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  1. Trigonometry

    Thank you. The answer came out to 20degree + 60degreeK, 30degree + 60 degreeK, 40degree + 60degreek.
  2. Trigonometry

    how would I convert these to degrees?
  3. Trigonometry

    Find all degree solutions. (Enter your answers as a comma-separated list. Let k be any integer.) 2 cos2 6? + 3 cos 6? + 1 = 0
  4. Game Design

  5. biological science

    please discuss physiologically the importance of human tissues
  6. Math

    What is smallest 3 digit number using 1,0,6,2,9,7, with digits repeated and without digits repeated?
  7. Algebra

    In six years Jill will be twice as old as Amanda. One year ago Jill was nine times older than Amanda. How old is Jill now? I tried 6 + 2x = x because in six years Jill will be twice Amanda's age, but this doesn't work. I need a formula to work out but don't know ...
  8. 4th grade math

    Bebo wants 6/10 of floor tiles to be red. If she uses 18 red tiles, how many square tiles will be used to cover the floor. Show an area model
  9. Phycis

    How much kinectic energy does a ball have when it is 25 meters from the ground with the potential energy of 1470J
  10. geometry

    did you get this answer?
  11. Life orientation

    List 5 practical actions that you can take to adress human rights violations of xenophobia
  12. Math

    What if I want a garden with 88 square feet and the length measures 11 feet. Is the equation for this 11wx8=88?
  13. Math

    -1/2 divided _____________= -7/3 how do I get the number that equals -7/3
  14. Math

    The temperature at noon is 75 degreesF. The temperature drops 3 degrees every half hour. What is the temperature at I'm studying Multiplying Rational numbers and I don't know how to set this up.
  15. psychology

    1. Choose a behavior you would like to shape on someone you know. Select a terminal and initial behavior and the steps you would use to shape the behavior. Would you utilize punishment or reinforcement? Would fixed or variable outcomes play a role in your procedure?
  16. psy 410

    Please highlight your chosen answer for the following Multiple Choice & True/False questions. 1. Which of the following is NOT usually one of the effects of abuse on a child? A) Children are likely to feel that the outcomes of events are determined by external factors beyond ...
  17. psy 410

    Which of the following is NOT usually one of the effects of abuse on a child?
  18. Poly

    Find the indicated limit, if it exists. -4 -12 -8 The limit does not exist.
  19. Statistics

    Suppose that the distance of fly balls hit to the outfield (in baseball)is normally distributed with a mean of 250 feet and a standard deviation of50 feet. a. If X = distance in feet for a fly ball, then X ~ _____(_____,_____) b. If one fly ball is randomly chosen from this ...
  20. Math

    That's the entire question. It does tell you the cost of the tires.
  21. Math

    Juan bought two new tires for his bike. He also had the bike tuned up. The total bill was $65. How much did Juan spend on the 2 tires? My daughter thinks just divide by 2 and they are 32.50
  22. Math

    Thank you very much. I just needed the formula and you provided that so now I understand to resolve these type of problems
  23. Math

    How much money would a person need to deposit today at 9% annual interest compounded monthly to have 12000. in the account after 6 Years?
  24. Chemistry

    Dinitrogen tetraoxide decomposes to give nitrogen dioxide. Calculate the equilibrium concentration of NO2 at 100oC if the equilibrium constant is 0.200 and [N2O4] = 0.800M. N2O4(g) ¡ê 2 NO2(g)
  25. Newtons Law of Cooling

    A salad with a temperature of 43F is taken from the refrigerator and placed on the table in a room that is 68F. After 12 min the temperature of the salad is 55F. What will the temperature of the salad be after 20 min.
  26. algebra

    Graph the piecewise function given by f(x)= -1/3x +2, x<0 x-5,x>0
  27. algebra

    The area of a rectangle formula is A = lw. Suppose that the width is 5 less than the length. Express area as a function of the width.
  28. statistics

    A college student takes a standardized test and scores a 163. If the mean is 155 and the standard deviation is 7, what is the student’s percentile rank? (Assume a normal distribution.)
  29. precal

    what is the 7th geometric sequence when a10 is 9 and a13 is -72
  30. Accounting 205

    help with paper on basic transaction processing fr Richard Simmons
  31. Business

    You are developing a data base for Army tracked combat vehicles and you are normalizing the data base to base year 2007 dollars. What number would you enter into the data base for a vehicle budgeted at $1,725,000 in the FY08 appropriation?
  32. mathematics

    Given the points A(-1;-1) ,B(2;5) ,C(-1;-5/2) and D( X;-4) andAB perpendicular to CD, determine the value of X
  33. statistic/Psychology

