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math calculus module 4
in this question paranthases are correct,just in this 10 has power 4.please i neede this early.its frm combination and permutation of probability. 10^4C(25,5) ____________ 7!P(30,4)

Math(module 4 Calculus)
(Graphing Calculator)Sketch the graph of the function f(x)= 2x^3-7x^2-27x-18/x^2+5

Math(module 4 Calculus)
(graphing calclator)give a four decimal approximation for the number 10^4C(25,5)/7!P(30,4)

Math(module 4 Calculus)
(minimum commuting time) A lighthouse lies 2 miles offshore directly across from point A of a straight coastline. The lighthouse keeper lives 5 miles down the coast from point A.What is the minimum time it will take the lighthouse keeper to commute to work, rowing his boat at ...