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  1. Science

    Why does evolution matters today if it takes millions of years for an organism to change and adapt? Also, does it have to do with genetic variation?
  2. math

    Lily has $18. Matt has twice as much of a third of the amount that Lily has, and Carolyn has $23 more than Matt has. How much money does Carolyn have

    Elizabeth wants to use a standard number cube to do a simulation for a scenario that involves three equal outcomes. What is one way in which she can do this?
  4. Math

    If the probability of an event happening is p, what is an algebraic expression that represents the probability that the event does not happen?
  5. Calculus 2

    Find the volume of the solid generated by revolving the region bounded by the graphs of the quations about the x-axis. Y=x^2+4 Y=-x^2+2x+8 X=0 X=3
  6. Math

    A 16 ounce box of cereal costs $4.00. How many cents per ounce does cereal cost?
  7. History

    most accurately describes Humanism during the European Renaissance?
  8. Math

    Is the value of the second 5in 450,852,137 one-tenth the value of the first 5? Explain
  9. Math

    1 and 1/4
  10. Mathematics

    I need the answer to angle no
  11. maths

    solve: x^3.5=41.15
  12. Science

    A silver picture frame has a volume of 5.97 cubic centimeters and a mass of 59.7 grams
  13. Math

    A frog was at the bottom of a 12-meter hole. Each day it climbed up 3 meters but always slid back 2 meters. How many days will take the frog to get out of the hole?
  14. Math:Integers

    The sum of two integers is zero. the difference of the same two integers is 12. What are the two integers?
  15. Math 1100

    A pipe 24ft long is cut into four pieces, the first 4ft long, the second 5ft long, and the third 7ft long. What is the length of the remaining piece ?
  16. Physics

    Two forces 18N and 10N are inclined at right angle of 60° to each other. calculate (i) the resultant force (ii) the angle of resultant forces that makes the force of 10N.
  17. Math -Calculus

    Hi, I need help with the problem: "Use a definite integral to find the area of the region under the curve y=6-4x^2 and above the x-axis". I keep getting stuck at 6x-(4x^3/3). Thanks!!
  18. Tx History

    It is D
  19. Math

    Your living room is 20 feet long by 12 feet wide. How long will the living room measure if you create a scale drawing where 1/2 inch = 4 feet?
  20. Math

    Solve the system by the addition method. −5x+7y=4 4x−y=−17
  21. Algebra

    Find a polynomial function of lowest degree with rational coefficients that has the given numbers as some of its zeros.    3-i,sqrt2 f(x)=??
  22. Algebra

    Acme Movers charges ​$280 plus ​$40 per hour to move household goods across town.​ Hank's Movers charges ​$75 per hour. For what lengths of time does it cost less to hire​ Hank's Movers? It costs less to hire​ Hank's Movers for ...
  23. Math

    How can you tell whether an equation has One solution,Many Solution , No solution?
  24. Algebra

    Classify the square root of 17 by the subsets of the real numbers to which it belongs select all that apply. Whole rational real natural integer irrational
  25. English

    Based on what you've learned about the Anglo-Saxon and medieval literature, which type do you think the expert from The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers is more like? Use examples from the excerpt for support. Frodo was lying face upward on the ground and the monster was ...
  26. Math

    Whats the answer
  27. Chemistry

    I had to do a lab and had to calculate the molar mass for a substance with this equation MM=Mrt/pv but we had to calculate the mass of the substance and its temperature experimently. My question is why did we have to boil the liquide in a water containing becker. Why did we ...
  28. Math

    Traveling across a flat land you notice a mountain of f in the distance with an angle of elevations 3.5 degrees. You walk toward the mountain 13 more miles and now the angle of elevation is 9 degrees. How tall is the mountain?

    My answers are b d c

    ____ is rate of change of position. Speed Velocity Acceleration Displacement 2. Which of the following is the difference between speed and velocity? direction units speed none of the above 3. A planet is discovered that is the same size as Earth and has the same gravitational...

    Which of the following is equal to the buoyant force of a rock placed in a beaker of water? (1 point) volume of the displaced fluid weight of the displaced fluid volume of the rock weight of the rock

    CAN SOMEONE CHECK THESE!! 1. Which of the following is a reason why a person might want to wear snowshoes if walking a distance in deep snow? (1 point) snowshoes spread the person’s weight out snowshoes reduce the amount of pressure on a given spot snowshoes keep the ...