  34. Statistic/Psychology

    3+3+3=9, so D 63 to 81 is the answer for 99.5% of the time.
  35. mathematics

    The base of a pyramid is a regular hexagon consisting of six equilateral triangles with side of 30cm .Calculate the area of the base of the pyramid?
  36. English

    Explain why the literary work captured your interest, using term and concepts form the text to support your explanation.
  37. math

    Can you double check my answer for me. The question is Corinne calculated the area of a paper plate to be 50.27 square inches. If the actual area of the plate is 55.42 square inches , what is the relative error in calculating the area, to the nearest thousandth. I got 0.093 I ...
  38. math

    thank you :)
  39. math

    Can you let me know if I got the correct answer. The question says the expression (10w^3)^2/5w is equivalent to? I got 20w^5 , Is this correct? Thanks
  40. Physics

    A compact disc spins at 2.7 revolutions per second. An ant is walking on the CD and finds that it just begins to slide off the CD when it reaches a point 2.6 cm from the CD's center. (a) What is the coefficient of friction between the ant and the CD?
  41. Math

    Thank you! :)
  42. Math

    The question is that the length of a rectangle is 15 and its width is w. The perimeter of the rectangle,at most,50. Which inequality can be used to find the longest possible width? A. 30+2w<50 b. 30+2w<or=50 c.30+2w>50 d. 30+2w>or=50 so I did L=15 p=2(15)+2w<or=...
  43. Math

    For a fundraiser the soccer team is planning to sell potting soil. The two boxes they will use to sell the soil are shown below. How much do you think they ought to charge for the larger box of potting soil based on the volume of the two boxes? Explain in detail and give ...
  44. Math

    Merrie is putting away the 1 cubic centimeter blocks. She has a box that is 24 cm by 12 cm by 6 cm. How many cubes can she put away in this box?
  45. health and wellness

    what are some of the most important elements of health and wellness? explain your response in 150 -300 words
  46. Chemistry

    total Q=2350.37
  47. statistics

    23 percent of all homes purchased were investments 800 homes were sold what is probability 175 of homes were for investment
  48. math

    Solve the system of equations by graphing 2x+y=8 X+3y=9
  49. algebra

    •What are two symbolic techniques used to solve linear equations? •Which do you feel is better? •Explain why
  50. business

    consider the factorsw from the situationa leadership theory outlined in figure 12.4. Apply these factors to Facobs and Windber
  51. math

    A barrel contains 163 gallons of paint and is being drained at a constant rate of 12 gallons per minute Write an equation that models the number of gallons, g, after t minutes The equation that models the given situation is
  52. math

    A barrel contains 163 gallons of paint and is being drained at a constant rate of 12 gallons per minute Write an equation that models the number of gallons, g, after t minutes The equation that models the given situation is
  53. math

    3a+2-5a=-14 combine like terms right?
  54. Math

  55. bookkeeping version 1

    The assets division should contain what accounts?
  56. english

    Ihave to write a polished paragraph to take with me when I go for my interview. I have to create the pretend job and my field of study using experience that motivated me
  57. lifeorentation

    Identify and discribe one environmental problem that causes ill ,accidents,crises and disaster
  58. astronomy

    A body has four times the mass of the Earth but its radius is two times larger. What is the acceleration of gravity on the surface of this planet? If you were on this planet, should you be able to jump (on average) farther distances, shorter distances or the same distances as ...
  59. fin/370

    Firm A had $10,000 in assets entirely financed with equity. Firm B also has $10,000, but these assets are financed by $5,000 in debt (with a 10 percent rate of interest) and $5,000 in equity. Both firms sell 10,000 units of output at $2.50 per unit. The variable costs of ...
  60. math

    a certain center uses both form and form b if form a is used 4 times more than form b and in the course of one day they use form a and b 750 times how many times was form a used
  61. business

    which of the following would not be an informative or positive message? summary, procedures manual, transmittal, and direct request
  62. business

    which statement presents a negative element in a positive way? the part cant be replaced at no charge only if your unit is less two years old. if your unit is too old,you will have to pay 49$ for a replacement part. we cannot replace the part for free on those older units. You...
  63. Algebra2

    in the triangle ABC, the measure of angle b=21 more than three times the measure of angle A. the measure of angle C=54 more than the measure of angle A. find the measure of each angle
  64. Math

    How to write l,582,658,124 in word form
  65. Grammar

    Select the correctly punctuated sentence. 1. Thank you for asking me to meet with your patient, Wonder Woman, who came to the appointment accompanied by her husband. 2.Thank you for asking me to meet with your patient Wonder Woman who came to the appointment accompanied by her...
  66. physics

