain 26×(2×8)=(26×2)×8
  96. Math

    Write 91, 008.34 in word form.
  97. Math

    A decade is 10 years. Which expression gives the number of years in d decades, 10+d, 10d, or d÷10. Explain your choice.
  98. science

    How are mammals and fish alike
  99. math

    Solve each equation by testing the given values for a variable y-9=11 y=18, 19, or 20
  100. math

    Two gallons cost $2.90. You have to add
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