    SO is the answer d?

    Given equal concentrations, which of the following produces the fewest hydronium ions in an aqueous solution? strong acid weak acid strong base weak base This is the only question i need help on and i have no clue what ut is! any help?
  35. History

    All were results of the “red scare” EXCEPT (1 point) many state employees had to sign a loyalty oath. many people were accused of having Communist ties. conservatives criticized government welfare programs. Russian immigrants were detained. 2. The site of the most ...
  36. History

    After World War II, the United States was committed to stopping the spread of (1 point) internationalism. communism. colonialism. fascism. is it b?
  37. History

    Some Mexican Americans who were U.S. citizens were deported during the Depression. (1 point) True False is it false?
  38. History

    The percentage of African Americans unemployed during the Depression was twice the rest of the population. never accurately counted. less than the general population. five times the rest of the population.
  39. math

    Jill's age 5 years ago was 4 less than 3 times barry's current age. if the product of their ages now is 200, what is each of their current ages?
  40. math

    A pizza shop offers the toppings shown below. How many different 3-topping pizzas can you make? pepperoni mushrooms sausage onion ham 6 10 ** 4 5
  41. health

    The answer is B. the excretory system. It removes the waste in your body.
  42. health

    So whats the answer?
  43. health and PE

    Is it A
  44. health and PE

    The brain and spinal cord make up the reflex pathway. peripheral nervous system. central nervous system. the fight-or-flight response is it b?
  45. Math

    Then its A right
  46. Math

    Compound Interest A Interest paid on the principal and the interest of a deposit or loan. B Percentage of discount on a purchase C The amount on income taxes paid by a business D Interest paid only on the principal of a deposit or loan Is it d?
  47. Math

  48. Math

    1 Constant of Proportionality A a number that has more than two factos B The distance between the numbers on a scale of a graph C polygon that has four sides D equation to represent a proportional relationship Im pretty sure its D right?
  49. MATH

    so would it be B
  50. lnguage arts

    How dose Frost use analogy in his poems? and How dose Whitman use analogy in his poems?
  51. english language arts

    sorry I meant how is Frankenstein and gothic literature similar?
  52. english language arts

    how frankenstein and gothic literature similar?
  53. science

    thank you
  54. science

    How does driving a car or using electricity lead to global warming?
  55. Calc 2

    The figure shows a semicircle with radius 1, horizontal diameter PQ, and tangent lines at P and Q. At what height above the diameter should the horizontal line be placed so as to minimize the shaded area? I would post the figure but the website is not allowing it. I've ...
  56. physics

    Between 600 Pa and 1,200 Pa
  57. math

    according to the blue line about how many weeks of practice are required to achieve a score of 50? 15 17 19 21
  58. chemistry

    The answer is -174 kJ
  59. Math

    A tall building casts a shadow of 20 meters. John, who is 1.5 meters tall, casts a shadow of 10 cm. how tall is the building?
  60. Health and Physical Ed

    thank you Jane
  61. Health and Physical Ed

    sorry about the number mix up 1:microorganisms 2:carbon dioxide 3:plasma 4:oxygen is it microorganisms?
  62. Health and Physical Ed

    If you choose to smoke, your body will use this substance less efficiently. 1:microorganisms 2:carbon dioxide 3:plasma 3:oxygen I think it is #3
  63. Chemistry

    16.6ml of a solution is run into an empty flask. the mass of the flask is 145.0 g. the mass of the flask plus solution is 158.5 g. what is the density of the solution?
  64. Algebra

