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Calculate the cash discount and the net amount due for the following transaction. Amount of Invoice Terms of Sale Cash Discount Net Amount Due $12,660.00 2/10, n/45


social studies
Why did we go through all of the trouble of landing on the moon in the first place? Why didn’t we use the money we spent going to the moon on improving the conditions of poor people here in the United States?

algebra application
find the amount of interest and monthly payment for loan. Purchasing a living room set for $3,900 at 12% add-on interest for 2 years. (round monthly payment to the nearest cent)

find the amount of interest and monthly payment for loan. Purcase a living room set for 3,900 at 12% add-on interest for 2 years. round your monthly payment to the nearest cent.

4. What does Paine,thomas say to the Tories who stand in the way of Independence? Why did he believe it necessary to address part of his essay to them?

5th grade
time is gold, we should not waste time because time is valuable that everyone need to value most.

PHI103: Informal Logic
an average for the individuals that make up that average

Students rights and teachers' Responsibilities Sce
Is it fair to infringe on students rights for the sake of the learning environment? Why or why not?

essay writing
means organizing your evidence using either from general to specific or from whole to part.

it will not stop me because profession is a continually search for me it will better me as a educator to be

i don't know any of this

what are the example of suspension,colloid and solution found in your house

disrupt a class
Do you really think that students have the right to disrupt a class?

physical science
As an object approaches the Earth’s surface, what will its acceleration be?

Aed 200
What are the funfamental differences between western philosophy and eastern way of knowing Generally, How does each culture view the world and enducation? How can you incorporate seemingly different ways of knowing in your curriculum?