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greek philosophy and history
how about you don't do the work and eat some candy you deserve it yay

year 8 english
i just posted a question about a poem but forgot to say its about similes. thanks again

gurublue -year 8 english
thanks for your help i understood it better thanks again

year 8 english
I need to say what is funny about this poem:- thankyou The writer of this poem Is taller than a tree As keen as the North Wind As handsome as can be As bold as a boxing glove As sharp as a nib As strong as scaffolding As tricky as a fib As smooth as a lolly-ice As quick as a ...

I have to write a wisdom poem for my assignment. It has to be about any kind of wisdom that inspires you. im having trouble thinking of some topics. can you give me 5-6 topics i can use for my essay thank you :)