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Which sentence uses apostrophes correctly? Maurice's favorite characters' name is Percy. Gillian's childrens' field trips were all scheduled for the same week. Lydia's drawers were so full that they couldn't hold anymore clothes. I think it si B. Which ...

a man is 1.8m tall and is standing at the bottom of a 54m tall building, he looks up and sees a brick that has fallen 39m towards him. how much time does he have to get out of the way before the brick hits him?.

What is the value of the median for the following set of scores? Scores: 1, 3, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 23

A classic experiment in equilibrium studies dating from 1862 involved the reaction in solution of ethanol and acetic acid to produce ethyl acetate and water. The reaction can be followed by analyzing the equilibrium mixture for its acetic acid content. In one experiment, a ...

A carton of soy milk states on the label that it contains 956 mL. The volume of soy milk in 9 randomly chosen cartons is measured and the mean found to be 958.72 mL. Assume that the cartons are filled so that the actual amounts are normally distributed with a mean of 956 mL ...