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  1. Language Arts

    That's the conclusion I need help with damn you think I'ma end it with "So there you have it"? I already got it turned in so i'm not active for this question anymore
  2. Language Arts

    NEED HELP WITH MY CONCLU. Minecraft and Terraria I know most of us can agree for both Minecraft and Terraria are very good games. But between the two it’s hard to agree on one of them. Well, I’m here to differentiate the two to make it easier for you guys. But ...
  3. Language Arts

    I have a question, how would I make the thesis with a compare and contrast essay
  4. Language Arts

    I'll see what I can do, thank you.
  5. Language Arts

    shoot my bad, Minecraft 3D less weapons and armor less bosses Both good ratings Terraria 2D more weapons and armor more bosses
  6. Language Arts

    I need help with my Compare and Contrast Essay, its a Minecraft V.S. Terraria, so far I've got Minecraft Both Terraria 3D good ratings 2D less weapons more weapons less bosses more bosses soo yea I need some help, with both the essay and the compare and contrast paper