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Math help....
3r=-6cosx I need help converting to rectangular form also:change to polar co-ordinate form 3xy=5

World Languages
Sentence: Nuria, mi entrenadora, recomendaron que la clase ________ en forma. Choices: a. Se pusiera b. nos ponemos c. Se ponen D. Te ponías

the height of a parallelogram is 4.5cm.the base is twice the height.what is the area

Rotational inertia I=mr^2 while m is 6 kg and r is 0.6 m B) torque =Ia while a is -5 rad/s

what is the weight in kg and height in cm for a patient who weighs 130 ponds and is 5ft 7 inches tall?

two forces of magnitudes 7N and 9N act at an angle alpha such that sin alpha=0.4. Find the magnitudes of the two possible resultants

If you roll a fair die 100 times and 35 of the rolls result in a six, what would be the probability of the outcome of a 2, P(2)? P(2) = 0.02 P(2) = 2 P(2) = 35 P(2) = 0.35

Which of the following defines the probability of an event A, or P(A)? The probability of A equals 0.50. The probability of A equals the number of possible outcomes in the sample space divided by the number of outcomes favorable to A. The probability of A equals the number of ...

is this true or false-when a bird, flying at a velocity of 10m.s-1 east, encounters a wind blowing at 8m.s-1 west, its velocity relative to an observer on the ground is 18m.s-1west ? PLEASE XPLAIN IT 2ME

is it true or false the monochromatic light has photons of different energies? PLZ DNT 4GET 2 XPLAIN IT

Is true or false- a lamp functioning at peak voltage (AC) will glow with the same brightness when connected to a battery of the same voltage (DC)? PLZ DNT 4GT 2 XPLAIN DA ANSWER

True or false- the number of bright bands per unit length observed in an interference pattern on a screen, will increase when the wavelength of the waves passing through a double slit increases- if ur kind enough plz xplain it 2me

how to calculate delta h for the reaction 2B(s)+3H2(g)arrow B2H6(g)given the following data: 2B(s)+3/2O2(g)arrowB2O3(s) deltaH=-1273kj B2H6(g)+3O2(g)arrowB2O3(s)+3H2O(g) deltaH=-2035kj H2(g)+1/2O2(g)arrowH2O(l) deltaH=-286kj H2O(l)arrowH2O(g) deltaH=+44kj

I have to write an essay on the aims of Giacometti and Hansen in the sculptures- (no ideas what hansens one was called) man holding a paintbrush, and the walking man.

what was the body make up like in africa Does it specify what part of Africa in the question? I have no knowledge of this subject, but assume it would be much different in South Africa than it would in Egypt. Matt Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. No doubt ...

Suppose that f(h)=(8+2h)^1/3 Use the linear approximation to estimate the value of f(h) for small values of h. Give your answer in terms of h. Thanks for all the help. (Sorry Bob for not stating the subject last time) d f(h) = 1/2 ((8+2h)^-2/3 (2) = (1/f(h))^2 so if f(h) = 10...

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