    There was no height given and no other info given for this problem. Per the textbook, the answers are (a) 1.57sec (b) 41.9m/s (c) 51.3m/s and -45 degree angle. But I can't figure out how the answers were calculated?
  67. physics

    yes the question was copied correctly.
  68. physics

    Suppose a stone is thrown at an angle of 30 degrees below the horizontal, if it strikes the ground 57m away, find (a)the time of flight, (b)the initial speed, and (c) the speed and the angle of the velocity vector with respect to the horizontal impact.
  69. Math

    1. add -n and -4n=-5n 2. add -4+15=11 =-5n+11
  70. algebra 1

  71. algebra

    what is 2.5 equivalent to in decimal form? find that out and you will have the answer.
  72. reading

    Could 8th grades books to read? I am more on a college/highschool reading level but i need the appropriateness for an 8th grader. thanks.
  73. Math

    yes sorry about that :)
  74. Math

    Hi, I was just curious if anyone remembers how to turn a repeating fraction into a decimal?
  75. math

    1,560 1600 2000
  76. Engllish

    He gives the appearance of being a sales man
  77. Math

    For a class test, the mean score was 65, the median score was 71 and sthe standard deviation of the scores was 7. The teacher decided to add 5 points to each score due to a grading error. Which of the folloiwng must be true for thenew scores? TH
  78. PHYSICS _ please help

    A metal block of volume 1 * 10^3 cm^3 is suspended from a thread as shown in the diagram. It is lowered into a beaker of liquid of unknown density until it is completely immersed but does not touch the bottom of the beaker. The beaker rests on a balance. The reading of the ...
  79. stoichiometry

    How many moles of hydrogen are needed to completely react with 2.0 moles of nitrogen? N2 + 3H2 -- 2 NH3
  80. Accounting

    Cambridge Manufacturing Company, Inc. has 200 labor-hours available. There is no limit on machine hours. Cambridge can sell all of Product B that it wants, but it can only sell 30 units and 20 units of Products A and C, respectively. Product-A Product-B Product-C Contribution ...
  81. Intermediate Algebra

    I am suppose to do a graph using these numbers: 6x - 2y = 2 9x - 3y = 1 but I cannot get the graph link to come up any suggestions.
  82. Intermediate Algebra

    Thank you so much.
  83. Intermediate Algebra

    Can someone help me with this problem m-2n=16, 4m + n=1
  84. Chemistry

    2Na + Cl2 > 2NaCl then the question from above - would it still be 10? If so, can you just explain to me how you got there.
  85. Chemistry

    How many mols of NaCl are produced if you start with 5.0 mols of Chlorine?
  86. Comp

    What is the plural possessive of brother-in-law?
  87. Physics

    TWo blocks of massses 20 kg and 8 kg are connected together by a light string and rest on a frictionless level surface. Attached to the 8 kg mas is a second light string, which a person uses to pull both blocks horizontally. If the two-block system accelerates at .5 m/s ...
  88. geometry

    how would I draw a shoe using 2 acute and 2 obtouse angles
  89. Nutrition,Health, and Safety in young children

    : All of the following foods are common allergens EXCEPT ___a._. a. rice b. orange juice c. eggs d. whole wheat bread
  90. Nutrition,Health, and Safety in young children

    : All of the following foods are common allergens EXCEPT ____. a. rice b. orange juice c. eggs d. whole wheat bread
  91. Fundamentals of Cost Analysis (Economic Analysis)

    1) The President's Budget request included $1,345,000 for an Air Force research and development effort in FY11. The project has been delayed three years until FY14. What would be the budget request for FY14 for this effort? (Use the inflation tables at the end of the ...
  92. Science

    Should humans strive to preserve a representative sample of all biomes or aquatic zones? Why should humans be concerned with the extinction rate?
  93. Mth/209

    x/3 = 4/ x + 1
  94. history

    What social, political, and economic changes pulled the North and the South farther apart? What was the final determining factor that led to Southern secession? What social and economic changes discussed in previous chapters fueled sectional conflict?
  95. Science

    can you show me how you got your answer for free.
  96. Science

    can you show me how you got your answer?
  97. physics

    A mountain climber friend with a mass of 80kg ponders the idea of attaching a helium-filled balloon to himself to effectively reduce his weight by 25% when he climbs. He wonders what the approximate size of such baloon would be.
  98. Math

    Petra bought gasoline when the odometer read 15,345.4 .After the next filling, the odometer read 15665.6 .It took 13,4 gal to fill the tank. How many miles did she drive. How many miles per gallon did the car get.
  99. criminal justice

    Provide an example of an effective and an ineffective Supreme Court judge
  100. CRT

    ok thank you for the link.
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