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A newlywed couple wishes to have 3 children. What is the probability of having exactly 2 boys?

The length of a rectangular piece of steel in a bridge is 5 meters less than double the width. The perimeter of the piece of steel is 38 meters. Find the length of the piece of steel. Find the width of the piece of steel.

For the polynomial function, (a) list all possible rational zeros, (b) find all rational zero, and (c) factor f(x)! f(x)=6x^3+13x^2_41x+12

computer programming
Develop a menu-driven program that inputs two numbers and, at the user's option, finds their sum, difference, product, or quotient.

Explain how you can use division by a fraction to figure out how many 4-oz are in 3 lbs

Corporate finance
Asume a project has the following returns for year 1to 5: 15%, 4%, -13%, 34%, 17%. What is the approximate expected return on this investment?

What is the freezing point of a 0.5m aqueous solution of C6H12O6?

List two tools that can be used to analyze experimental data?

social studies

well you see you don't really need to do that and the mangment system is the modom.