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Venous return from the limbs, particularly the lower limb, to the heart is a complex process. Explain with diagrams as appropriate the mechanism(s) that facilitate venous return from the lower limb.

a) What is meant by the terms dermal (intramembranous) and endochondral with respect to bone? Give an example of each. b) With the aid of simple diagrams, describe the parts of a young (growing) bone, as typified by the femur. i am comfused with that

Which of the following mixtures will be a buffer when dissolved in a liter of water? a. 0.1 mol Ca(OH)2 and 0.3 mol HI b. 0.3 mol NaCl and 0.3 mol HCl c. 0.4 mol NH3 and 0.4 mol HCl d. 0.2 mol HBr and 0.1 mol NaOH e. 0.2 mol H3PO4 and 0.1 mol NaOH i think e is answer but not ...

A sample of ammonia (Kb = 1.8 * 10-5) is titrated with 0.1 M H2SO4. At the equivalence point, the pH is approximately Isn't it should be 5 right i believe.

4) Which of the following is the most effective buffer system for a pH value of 4.45? a. H2CO3/HCO3- (K1 = 4.4 * 10-7) b. HCO3-/CO32- (K2 = 4.7 * 10-11) c. H2S/HS- (K1 = 1.0 * 10-7) d. HC2O4-/C2O42- (K2 = 5.0 * 10-5) e. H3PO4/H2PO4- (K1 = 7.5 * 10-3) I think is D. Because when...

Which of the following when added to water will cause a significant change in the pH of the solution? 1 NH4HSO4 2 (NH4)2SO4 3 Na2SO4 I believe the answer is 1 & 2. is that right.