    A rectangular pig pen is made of 84 meters of fencing on three sides. The fourth side is a barn wall. Find the dimensions and greatest possible area of the enclosure.
  65. LANguage

    which of the following is part of the novels rising action? A. johnny's growing role delivering messages and acting as a spy for the whigs B. Dr. Warrens imminent surgery on johnnys hand C. The battle on the Lexington green on the morning of April 19, 1775 D. Rabs death in...
  66. math

    orgo has let out 50 meters of kite string when he observes that his kite is directly above zorna. if orgo is 35 meters from zorna, how high is the kite ?
  67. physics

    not my prob
  68. math

  69. math

    -6g+5.8=23.8 a=3 b=-3 c=1.83 d=4.93
  70. science

    I meant A.)computers
  71. science

    b maybe
  72. science

    Which of the following is an important outcome biodiversity that humans use? a.)computers b.)medicines c.)fashion d.)housing
  73. science

    a extinct
  74. science

    if all members of a specie disappears, the species is said to be.. a.)extinct b.)endangered c.)threatened D.)keystone
  75. Physical science

    They are strong and shiney
  76. statistics

    The Economic Policy Institute periodically issues reports on wages of entry level workers. The Institute reported that entry level wages for male college graduates were $21.68 per hour and for female college graduates were $18.80 per hour in 2011 (Economic Policy Institute ...
  77. Chemistry

    The decomposition reaction of A to B has a rate constant of 0.00923 M-1s-1: A → 2B If the initial concentration of A is 0.160 M, how long will it take for the concentration of A to decrease by 68.2%?
  78. Math

    9. Explain how to solve 8 square+9(12 divided by 3 times 2) -7. (5 Points)
  79. chemistry

    The molar heat of fusion of benzene is 9930 J/mol and ∆s= 35.7 j/mol-deg. Calculate the melting point.
  80. Chemistry

    123 g
  81. Chemistry

    Calculate the solubility of silver chloride in a solution that is .170M in NH3
  82. Math

    Thank you, Steve!
  83. Math

    Clayton wants to be a musician. After school one afternoon, he spends half his time practicing the drums and 3/4 of the remaining time on homework and dinner. He spends the remaining 3/4 hour talking with and texting friends. How long did he practice the drums?
  84. Math

    Mrs. Nickels want to divide her 23 students into teams of 4. Is this reasonable?
  85. chemistry

    A solution is made by containing 15 mL of 17.5 M acetic acid with 5.52 g of sodium acetate and diluting to total volume of 1.50 L. Calculate the pH
  86. Chemistry

    A solution is made by containing 15 mL of 17.5 M acetic acid with 5.52 g of sodium acetate and diluting to total volume of 1.50 L. Calculate the pH
  87. History Please

    mady is right
  88. health

    1 is unsaturated fat 2 is carbohydrates 3 is protein here is the full quiz up to number 5 4. Your body uses nutrients from fiber to keep your digestive track healthy true or false--- it is true* 5. When you consume too much of this substance your arteries begin to clog, and ...
  89. Health Information Technology

    I need sample copies of the following - Face Sheet; Registration Form; Doctors Order Form w/orders to include admission, treatment plan, medications; nurses note section; laboratory section; radiology section; doctors progress note section; history & physical section and ...
  90. Physics

    How close to the edge of the 24.0 kg table shown in Figure 9-47 can a 60.0 kg person sit without tipping it over? m Table is 2.2m long each leg is 5m into the table and there is 1.2m in between each leg. The table is 8m in height.
  91. Health Information Technology

    How can I find sample forms so I can create my own
  92. Health Information Technology

    I want to create one on my own but I need to see what the forms looks like in order to do that. How can I find the forms that are in question
  93. Health Information Technology

    These are not blank forms; I need to create my own acute care records with the forms I mentioned above
  94. Health Information Technology

    I have to create an acute care record and am looking for blank medical templates. The list below is what I need Face Sheet; Registration Form; Doctors Order Form w/orders to include admission, treatment plan, medications; nurses note section; laboratory section; radiology ...
  95. Chemistry

    Calculate pH of a solution that is 0.255M in CH3NH2 and 0.105M in CH3NH3Br
  96. Chemistry

    Calculate the pH of a solution that is 0.185M in HC2H3O2 and 0.125M in KC2H3O2
  97. Health Information Tecnology

    I know the documents I need to put this record together. I am looking for sample documents
  98. Health Information Tecnology

    I have a project where I have to create an acute care record for a patient. Can you help with websites
  99. Chemistry

    Determine the percent ionization of a 2.45 M solution of benzoic acid
  100. 3rd grage math

    Sounds like it would be a sphere
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